Hakann: The Observation Path

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I love you very much and I am happy that I am once again able to connect with you.

Today I would like to introduce a spiritual and self-healing path to you. It is very simple but also deceptively deep and powerful. I call it the Observation Path.

The entirety of this path is the following exercise:

Whenever a thought or emotion comes up, observe it, without trying to suppress or judge or change it.

That’s it. That’s the Observation Path.

There are various paths and practices already known on your world that are similar to this. From my perspective, what makes the Observation Path slightly different is that it invites you to observe your thoughts and emotions say a hundred times a day, for say two seconds each.

These numbers are not set in stone. The idea is just to observe your thoughts and emotions as they come up, as opposed to sitting down beforehand with the intention of meditation. And the idea is that very briefly observing your thoughts and emotions is enough in the majority of cases.

Someone could argue that what I’ve described here is just mindfulness, but most people associate mindfulness with consciously eating an apple, or with sitting down and meditating, or with the state of being mindful. They often don’t associate mindfulness with the practice of observing your thoughts and emotions for say two seconds, a hundred times a day.

Also: do you want to have a full mind? If not, then why do you practice mind full ness? Don’t you want to achieve mind empty ness?

This is not a trivial point. Words do matter. If you want to achieve an empty mind, then I do not suggest saying that you are going to practice mind full ness. If you want to practice mind ful ness in the conventional way, fine, but even then I suggest using a different word for that.

So, what does this Observation Path look like?

Suppose someone makes a statement and you feel anger or pain coming up inside you. In this case, we invite you to first observe that anger or pain briefly. Doing so opens the door to responding consciously, as opposed to just reacting unconsciously or lashing out unconsciously.

Or suppose that a thought arises in you along the lines of “those people are evil and wrong” or “this is good, that is bad.” In this case, we again invite you to first observe that briefly, without trying to suppress or judge or change this thought. This brief moment of observation again opens the door to making conscious decisions and acting in conscious ways. Maybe you agree with these thoughts, maybe you do not, but in any case this may help you to act consciously.

Or suppose that a thought arises that says “I must do the dishes today.” You can just observe this thought. Maybe in time, you will realize that in fact it is not true that you must do the dishes, because no one is coming to arrest you if you fail to do so. Instead you choose to do the dishes, because you consider that chore to be less unpleasant than having to eat off a dirty plate.

Just because two choices are both unpleasant – doing the dishes, as well as not having a clean plate – doesn’t mean that it’s not still a choice you’re making.

This may sound trivial, but if you continually tell yourself that you must do all kinds of things, then you may feel trapped and stressed. Whereas if you continually tell yourself that you choose to do things, then you may feel significantly more happy and more free. Changing your sentences and way of thinking from “I must do this and must do that” to “I choose to do this and choose to do that” can be very helpful to your happiness and psychological well-being.

Let’s go back to the Observation Path. On a deeper level, you can even apply it to self-identifying thoughts such as “I am a carpenter” or “I am American” or “I am on this side of the left-vs-right debate” or “I am a human being” or other thoughts that identify you as something. You can briefly observe these thoughts, with an attitude of “aha, a thought arises that says that I am a carpenter. Okay. This thought is here. I see it.” In time, this can open the door to you realizing that you are more than a body of flesh and bones, that you are more than just your current life.

The Observation Path can also lead to healing. Suppose a painful thought or emotion comes up, such as “I am not good enough.” It is healing to just observe this thought or emotion, without trying to suppress or judge or change it. In this case, you might want to keep observing it until it leaves of its own accord, which may take longer than a few moments.

You don’t need to do anything special: pain is healed by just being observed, so long as you don’t suppress or judge or try to change it. Observing a heavy and painful thought once may not give you complete healing, but it will heal you partly and will dimish the severity of this thought.

If you keep observing pain and the pain deepens, then just keep observing it. If your body wants to do something, such as cry or shake or scream, feel free to do so. Your body knows what it needs to heal. You can think of your body letting itself move, as the physical equivalent of letting a thought just be in your mind without trying to suppress it.

And once the pain leaves and your attention turns to something else, just let it go. You don’t need to cling to it or analyze it or try to keep it there.

So, this is the Observation Path. It will not immediately change everything if you do this once or twice, but if you keep this, you will heal and you will experience a significant spiritual deepening.

In the beginning you will likely regularly forget to do this. That is completely normal. In the beginning you can aim to do this for example just once per day, and if you do this once per day, you can consider that to be a success. It doesn’t need to take more than two seconds. In time, you can start doing it more than once per day.

I hope this helps. If you try this out, I am curious to hear about your experiences with the Observation Path. Feel free to write it as a comment. I cannot guarantee that the channeler will read it or reply, but I, Hakann, will read it.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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14 Replies to “Hakann: The Observation Path”

  1. YUKO

    Thank you for your benevolant messages.
    Your messages gave me energy to live a day.
    I surely want to meet you someday.
    Hoping you have a good day with love.

  2. Gerald Farley

    Dear Tunia and Hakann, this one would be honored and extremely grateful if you both would consider the possibility of being members of the Board of Directors of Our Worldwide humanitarian projects of 5D and Beyond Unity Conscious Communities with Michael’s Schools, Quantum Healing Centers, Offices of Peace and Community Gardens. Everything is free for all who choose to live there including homes, food and health care. It is also free to all who visit. Thank You Both for Your Consideration.
    Love, Light and Life, Gerald

  3. Your Earthing Brother in Light

    Dearest Great Brother from the Skies,

    considering the effort you and Tunia place on reaching out to us, it is only adequate that those who are touched by your words retribute in kind and love. I was delighted to see that the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti are remembered (and reminded to us) by our Loving Sisters and Brothers from the Galaxy, by your own words highlighting the need of observing the mind to achieve quietness. I am no expert, but I would like to thank you for remembering what I partially learnt in the past, and tried to apply on a daily basis to the best of my abilities. We, Humans, have probably the loudest and most unsettle minds in the Galaxy, but perhaps our greatest achievement has been what we learnt when navigating ourselves amidst all this chaos. It is a lesson difficult to learn, but that is why we are here I guess, and can count ourselves to be so very lucky to have your Love and words (and all those with you) to guide us in this ultimate path to enlightenment.

    On a related topic, I would be interested in hearing your views of the skill of telepathy (benefits and dangerous), and the inherent possibility of conflicts emerging in the mental realms.

    Sending you Love from my heart to yours and to all your crew,

    Your Earthing Brother in Light

  4. Arlene Hanzark

    Thank you for this information. I have been doing this for several year’s . Sometimes it feels like I do it 100 times a day. My need for hours of meditation has changed and I didn’t understand why. Also I do lots of crying and some shaking with this process. I came to a realization it was my “Master ”
    power for managing my emotions. To move thru it I ask for an expanded consciousness, clarity, awareness and truth. I enjoy reading your articles.

  5. gaffer

    I have been practicing mindfulness for a long time, but something new helps in this process.

  6. J-M

    Thank you Hakann.
    I really appreciate your words and they give me great perspective and reflection.
    I’ve been observing my thoughts for a little time now and certialy notice a change in myself over the years because of it. I find it pulls me out of my reaction patterned conditioned thinking and allows a new perspective to trickle in.
    Certainly something to continue for the rest of my life I believe.
    Thank you for the reminder of how important it is.
    And if you ever feel like visiting, you are welcome to do so. I’d love to meet you.


  7. wrq

    Brothers and sisters of Pleiades, please help me. I have severe pain in my head due to vaccination. Can you help me remove graphene oxide and hydrogel from my head? Please, I’m really in pain. It’s like being in hell

    1. John Davies

      Have you tried Pine Needle Tea?

      Add boiling water to a handful of pine needles and leave for 10 minutes and drink the tea. It contains Suramin which can help.

    2. Nelson S.

      Ivermectin would be very helpful for you, as it dissolves the hydrogels and synthetic parasites.
      Try also drinking Zeolite powder blended in water, twice a day with meals. Zeolite contains particles that that are shaped as an hexagon.
      This shape traps the metal particles, helping the body to get rid of them.
      In addition, I also recommend you to take N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), as it helps the body produce glutathione, which is a highly important component for removing toxins such as graphene oxide, from the body.

  8. Harriett

    I try to get my patients to do this. They are amazed at the results !
    Been teaching this for years. It works!