Council of Overseers: New Moon November 23rd, 2022, Timeless State and Miracles

Here we go again! A powerful New Beginning that starts with the New Moon; Sun conjunct Moon, on Wednesday November 23rd, at 6:57pm AST.

Before I get into the energy and power of this New Moon, please note the window for implementing change is most powerful during the Waxing Moon phase, lasting till December 7th, the Full Moon. Please note also, the impact lasts till the December 23rd New Moon.

This New Moon is in Sagittarius, however; because of the movement of the constellations (and actual astronomy) it actually falls closer to Libra. There are a couple of positive impacts and as I always mention (for a ver great reason) the influences literally impact each person uniquely. I cannot emphasize this enough. Your exact blueprint is specific to you and your own evolution.

First we have the powerful Sun conjunct Moon, this is always a very significant energy for all people to shift and change oneself. A fresh new start and as we go more and more in the flow with cycles and nature, we flow also with greater ease.

As we enter more and more of the flow, we enter no time, a state of being. Once in this state of being we lose track of time, in fact only when time is observed you notice it. This is why with something in the flow you love can feel like 2 minutes went by is that, when actually clock time 8 hours went by. Only when we are watching time does it appear to be a length and have a forward movement. Back to the flow of nature and cycles, again when we enter more of this flow, we literally enter into a state of being that is optimal, that flows, that is eternal and timeless and is more powerful and greater than what we thought the self to be.

This can take place in any and all moments as it exists now. With these influences and positive intense cycles it becomes a great OPPORTUNITY to become more conscious of entering into this way of being, this state of consciousness.

This New Moon is trine Jupiter which naturally is the energy of abundance, expansion, spiritual awareness, growth and all things great. One thing to be aware of is Jupiter is Retrograde. This does not mean you cannot access the energy of increase, what it does express itself as (the energy) as a deeper inner process. Deeper access to the inner you, your thoughts, your emotions and STATE OF BEING. What may this equate to? You being able to go deeper into this flow I mentioned. This flow connects you to timelessness. This flow connects you to the eternal you. Why would you want to connect to the eternal you? Your eternal you, the timeless you beyond your body, is in bliss. Is in a state of unconditional love, of harmony and ecstasy.

Some may call this state Samadhi ~ The state of becoming permanently one with the Divine Self. Remember these are all words pointing to something. Timelessness, Eternity, Higher Self, Divine Self, Cosmic God Self, Self Actualization and Transcendence are all merely pointing to the same thing. What the Ancient mystics, God’s, Gurus and Prophets, (and more) always taught.

To enter this state beyond what you think you are. To transcend your fears and enter into something much more vast than you thought yourself to be.

You may wonder why I am writing so much about this. Well we have a GRAND opportunity now and specifically energetically helping with this flow into BEING THAT which we desire. This mystical marriage with the Divine. This is alchemy ~ this is a miracle.

So wherever you are. Pause, breathe, let go of stress or thoughts of how this may come about for you.

Feel that stillness between breaths and pause longer, after the inhale before exhaling, and after the exhale, before inhaling. Do you feel the stillness? That stillness without thought is the timeless state, that is the heart just being. It is the access point to all portals Divine. To the state of Being that all enlightened beings entered into. It is here for you now.

So this New Moon and now, recognize that beyond what you thought yourself to be, that this GREAT VASTNESS; call it the Quantum grid, The Universe, All That is, or Cosmic God Self, exists a YOU wanting to actualize itself with the consciousness that is you in a form on Earth Now.

The many beings close to me and always present ~ The Divine Council of Overseers ( a name pointing to an energy) bless all of you now as you merge with consciously perfect bliss and harmony.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian