Argorians Update: Energy Flows

On 18th, 2022, at 9:42 AM CET, Argorians’ space fleet and Siriusians’ Lunar base in 23D conveyed the following Earth’s monitoring data:

“On the plateau of the pyramids of Giza, the intensive movement of the brown GASIG energy continues destroying 3D structures and prepares space for 5D. The orange-gold ERCADO discharges give an impulse of power contractions and forms temporary programs.

Then, the energies are distributed along the equator line and go to the North Pole. There, the flows change to the opposite direction, clearing the Earth’s space. Three-dimensional matter is split and removed from the planet through Portals. With the help of the pyramids, the GASIG and ERCADO waves directed to the South Pole.

Quantum flows entering from the Gerios Galaxy also enter the pyramids, pass from them to the inner worlds, accumulate in the interplanetary crystal, diverge along wave channels, changing the tonality, and change the 3D structure from the inside. These streams carry numerical codes of synchronization of the Earth’s space, are adjusted to its needs, and are controlled by Co-Creators.

The 3D energies coming out of the bowels through the Mediterranean Sea are condensed into spheroids and taken off the planet to special storage facilities in inter-Galactic space. The spheroid point of this region is actively working to purify the inner worlds of Earth. It continues to intensively receive new energies and gives away its accumulations during the quantum transformation.

A similar process occurs in the bodies of earthlings: old information is withdrawn from the cells, freeing up space for new ones by high-frequency energies. Transmutation takes place in those who can assimilate them.

Co-Creators constantly adjust the transformation programs of the Earth’s space and matter. Since civilization actively influences the energy fields of the planet, we have to constantly remove negative distortions.

This is the most time-consuming and difficult stage. The consciousness of Earth has already moved to a higher level of the 5th dimension, and the consciousness of the majority of people still lives in the collapsing vibrations of the 3rd density. A very strong dissonance persists, which leads to an increase in the number and strength of natural disasters. The planet is in a fever, it has already reached a CRITICAL POINT.

We constantly hear the appeal: why can’t Co-Creators immediately remove all the evil on the planet?

We have one reply. We can create conditions for your development; eliminate the threat of nuclear war or explosions, and other dangerous moments when the threat of destruction looms over the Earth’s civilization. But we have no right to interfere with karma. This is forbidden by the Creator. Each Soul must learn their lesson and close debts before a new incarnation.

To facilitate the quantum Transition, we have taken all necessary measures. We divided this process into 16 time streams according to the level of men’s consciousness (radiated frequencies); provided each individual transformational sphere. Inside it, each Soul is actively filling with new energies, as much as they can get, the gene structure and consciousness are changing (see Operation Life Matrix, DNI, January 26, 2022).

We have sped up the Time. The places of conflict are under our control and are isolated by energy domes. The interplanetary worlds have been cleared so that people can quickly free self from the shackles of Dark Forces.

Inside the current, Fifth Race, a new civilization is maturing, and the world of the 5th dimension is emerging. Both processes are formed in 6D. According to the Absolute’s decision, everything will take place more harshly and quickly. The planet is already living in a new density, and men are still in different dimensions, which is very noticeable by the radiation of individual spheres.

The three-dimensional world ceases to exist, the Fifth Race is closing. We constantly provide you with information about the Transition. The final act will be the inversion of the magnetic poles and the alignment of the Earth’s axis.

The planet must take the necessary position for a complete reloading and the implementation of a quantum leap. To move into a new dimension, special conditions and a lot of energy are needed.

Time and all processes on Earth have greatly accelerated. Each of you is in an individual sphere of transformation, which creates all the conditions for Transition. This is helped by the gold standard codes, which actively influence the matter’s morphing. Additionally, programs for upgrading DNA and RNA, the molecular basis, consciousness and Intelligence of people are loaded.

If you carefully observe the processes taking place inside you, sensations and reactions, then you notice how your consciousness has changed. You can no longer live in the old way, but don’t know how to live in a new one. This is normal for this stage.

Compare your inner feelings with what is happening around you. Don’t take information from the media, filled of lies. Observe the position of the Sun and Moon and notice their displacement, as well as unusual phenomena in the sky in the form of plasma, and the modules of the squadron ships that constantly change their location.

Learn to tune into a new dimension, listen to your Soul, and trust your intuition. Your personal worldview may be completely different than that of others. And look for like-minded people, unite. This is your strength, it will be easier for you to survive everything, and we will help you.

Everyone who passes by their vibrations into the new world is under our special control. Take care of the Light of your Soul, be beacons for others, keep peace of mind, know that everything is going according to the Plan of Co-Creators.”

The information of the Argorians and Siriusians is confirmed by the different Earth monitoring services.

From time to time, they record exorbitant jumps in the Schumann Resonance, information about which is not publicly available. For example, at the beginning of 2022, in South Africa it reached 688.62 Hz; in August, in Alberta, Canada, – 453.41 Hz.

Why does Earth vibrate so strongly in these regions? In Africa, there is a strong energy anomaly and, periodically, large gaps or a complete absence of a magnetic field occur. In Canada, the displacement of the Earth’s core relative to the North Pole is manifested this way.

Solar activity is still very high. Starting from Friday, November 18, we feel the impact of the CME, which shot off from the Sun on the 13th, and now hit the Earth. In addition, on the 18th, a powerful asteroid tide began, accompanied by a strong energy impact.

Intense seismicity remains. On November 17, 792 earthquakes occurred. Among them were seven of magnitude (M) 5.0 and higher; 39 – of M4+; 76 – of M3+; 236 – of M2+; and 434 M less than of 2.0. The strongest – of M5.8 – were observed in the Coral Sea, 139 km SE from Lata, Solomon Islands, and in Texas, USA.

Underwater volcanoes are activated. For several weeks, scientists from the US Geological Survey (USGS) have been recording acoustic underwater signals indicating underwater eruptions, and now they have been able to determine their source. This is Ahyi, located in the Pacific Ocean, 18 km southeast of the island of Farallon de Pajaros, which belongs to the Mariana Islands group.

It’s only one of several active underwater volcanoes forming the Mariana Chain of active burning mountains, as a result of the western subduction of the Pacific Oceanic platform under the Philippine Sea plate.

More than 200 rescue operations have been carried out in New South Wales after torrential rains led to dangerous flash floods in this state of Australia.

Flooding also occurred in the neighboring state of Victoria, where more than 50 people were rescued. Severe weather conditions, including strong winds, have left thousands of people without electricity in the south of the country, and heavy rains and flooding are forecast in Tasmania in the coming days.

Thousands of residents of the Chicago area were left without electricity due to a strong hurricane. Wind gusts reached 100 km/h, according to the National Weather Service.

1,354 power outages were recorded, affecting 28,535 consumers. In many places, including Chicago, Elgin and Griffith, Indiana, trees were felled. The hurricane also tore roofs off houses in Elk Grove Village.

The Earth’s cleansing continues…

**Received by Lev


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