Kryon: How Timing Works in Your Life

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Looking at the world situation, there are many who would wring their hands and say, “I see the evil all around me and the inhumanity. How can I fight the darkness?”

The answer I have always given, dear ones, is that you never have to fight the darkness. All you must do is create light. That’s all. Darkness cannot exist when light is there. It simply cannot. This is the premise that we have presented to you for decades. It states that the light around you that you yourself create, is far, far more effective than you think. Instead of trying to fight that which is dark, creating light around you via compassion, understanding, and kindness, goes directly into the FIELD and darkness starts to diminish due to that … by itself.

This month, we are doing a series of four channellings that are all about timing. Eventually, they will all be available to you for free on my partner’s website

So far, we have given you two attributes of timing in two categories, and this is the third session, and this one is personally for you, right now. It’s about sacred timing in your life, which is critical and important for you.

This specific message has been taught by my partner for years. However, he is aware that the messages that he has taught sometimes have not been seen by the many who are starting to come online, wake up to grander truths, and, perhaps, tune in to this specific message today. So, we’re going to give this concept to you again, and I want to make sure you truly understand it, because it is so unusual and different from what you expect.


The subject today is regarding the timing of spiritual messages you receive in any way. Many of you listening to my voice right now, or watching this program, or reading it, have had inklings, intuitions, even direct messages from Spirit about your life. These are messages about what you’re able to do in the future, or what you can create around you.

Sometimes, you resound to these messages and feel that, for years, this was exactly why you came! For instance: Perhaps it’s time to write that book, or maybe it’s time to open some kind of spiritual center or healing practice? Perhaps, within this new energy, there is a grander kind of communication you can offer or a new modality of healing? What I mean by “resounding message” is that you might have had an intuition all along that says, “Yes, I’ve always wanted to do this! I knew it! Yes, this is what I know that I am here for.” When it came, you knew these ideas were a direct message from Spirit. “Yes,” you think, “This is what I am here to do. Thank you, God!”

Sometimes, there is a wonderful feeling of relief, to know you were right about your dreams. So, if you have been so fortunate as to have this validation, and you absolutely feel that you have received a good, solid signal that confirms your thoughts, and you respond with, “Yes, this is what I’m supposed to do,” then what is next for you?

Well, the answer for you is obvious: You do it!


Let’s say, you always had an idea, or dreamed of starting some kind of healing center, or creating programs online. You feel good about going ahead now, so you begin. Perhaps it’s financially ambitious and you rent or lease a space or purchase many items – whatever it is that is needed. You make the plans, borrow the money, and begin. AND … it doesn’t work. It actually fails, quickly.

So, what happened?

Many of you already have had this happen in an older energy, so you know what this feels like. You were certain it was for you, but nothing “clicked.” You had energy blocked where the people weren’t right for you, or the funding wasn’t right for you, or you tried to fund it yourself and it didn’t work. All that is very common due to a bias you all have that I will discuss in a moment. Having such a failure of spiritual action is like having a scar. It’s a scar on what you thought was your spiritual goal: You tried it and it didn’t work, even though you got a message that said it was supposed to.

So what happens next? Many times, there is guilt or feelings of “never again” or “Spirit tricked me.” These are all manifestations of your own process of lack of self-worth, and a product of your own non-understanding of how Spirit works. It’s time for a full explanation of what may have happened.

Let’s say, this scenario fits some of you who are listening and reading right now. You had a big message in the past to do something, and you tried it, and it didn’t work. I have a message for all of you, and this message shows the bias you all have. Are you ready for this message?


The answer you would give is one of logic: “Well, of course I am supposed to do it now! The message was given now.” Listen: This is where it gets good, because here is where your linearity and your humanness get in the way of wonderful spiritual messages and plans.

In your life, dear ones, the signals from any authority figure, whether it was in school or at home, shaped your behavior and thoughts. If your boss at work told you to do something, when do you think you should do it? The obvious answer is now. After all, the boss would have waited until later if that authority figure wanted it later.

When your father told you to “clean up your room,” when did he mean for you do to it? You have been trained in a linear fashion to respond a certain way to what you feel is authority. However, when Spirit shows you something, it’s not that way. Here is the message I really want to get across to you today about timing for these things for yourself. Here is the message:

The first step when you receive these kinds of messages from Spirit is: BE INFORMED. You are simply receiving confirmation of your own intuitive thoughts or those transmitted from your Akash about your real work for the planet. Then you start finding the ideas that will go into your project and what will be needed to accomplish it. Then STOP.

When you purchase a plane ticket for travel on a date two months from now, do you run down to the airport and try to board any plane? Your answer: “Of course not, Kryon. That’s a poor logic example.” I’m not finished, dear one. Let’s say, you purchase a plane ticket on a special airline that will inform you when the plane is ready. The airline promises you that you will have plenty of time to get to the airport. But the airline might be waiting for the correct weather, or (ready?) the airplane hasn’t been built yet. BUT … you still have your ticket, and your bags are now already packed. So, get ready.

The entire premise is that the timing must be right for the action you take, and when that timing is correct, you will be ready. For those of you who tried something when you thought the timing was right in a past energy, and it didn’t work, it’s far harder for you to do it again because you now feel that you failed. How linear of you. (Kryon smile) All that happened was that it was at the wrong time!


The next question is, “How do I know the right time?” Here is a great, loving, and intuitive answer: It will be shown to you! AND … there will be no question about it when that happens.

When the time is right, synchronicity will yell at you … GO!

Let’s suppose you wanted to build a healing center. You got all ready to go and nothing fell into place. Now you’re sitting there saying, “I failed!” Then, a year later, somebody comes up to you and says, “You know, I’d like to build a healing center with you, and I’ve got all the resources. Can you provide the expertise?” This is how it works.

Then you start to get the bigger picture, and you realize you should have waited. Intuition and synchronicity are the vehicles for the message. Most of the time it will “smack you on the head” that NOW is the correct time.

We want you to understand that Human consciousness has free choice. Even if you are supposed to build a healing center, there are others who may have answers, and they are not ready yet. Perhaps, there are things that must fall into place which were not finished yet. There are many, many factors that go into the beautiful kinds of answers that Spirit has ready for you.

There are many of these kinds of things that we present to you, slowly. Slowly, because they go against your life-training and are difficult to implement out of your 4D existence. Spirit loves you so much that it’s not going to let you sit and wallow and wonder. If you did that anyway, then you gave up and shut the door on us. When you have something really good to spread the light to this planet: programs that will work, classes to teach, songs to sing, books to write, or healing centers to build, you WILL be given the intuition and the synchronicity for all of them. This is why you’re here, dear one.

Wait for the right things to come along and they will. They will because your talents and intuitions were given to you for that reason – not so you could sit there and wonder if you failed.


Now, the big one: Spirit loves you enough to go for the second round with you, to show you what can happen when you are tuned into a greater truth and greater purpose. In other words, try it again, even if you feel it didn’t work the first time, and apply these new ideas I have just given to you.

Spirit loves you enough to give you information in advance for you to look at, ponder, and let mature and grow. Then, when the timing is right to activate that which you knew you came for, you will be fully ready.

Does that make sense to you, dear ones, that there would be that much love? These life designs and manifestations don’t have to happen all at once to be seen as successful. Don’t let any linear thinker step on your dream! The next time you get a wonderful idea, or, perhaps, you’re shown something that you truly are here to do, just stop and say, “Thank you, Spirit, for showing me this fine future for me. Give me the handshake that I will recognize when it’s time to take the action. I am peaceful with all of this.”

Know this: There is no hurry with Spirit. Nothing will be harmed in waiting for the right things at the right time. Timing is the key, dear ones, and we are with you with the timing – completely. We will supply you with what you need to accomplish the things that you came for.

There’s more, but for now, I am Kryon in love with humanity.

And so it is.


**Channel: Lee Carroll


4 Replies to “Kryon: How Timing Works in Your Life”

  1. Keala D

    With Much Love and Gratitude….I Always Love how the Beautiful pieces to our puzzle are given to us.

  2. Denise G

    Thank you!!! It’s one of the things I always found a little strange when I was first guided to this site, the articles on here would always mimic what I had been THINKING about for a few days BEFORE.
    I never understood HOW that was happening in the beginning and eventually I just accepted it and no longer wondered about that “strangeness”.
    It still happens today, I just don’t find it strange anymore, it’s just kinda like a “new normal”.
    Decoding the messages is what can be hard at times, for example:
    Yesterday I got mail in for the wrong address, same numbers, different street in the next town 10 min away which isn’t weird BUT the weird part is the NAME, it was for Mr and Mrs Thomas Johnson, they were my GRANDPARENTS who have been passed away for MANY years.
    Now it’s not strange that there are OTHER Thomas Johnsons, common names both BUT it’s a message about something and I can’t figure out what SO instead of putting wrong address on it and back in the box I’m actually gonna hand deliver it instead just hoping that I can follow the Cosmos Clues being dropped for me.
    I figure maybe it’s something that I need to do there or maybe another “clue” there. 🤷‍♂️
    Before I woulda just wrote it off to “coincidence” but we all know now there is NO such thing. All these synchronicities are there for individuals and 2 different people can watch the exact same thing at the exact same time and see 2 entirely DIFFERENT messages and neither of them is “wrong” because it’s YOU and YOUR Higher Selves that ARE the Messengers through YOUR perceptions built by YOUR I Am for this journey.
    You just have to decide to let go and TRUST that Messenger AND YOURSELF.
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G