The Pleiadians: Healing Trails

Hello! What is it you’ve come to say?

We are absorbing the tension from your earth realm and feel an intense need for our help. It is the reason for our appearance. We’d like to help.

Well, no offense, but how do you propose you could do that? We’ve been here before and were unable to pull off a delivery of the pods.

Yes, we are aware. At this time, we’d like to introduce another option.

What option is that?

A platform on which our healing technology can be delivered. In other words, another way to help with healing.

Not the pods?

Not right away, no.

What then?

A delivery system worldwide that would deliver super-positive energy – thereby assisting every human.

What sort of delivery system would do that?

One that came from the sky. Think of your “chem trails.”  What we are introducing is an alternative to the poison that has been dispensed. “Healing Trails” These are energetic and invisible.

If they have to combat the chem trails, so be it. We are experimenting with them now in certain areas.

And? How is it going?

Well. We think. Absolute effect is hard for us to discern.

What would be a way to tell?

Positivity, love, health, increased compassion, reduction in violence. These things tell the story – when they coincide with the “Healing Trails.”

You see evidence of this?

We do. We reach out to you now to see how it is that you are feeling.


We have been targeting your area – for fifty miles in every direction. Chicago is such a high-crime area, that if numbers decrease and remain so, that will tell us all we need to know.

How long will you monitor this area then? Did I hear “six months”? That seems long!

You did. It is a suggestion only; it may be three months. We need a substantial enough length of time for comparisons sake. We began two weeks ago.

So, you’ll check again in November.

We check weekly, and what we see is encouraging.

(Some detailed personal conversation ensued…)

The “Healing Trails” haven’t helped emotionally, and I don’t know if they helped physically.

What are they supposed to do?

Reduce stress on the organism. This can manifest as physical or psychological. The trails are meant to calm the organism down.

Well, I’m not sure they’ve done that.

It is time for us to go. We will continue to monitor the situation and return again with updates. This mass spraying may need to be modified.

Goodbye Sophia!

Goodbye, and thanks for letting me know.

November 2022

The conversation below happened because I initiated it.

Hello Sophia. How can we help you?

Hello and thanks. I am not getting a visual, which is unusual. Can you provide me with one or explain why? Thanks.

We are shielded. We are not the usual group to whom it is that you speak. We are an observing group. We assess the “Help the Human Race” project for different reasons.

Do you sense/see anything at all?

Yes. Dark, a wall of some kind that you are reaching out from behind. It is odd for me. I’ve always seen you or parts of the group.

Well, this is the way we’ve chosen for now. We are closer than you think.

What is it that you wanted contact for today?

It’s been three months. I was told that I’d be updated by about this time.

Thank you.

We can say this. Our technology has been and is currently being utilized on your earth. It is in the form of a spray, if you will. Your feedback at your last contact moment was instrumental in its adjustment and fine tuning.

It would appear to be having the desired effect where possible.  There is a connection between calmness and health. In many cases health has been maintained or restored or encouraged. This, of course, happens invisibly and without recognition of its source. This is by design.

As far as the pods go, the plan remains. The timing is, as ever, fluid. Our delivery method has been perfected and improved so that it can happen on a moment’s notice.

In some places, the pods are in full operation already. You would consider these places to be casualties of the crimes against the children and adults who have been abused, trafficked, tortured. These places are out of your sight.

Members of the Alliance work with technicians from our ships who know how these pods work and where they can be the most effective. Few, if any, questions are asked about the source of these, due to the severity of the need and the secrecy necessary to protect the humans. Again, these are in remote areas, out of your sight.

There is so much you don’t know. One of the reasons for today’s wall is to maintain the secrecy. When it is appropriate you will see all and know all.

Be aware that contact will be initiated by us if and when there are either questions or announcements. We are extremely busy. The time approaches when we’ll be busier still, and you’ll be aware when that time is here.

Are the “Healing Trails” continuing until then?

Yes. They will continue as your planet proceeds through the coming seasons and for several years. As we see there is great benefit to the population and no harm or fear. Quite the opposite. It is our mission to help the race and in any way that we can, we will continue to do so.

Now, is there something else?

No, there is not. Thank you for answering my questions today. *

You are welcome, Sophia. Goodbye.

*This felt like a single male, and it was not someone I’ve spoken to before. I felt the secrecy had something to do with his location; almost as if he was on the earth. That was a feeling only, as he felt so very close. I was not shown or told anything.

So, that’s it! If I hear anything at all, it will be shared.

With appreciation and love,