Saint Germain: Is God the Center of Your Life?

Everything comes to you now

Beloved humans,

Find your path even when there is no path to be seen, continue through the labyrinth of time even when it seems like you have got lost. Be and continue to be fearless warriors of light that shine their light for people and give their support to the earth.


Everything comes to you now! All you need to do is to have faith in yourself and in the laws of God. You will be shown a way out of any unfortunate situation, and you will become more and more capable of mastering difficulties that this time presents you with. You now receive the direct support from the source – the source of all being.

The source interferes when you are powerless, the source protects you when you need protection, and it is the source that shows you the way when the path is no longer visible to you.

Allow your inner guidance, allow your inner movement in the right direction. Through the source, you identify stop signs just as clearly as you identify pointers towards the CLEAR PATH. Your life becomes simple and beautiful.

The only secret to a fulfilled life lies in your intimate connection and communication with the source – with GOD. The closer you are to God, the farther away are problems and difficulties.

You no longer worry unnecessarily when you know that at a certain point God takes over, and you no longer hold on to your fears when you are carried by the certainty of God’s protection.

Current outer events demand of you to revive your inner connection with the source, to activate it – and to keep trying until you are able to establish a vivid communication.

On the outside, everything is upside down!

On the outside, everything seems upside down, turned 180 degrees, so that there are no more focal points for your psyche.  On the outside, you can no longer find your grip because the reversal creates confusion and chaos.

In a world where good is bad and bad is good, it is difficult to maintain perspective. Nobody can really see with their eyes.

It is your heart and your soul that need to be put to use if you want to find your way through the thicket of various kinds of radiation, opinions and manipulations.

Only your heart can truly see! Thus, it is time to free your heart from everything that bothers it.

The violet flame of transformation

The violet flame of transformation is my gift to you. Take it, allow the flame of transformation to do its work, and become whole, conscious, sound and perfect.

Activate the flame and call on me. No one who, in his heart, is ready for transformation has ever had to wait for me.

A liberated and healed heart is the greatest protection, and it always brings you clarity. It is liberated when your connection to God is constant, alive and intimate – when your day-to-day life no longer keeps you from God but rather brings you closer to HIM.

When you perceive your creator in your heart and love him like you would love the dearest human being, then you have understood this message and your longing will guide you safely through this upside-down world.

God is the center of all life. Is God the center of your life, too?

I love you endlessly. I am with you always.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


2 Replies to “Saint Germain: Is God the Center of Your Life?”

  1. john

    God is not the centre of my life because god is all around me from the blade of grass to the universes without as well as the universes within, love is all and i wish very much of that to all things and beings at all times and every now.

  2. childrensfeaturebrd

    Die Antwort sollte simpel sein.
    Der Gott an Den wir glauben und Dem wir vertrauen, ist doch wohl
    der Geist der Wahrheit, oder…

    Also vertrauen wir der Wahrheit und niemals anders.
    Die Lüge zeigt uns wohl, was ein Glaube an Lügen des Widersachers der Menschheit beschert hat, oder wie ???
    Also Gott ist Wahrheit und deshalb das Zentrum eines jeglichen Lebens und niemals anders!