8 Replies to “Revelations”

  1. Jeff Lee

    Appoxiamelly for Earth the cycle of 12800 years, abouts 200 years, cycles again. Rain of fire will be epic. Perhaps, I suspect the fire works begins 2032.
    I been chasing this cycle by instinct, what seems all my life.

  2. Hari Bal Dev

    My truth changes with each second. I learn the truth when I unlearn the truth and let go. The show will stop in the not know now.
    But it will be nice when the billshit stops and NESARA begins.

  3. Gem Ascending

    I couldn’t agree more. And may it be a majestic grand, benevolent, multidimensional event beyond the human imagination. Thankh you!

  4. blueblossom

    Time for a fun filled exciting future where everyone will walk in righteousness/truthfulness. We need a new foundation of love and understanding. From there we build safety, healing, peace, and prosperity. We experience both technological and spiritual advancements. In the end all that source beings can truly ponder. That we are in awe of all of our creators most wonderful creations! The astounding beauty that our eyes gaze upon……