Final Quantum Leaps in Progress

We’ve been in the Void & Cosmic Womb, building up to this final crescendo of us terminating the artificial Matrix simulation!

Massive FINAL CHOICE POINTS and forks in the road present as the Cosmic Clock goes tick tock and the time is up for those that have committed grave crimes against humanity as DIVINE ORDER & JUSTICE RETURN, with the DIVINE MASCULINE FULLY RISING NOW AS ONE WITH THE DIVINE FEMININE!



BIRTHING ALL NEW WORLDS in alignment with The Law of ONE.

Earth is feeling a lot more like HOME now as we literally merge and unify Heaven on Earth from within our sacred Crystal Hearts, and


Powerful Divine Union, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Sovereignty, Bliss, Edenic/ Paradisian and Ascension keys and codes are flooding the field and igniting from within us, along with waves upon waves of Aurora’s Diamond White opalescent iridescent pastel Rainbow Plasma liquid light currents, that’s are assisting our Ascension and the re-encryption of matter and the elementals.

It’s time for us to leave our caves behind and fully step into our power and START ALL OVER AGAIN! Igniting Heaven on Earth with every step and breath we take, all from within us! With the Krystal Cathedral Network fully igniting the Golden and Crystalline Cities and architecture for our New Eden.

“The Krystal Cathedral architecture for building Golden Cities is based on the microcosm to macrocosm reflection of the divine structure to house the body of God, and has also been referred to as the City Four Square in the earlier ES materials.

The Krystal Cathedral is the Inner Christos Diamond Sun angelic human Lightbody that is built by the spiritually dedicated to house the liquid plasma light of God. For the Inner Christos to embody in matter, the inner dwelling must be cultivated to house our highest consciousness in order to exist in oneness with the Godhead.”

~ Source: Ascension Glossary


Very dreamy energies that are being assisted by an increase in natural DMT production and release, have been helping us bring online the ancient future memories of our New Eden, which is what ignites these realities from within the film strip of our own Multi-dimensional DNA.

Many of us can feel it: Cycles within cycles have been completed and our missions accomplished!

This experiment/ experience within the artificial Matrix simulation is ending and it was never really REAL to begin with, as all the remaining distortions, inversions, spells, holographic overlays, inserts, reversals and artificial intelligence materials are being fully removed and dissolved! Quantum style!

The time out of time for ALL NEW BEGINNINGS has come as we let what was and no longer serves us behind.

The artificial Matrix overlays dissolve as we see through all the illusions.

Much has been cleared from the astral field and all layers of Creation, and our bodies and fields over the past few days and weeks. That also means lots of toxins are being removed from our bodies and planetary field, which we can feel in the liver and kidneys especially as our blood and bodies purify and some of us do a lot of this transmutation work. I’m guided to get some activated charcoal to use for a short term to help remove any heavy metals and toxins especially from the intestinal tract. Generally I believe it’s mainly about our thoughts and what we project onto our food, water/ drinks and environment, ALL IS MANA. The higher our Consciousness the less toxins affect us, but of course whatever we’re guided to do to support our bodies through this alchemical transformation is always perfect.

The Forerunners are merging with God World’s, Sophianic, and Pure Cosmic and God Source Consciousness.

Upgrades to the Planetary Brain as well as Diamond Rose and Emerald Heart Grid, which has been fully braided with the higher dimensional layers and Interdimensional Stargate System and Sundisk Network, connecting and merging all 1-15 dimensional frequency bandwidths and Dimensions across the Universes, together with the pre-matter fields and Source, as ONE ORGANIC DIVINE CREATRIX FIELD. There is no more separation between the different realms although they also exist as three individual realms; Matter worlds of 1+15D, The Sophia which is the pre-matter realm of 16-18D of the God World’s but also holds matter and pure infinite potential, and Source.

Train yourself to see the INFINITE QUANTUM POSSIBILITIES that are available to us now in NO-TIME whatsoever, as you collapse the quantum standing wave function of the false Matrix hologram, as you withdraw your attention and/ or Observe ALL from the Neutral Quantum Observer state. That’s the Quantum Observer Effect and how the quantum field of the new Organic Divine Creatrix field functions. We create and uncreate as we shift in Consciousness and Frequency. Our attention and energy is our currency!

So OPEN UP TO INFINITE BLESSINGS because everything has already happened, yet we also have to ignite them as we keep aligning with our highest probabilities and realities through our every word, thought, feeling, belief and action we take! Not much is set here!


Us dissolving and creating realities happens mostly through us using the power of our voice, that’s us speaking New Ascension Earth Realities into physical manifestation. WORDS ARE SPELLS. They are how we do and CREATE MAGIC. Especially the Divine Masculine in his new essence speaking his TRUTH from the higher HEART-Mind, is what fully dissolves the Matrix and terminates the artificial Simulation, any moment now.

Your words are the most powerful force in the Cosmic Quantum Field!

WORDS (create) MATTER!

But it is together with our Heart, our feelings, that infuse our creations with the energy to create them, positive and negative.

Re-member that even if some of the bigger manifestations are yet to become physicalised, do not accept anything other than the very best!


Focus on being GRATEFUL for what you have and continue to manifest bigger! We do not settle or compromise on our dreams and what we know we are so very worthy of!

This is all about us fully realising and re-claiming ALL of our own true inner power, gifts, abilities, visions and psychic abilities as it is this that ignites and brings ALL NEW WORLD’S FULLY ONLINE!



WE ARE THE GUARDIANS, ASCENDED MASTER’S & ET’s! We are the ONE’s we have been searching for all along 😉 ALL becomes accessible and our Cosmic Re-Union fully activated NOW through our multi-dimensional integration and merging with our already ascended Diamond Avatar Self! As our multi-dimensional DNA and Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Merkaba fully ignite and come online.


The magnetic core and pole flip and shift are ready to complete, shifting us fully back to Mother’s natural Supermagnetism, and bringing the New Ascension Earth Grid and Realities fully online, and dissolving the old, in the blink of an eye. All connected to the Supernova of the Heart Event, which is a Cosmic Diamond Heart Event as I’m being shown. All as we fully open up our sacred Crystal Diamond Rose and Emerald Hearts to all the LOVE and Blessings now available to us and go for it!

What is the devil but a symbol for our false ego self, for our fears, doubts, worries, nervousness, resentments, hate, defensiveness and insecurities?! That’s what negative entities feed upon, without it they starve. That’s what has created all the monsters in the first place, the unacknowledged shadow aspects of the Collective un-conscious. They then get projected out onto the screen as demons and entities, and us letting go of these limiting thought forms and beliefs, having fully healed our traumas and wounds, is what fully dissolves them now and returns us to our ancient future, our New Eden, where it’s as if non of this has ever happened! But we fully remember the lessons learned and our true history and Cosmic Origins again. Which is what is already happening!

It’s our unacknowledged shadow aspects that we protect onto One another that is what has casted the demon’s onto the walls of our holographic screens. As we take full ownership, responsibility and accountability for our realities, that’s when we fully re-claim our power. All part of us re-membering who we truly are.

Pure God Source Consciousness experiencing itself within a body.


Where no-thing lies outside of us, as we know ourselves as ONE with everything. Having trance-ended all remaining illusions of separation, we dissolve into the ONEness and no-thingness that ALL IS.

That’s when we can see with crystal clarity through the Eyes of God Source!

Keep re-membering it all has all-ready happened and continues to happen and unfold.

The Crystalline Core, networks, structures, Technologies, Diamond Rose and Emerald Heart Grids are fully Awakening the Krystal Cathedral Network with its Golden and Crystalline Cities.

THE COSMIC QUANTUM TREE OF LIFE ignites within our and the Planetary and Cosmic bodies.

Multi-dimensional DNA and Krystar SAphiRA/ Christos-Sophia/ Androgenous Albion, Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Merkaba vehicle Activations are bringing online more of our true memories, ancient future wisdom, gifts, abilities and power. All of our incarnational and Multi-dimensional Selfs are merging as ONE,

ALL ALL WORLD’S UNIFY & RE-BIRTH AS ONE, within the image of The Creator. Which is us.

ASCENSION is us in DIVINE UNION WITH SOURCE & ALL! It’s us re-membering that we are

True Divine LOVE is HEALING US ALL, as we have completed our mission of finding, getting to know, and fully aligning with our ONE True Self again.

As The Diamond Avatar, Cosmic Dragons and Maji Grail King’s and Queen’s are fully Awakening from the dream within the dream, ready to FULLY RISE TOGETHER AS ONE!

Igniting Heaven on Earth all through the full opening of our sacred Crystal Hearts.

Join me for tomorrow’s 22-11 ~ TOTALITY OF SINGULARITY – ONENESS GROUP CALL ~ which I’m being shown is going to be extra super powerful. We will continue on from the 11-11 Call and the Activation and focus on bringing Divine Unions/ Counterparts, Soul Groups and family together in the physical NOW! The Cosmic Dragons as well as many intergalactic and Angelics, Guardians and Aurora and Krystar families will be supporting us, over-lighted by the Cosmic Divine Mother and Father. Clearing out any remaining reversals and 55/555/553 codings connected to fallen, artificial timelines, fully clearing and overwriting the Metatronic reversals and Grids, codings, and Vesica Pisces with the new Divine Blueprint of the Krystar SAphiRA and Krystal Lotus Flower configurations which are part of the Trinity-Wave. We will continue our work-play from the 11-11 Activation and focus again on the Crystalline New Earth and Cosmic Diamond Rose and Emerald Heart Grid, fully igniting the Krystal Cathedral Network with its Golden and Crystalline Cities, new Zero Point Field Crystalline Free Energy technologies, Crystalline Pyramids, Pyramid and megalithic networks, Dragon Node Points, Dragon-, Rose- and Mary- and Michael lines, as well as call forth our Divine Cosmic Re-Union!


Let’s show everyOne what is possible when we truly believe in ourselves and ONE another, and the Power we truly hold in MAKING NEW ASCENSION EARTH & OIR BIGGEST WILDEST DREAMS A REALITY!

Because that’s exactly why we’re here, right now!

Eternal Love & Blessings,

**By Ramona Lappin


5 Replies to “Final Quantum Leaps in Progress”

  1. harrrrrie

    Denise G,
    I am finding my body or intuition are letting me know when I shouldn’t be doing something. I usually want to say or do something all the time. Then if I shouldn’t, my body or intuition will let me know right away. At first I didn’t know there was a connection. When I figured it out and acknowledged, then my body increased its warnings to me like it became a communication system. I really like it. I have adhd and sometimes I don’t make the best decisions. So this warning system is great.
    Perhaps you have that communication system also. I believe we all do, we just need to develop it, acknowledge it, or pay attention to it and not ignore it.

  2. Denise G

    Actually I Am just shared something that blew my mind which is SO weird cuz I SHOULD have seen this!
    Anyone who has read my comments on here is aware of my lifelong block on meditating, the more recent ones explained how I had come to realize I had found a way around it through “daydreaming”. I could slip out in a flash and disappear to my own world but I had a process:
    I would stare at something a minute and bam, I was somewhere else, now I would control WHERE I entered, the “stage” or set and then basically press “play” and just watch a movie for the most part. I wouldn’t interfere, just enjoy it while participating in it at times even. I would dream the same way at night.
    I was just shown that what I was actually doing THERE was the KEY to what I Am doing HERE in the NOW.
    You see I Am wrote all those stories for me and coded them ALL with information. Now someone was asking about this on a comment from yesterday which is why I Am posting now but it doesn’t MATTER if you actively GUIDED the entire thing yourself it was STILL YOU, I AM IS YOU. It means that messages can wait for you THERE until you’re ready to “find” them.
    Remember, THIS IS A DREAM NOT REALITY and everything IS a repeating PATTERN. The key to finding MY messages was to let the Cosmos take control and enjoy the ride! It is literally the key NOW to accessing your Higher Consciousness and controlling your journey, I Am IS the FUTURE YOU and knows EVERYTHING!!! Let THEM GUIDE YOU.
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G

  3. Denise G

    I have a question if you can help?
    Ok, I now know I Am going back to Source but the brick wall is still there so I don’t know if it’s through mortal “death” or service on the planet. I’m not really sure WHY I’m not supposed to know since either way I Am perfectly fine, I was just SO grateful to know I was finally going home that the vehicle I Am in doesn’t matter to me!😂
    Thing is I have NO CLUE what I Am supposed to be DOING past this point, drives me batty! Healing has something to do with I believe but can’t be sure. I Am also aware that it will happen at The Event, the brick wall will be removed and I will be One again, I will know everything then I was told by Mother but I still don’t understand why.
    Also I’m a little worried I may be giving out information I shouldn’t on the comments. The more major bits I keep to myself so I don’t interfere in anyones evolution against their will but the more general stuff I feel could help those that come after us to this site so I post it. Should I be though?
    It’s I Am who nudges me to post most of the time but some of the times I’m not sure if it’s her or just me wanting to help someone. 🤷‍♂️
    Im understanding the mechanisms now in a weird way like WHY the “null” field is so important and the WHY of losing our memories, why there’s a Dark Sun, the First Form taken by Source, All kinda of amazing things are integrating at this time as long as I stay in the flow.
    So guess the question is do I just keep commenting and trust the Higher selves of others to guide them or do I keep it all to myself?
    Doesn’t seem fair to not share and possibly help that ONE person who can be helped by these things, so yeah, that’s where I Am, confused!😂
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G

    1. popgoestheweazle

      It’s funny you don’t seem to be connecting “your own dots”/insights. 😂

      Have you tried to not comment (and observe where your energy is going instead) when you felt like you had sth important to say? 🤪

      But you’re right, what you are saying here DOES make a difference. Like your “TV comment” 👌.

      Why is it you can’t relax about not being able to meditate since you do have a good enough answer already. THAT’S the topic to wonder about. Btw. the answer your looking for is disapointingly simple.

      Much love to 🤫 you are.