The Collective: A Time of Energetic Cleansing

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

We have spoken before on the issue of how, in this time of great Rebirth on your planet, there is also great tumult.

We empathize that each of you would prefer to see only the good in life, to rejoice in that whenever you can, and to realize that higher Love, real Peace, and joyful fulfillment are the only true experiences in life.

That even that which appears confusing, negative, contrary to your higher vision, and damaging to you or others — yes, even that holds some blessings yet uncovered.

A blessing can be found at the heart of every matter, if you will persist in creating room in your expectations for that to come forward.

Yet we know fully that each of you is a powerful empath, capable of intuitively sensing a great deal of what is occurring or that others are feeling and experiencing, including at times, the energetic vibrations of people and events thousands of miles from where you are now.

Without conscious thought about it most days, you feel your galaxy shifting, and your planet and all others in your solar system likewise caught up in a Regeneration.

The cataclysms of these powerful shifts can, some days, confound even those able to hold the steadiest gaze toward higher Love.

We would say, that to release the discomfort felt around difficult and traumatic events, to consciously release shock or pain energies, as you look with grace and compassion upon those situations that trouble you and others, releasing the energies of any dark intent — this is a power you are only now beginning to fully reclaim!

This too is your Ascension, friends, and a powerful part of it.

We are aware that many have been asking, Why are things still so difficult, if the Earth is increasingly moving into fifth dimensional reality?

Why the violence, the price gouging by companies and corporations for even the most basic products and services, the corrupt elite still in power and causing so much trouble?

And we would say, All of this is occurring now in part because on a higher self level, you yourselves have requested this time of energetic cleansing.

You requested of us, “Assist us by bringing the density to the surface, where we ourselves can see it, so we can rinse ourselves and our planet clear of it, and in transmuting it, release it back to the ethers where it will rejoin unmanifest energies.

“We have come for this!”

And so, given that, you may feel it is the third dimensional, somewhat disempowered view to say, “I would prefer that everything go easily from now on.

“That Earth’s and humanity’s problems fade from view, due to the intervention of higher energies and higher beings.

“I AM calling forth only a higher vibrational reality for humanity now!”

And indeed, some of this is occurring. Yet while a part of you may consciously prefer this, that does not match the whole of your higher vision.

Were you to meet a young person who desired to play violin or guitar or piano very well, you would encourage them to practice often.

You would never say, “No need to practice! Your ability to play beautifully will just happen one day. A great teacher will suddenly gift you with that ability, and you will know how to sustain it, without having gone through the growth process of learning mastery of these skills.”

Nor would you say, “You’re not already a master at that instrument? Then just give up! All hope is lost!”

You would only encourage the young one to practice daily, to allow themselves mistakes and feelings of discouragement some days.

Because there are no mistakes.

There are only learning processes, and forward movement, if that is what they envision.

This New Earth you desire to see and experience is already being birthed, from within each of you as individuals and from all of you as a collective consciousness of Light, moving into Unity.

We see it most deeply rooted and created as you determine inwardly that despite appearance, All is Well, and that no one can take from you and your planet the many sentient higher Lightforms now reaching all of Earth life.

No one can take from you the reality of that, the depth and power of it, or the transformational and transmutational presence of your souls as they seek healing and cohesion after many lives spent suffering trauma and fragmentation.

And this is not only a matter of keeping your spirits up, though staying inspired is a great help!

And so we encourage you to call in higher Light to fill every troubling situation on this Earth that comes to your attention now, and to do so with the air of the high-level alchemists that you are, friends!

Affirm to these situations and to those caught up in tragic times in life, as well as difficult moments in your own life:

“I see a powerful Light within you, and I call it forth now!

“We now fill every aspect of this situation with higher Love, and with Divine solutions that serve the higher good of all.

“Somehow, you will find the blessing, even in this.”

Have you decided that to Transmute and Transform via your own vibration will be your path to the New Earth?

Or do you prefer the struggle and sadness of waiting for rescue, and of doubting your inherent Creational and healing abilities?

We speak of your mastery, not our own! Though most assuredly, call upon us for direction, guidance, and support for this very high path you chose long ago.

And yes — for this you came!

We send much Love, dear ones.

In all of this, you are never alone.

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan