Divine Mother: : Losing Your Reputation

Sometimes I get an instant download: the ocean in a drop, then I have to write it out to tease out the meaning. This is one such message. This is a topic I’m grappling with myself, so it makes perfect sense it would come now.

Divine Mother: Blessings and love to you all, my precious children. Do you know, each and every one of you is my favourite? There is not one smile I miss, not one worry I do not hear, not one heartbeat I do not feel.

You are in a transition stage. You, the ‘advance party’, my Light workers, are cutting your ties with the 3D world because you are now being called to embed more fully in the 5D world.

As many of you know, the 5D world operates in a completely different manner to the 3D world. The rules that work in 3D limit you in 5D. The principles underpinning 5D reality make no sense to 3D thinking minds.

As your movement into 5D ‘territory’ progresses, you will be called upon to let go more and more of your 3D life. Humans have been trained to value power, prestige, wealth, stability, success, image, beauty… but only at a surface level. Value is placed on the appearance, not the substance.

The more of these ‘3D memes’ you have been trained into, the more you will be asked to surrender as your vibration becomes more firmly grounded in the 5D.

Some 3D ideals, values or memes you can let go of effortlessly. It’s easy to let go of an ideal of physical strength if you’ve never been strong, if you’ve always judged people on their strength of character over their strength of muscle.

But all of you have a few 3D values that got under your skin, ideals that hold you at an unconscious level even as your spirit sees how ridiculous those ideals are. There. Right there. That’s your main ‘plug-in point’ to the 3D.

Those ideals are your 3D anchors. They were necessary to keep you tethered to the 3D, but now you are being asked to let go of the last cords that bind you to the 3D. You, my Light workers, are being asked to jump, to trust the truth of substance over appearance, intution over knowledge, 5D over 3D.

Your energy speaks louder than your image ever did.

Energy speaks louder than words. Follow the energy: that is your compass.

Almost all of you, will feel as though you are losing your reputation, as you release the 3D ideals that created your 3D identity, the ideals that created your value in the 3D world.

The ideals, the characteristics that you made into your identity were your armour, your shield. But now they are holding you back.

The truth of who you are is infinitely more powerful than the image of who you portray. One has substance, one hasn’t. One is truth, one is a projection.

If you fear you will be judged, you may be surprised by how many people will be inspired by your acts of courage and truth, by your willingness to be honest about who you are. Your truth is true power. Your truth has a pure resonance that even the most asleep can feel.

Yes, your ‘reputation’, that false construct of who you thought you should be, will be in shreds. And it will be replaced by the power of your truth.

Some will move away from you. But know this: it is because they are too frightened of the fragility of their image to be in the company of truth, of true self expression. Let them go for now.

Some will gossip about it. They are trying to understand how to bring the power of that authenticity into their own lives.

Some will make fun of it. They are trying to reinforce their own 3D identity, the image or hologram of who they think they are; they fear how unsatisfying their 3D ‘character’ is, becaues it does not flow from the truth of who they are, it is the expression of the programming they endured.

Lose your reputation. Let it go. It has no hold over you when you own Who You Truly Are, when you express your truth in a way that is authentic to you.

Free yourself to express your innate divinity. Even if you are afraid: I am with you.

I love you. I am always with you because I Am You.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert