Jeshua: The Stepping Stone to Freedom

Love and live

Love your life and live it like the masters you are!

Don’t let anything or anyone divert you from your path of light, from the path of love and from the longing for perfection. Transform your issues and look for the master within you. There you will find everything.

The time of the gurus is over! You are asked to look at life itself as a master school, because everywhere the truth is looking at you – unredeemed as well as realized things are reflected in you.

Your environment is the stage of learning and your fellow human beings are the mirror images that matter now.

Every person and every situation can now be your master and bring you closer to your mastery.

What it is all about is that you expose yourself to it and that you relate the everyday happenings to you. Life wants to be lived, it is just waiting for you!


So it happens now that people are confronted with their still open issues in an unbelievable directness. Everything that does not yet form a sustainable basis for a life in unity and peace is now being looked at – and so fateful events are given so that you can detach yourself from the ONE and turn to the OTHER.

Many Light Warriors of the first hour have neglected their homework and they hold on to things, situations and people they should have let go of long ago. This is now being addressed and lives are being rearranged.

There is no more time for detours or long pauses, because the rebuilding of the earth is happening and the transformation is happening in you. God takes you by the hand and leads you to the springboard to freedom.

Do not avoid yourself any longer, but take courage and look at the world in you with an alert mind and new eyes.

Enlightenment happens after the unenlightened person has given up his resistance.

I love you infinitely,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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