Crystalline Body Forming

We are in an immense gestation period where the New Crystalline Body is forming more rapidly now, while our souls are in the period of intense gestation. Yes, gestation, for this is how my higher guidance described it.

In the next few weeks, we will witness in intense transformation within and without.

Transition from one form into another. Morphing.

When the seed becomes a plant and now stretches herself through the layers of earth, and to the sunlight above, it goes through intense transformation in order to see the light of day, and then grow even faster and taller than ever before. This is what is happening to us now.

The cells within the seed and plant do know what to do, and how to be stretched, and as we now have more strands of DNA and thus we are renewed at cellular levels too, our inherent new cell knowledge and DNA programming are operational now, with the new Crystalline Body.
I love this is a huge alchemical process, a transfiguration in the highest sense.

We just need to allow all to unfold within us, yet ever be centered within the heart and soul and allow the Divine to guide us through this.

The plant itself does not resist the transformation and transfiguration – it simply allows the Chi, Prana, Life Force to flow through it, even when it is being stretched far beyond the all which the seed ever was before!
How amazing is this?!

**By Judith Kusel


3 Replies to “Crystalline Body Forming”

  1. john

    When one realises there is no such thing as ”time” then weeks mean nothing and yesterday can seem like last year then tomorrow never comes because we are here already here in the now, ask yourself am i as i was yesterday today if i am not then something changed therefore things are moving but was i aware of it maybe i was or maybe i missed it because i was concentrating on what would change and was unaware it had changed look within for changes not without. much love to all.

  2. Geoff Turner

    Why is everything going to happen in the next few weeks?

    This is across the board, with every prediction of some change coming. It’s never years away and it is certainly never an explanation of something significant that has just happened, it’s always in a few weeks time.

    So we carry on believing things are about to change but never go back and check against anything that was supposed to happen a few weeks ago. If that is done then it becomes apparent that nothing has and nothing will.

    1. Joe

      They are playing us. One excuse after another. Christmas will come with only more negative change. Maybe these really are wolves in sheep’s clothing.