12,500 Year-Old Ancient Sphinx Was Recently Found In Pakistan

The title implies that a second colossal Sphinx has been discovered, this time in Pakistan.

The Baluchistan Sphinx is commonly referred to. This discovery is especially significant because it was located less than 6000 kilometers from Giza, Egypt’s famous Sphinx.

Its discovery in Pakistan is particularly important as it seems to be older than the Sphinx of Giza, which could indicate that it has influenced the construction and design of the Sphinx.

Although there have been many civilizations before Egypt, this structure is a significant one as it may be the first to build a sphinx-shaped statue.

Although many skeptics believe that it is just a random natural structure that formed by itself since ancient times, you cannot say that it’s not interesting just how similar it really is to the Sphinx from Giza altogether.

We cannot say for sure how old the Giza Sphinx really is, as we don’t have any proof of it dating back to any specific time period, but the Baluchistan Sphinx appears to date back to 12,500 years ago which is definitely enough to say that it’s most likely older than the Giza structure.

Giza’s pyramids date back to 4500 years ago. It seems that this new sphinx predates Giza Sphinx.



One Reply to “12,500 Year-Old Ancient Sphinx Was Recently Found In Pakistan”

  1. Anna

    Very interesting! FWIW, Drunvalo and others do date the Giza Sphinx back about 12,000 years – but fundamentalist Islam, clearly manipulated by the same players who manipulate fundy Xtianity, insist that the world is only 7,000 years old; thus archaeologists are not allowed to claim what is most likely its REAL age.

    When you go to Giza and see the complete difference in age between the Sphinx and a carved “sign” added around 4500 years ago, the deception is quite obvious.