The Pleiadian Council: The Emergence of the Lightwarrriors

Spiritual Giants

In silence spiritual giants grow up and in secret those people who are to guide the destiny of mankind are prepared for their assignments.

In silence happens what can only happen in silence:


Beloved star-born ones!

You have reason to rejoice. It is the occasion that those people of whom we are speaking here are now stepping forward to guide the destinies of humanity into lightful paths.

Even if the change into the luminous future of a peaceful humanity is a community project, it needs people who are determined to go ahead and who, by virtue of their consciousness, take the hesitant and the doubtful along on this journey.

Proven masters of life – people like you are, and yet they differ in the degree of their spiritual development from most people who walk the earth today.

Humanity is bringing forth of itself these people and it is not a command that will descend from heaven to guide and lead you.

Light warriors and light bearers

There is still a need for these light figures, for although many of you hold the light high and carry it proudly within like a torch, there is a need for specially empowered people for what is needed now and for what you now face.

It is a matter of declaring the end of the old system in a joint effort and demonstration of power. What you have been prepared for inwardly for years is now becoming manifest – the time for this reversal thrust has now come.

Thus, you will now be preceded by designated people who have cleared up their petty ego concerns and have risen to the light-filled self. These are people who clearly stand out from the crowd and who have achieved a high degree of spiritual realization – they are the great light warriors and the mighty light bearers of these days. You will recognize them, for they will make themselves known.

Trust your own intuition, inner knowing and the realized spiritual truth of the heart!

Anchor the love of life, the love of peace and the love of unity – and let happen what has to happen now, because it happens also without you.

Where do you stand?

Be part of the movement by contributing your irreplaceable part to it.

Only those who neglect themselves want to save the world, and only those who spurn self-love love all of humanity.

Look deep into your soul and heart! Ask yourself: “Have I established the Kingdom of Peace within me? Do I love myself as I love my neighbor? Am I always connected to God and one with my spiritual reality?”

Where are you really in the ascension process?

So continue to dedicate yourself to your specific tasks, to the in-depth contemplation and healing of the still existing spiritual wounds!

Those who will precede you have done this homework. So trust yourselves and those who are coming in these days. You will recognize them.

The creation directs the destiny.

The Creator fills it with HIS grace.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


2 Replies to “The Pleiadian Council: The Emergence of the Lightwarrriors”

  1. Aidan

    Can you ask ‘The Pleiadian Council’ when the emergence of our bank accounts will occur? 😁😁😁

    1. Kingofqueenanne

      If you’re still holding on to scarcity consciousness or the hypnosis of money, then I am unsure how to help. The only one keeping you from embodying abundance consciousness is you, yourself. If you do not speak your intent and your summoning via your throat chakra, then pleiadians certainly won’t land and give you a pile of worthless fiat currency from the cabal.

      Summon abundance. Speak it. Now.