Saint Germain: The Will of the German People

JJK: Had the following dream tonight: I declare to the current German Foreign Minister, Annalena Charlotte Alma Baerbock, that she should stop her war course towards Russia – and in general – that she should stop this policy of division and insanity. “You will not survive this, people will remove you!”, I say to her. But she sticks to her guns and retorts, “I’m going on like this, it’s the only way.” (Dream End)

I have often dreamed of personalities from politics and provided them with input when necessary.

I was told that this was part of my task at this level. Is Baerbock also part of my coaching on the subtle level? No one can get to it!? She is as closed as an oyster and on top of that so convinced of herself as if she were “without alternative”. But the special thing about this dream was the intensity and only because of that I make this a topic here. Actually, I don’t want to go public with it.

It can easily get down the “wrong throat” or be misinterpreted as pomposity. It only makes sense to me if it makes sense to the readers – and I have that feeling in this case. This dream was so vivid, intense and real, as if we were sitting together in the living room having this dialogue. So there must be some meaning beyond my understanding of dream interpretation …

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: My golden-violet flame of transformation surrounds you. I am with you and I bless all people who follow this discussion.

Yes, it is part of your multidimensional assignments to work on those levels that are accessible to you and where people are made accessible to you. Said entity had to hear this on this plane, because on earth the truth and the facts completely elude it. It was and is time for it, before it loses itself completely and disconnects from its actual destiny.

Nothing achieved!?

JJK: I have the feeling to have achieved nothing!

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The spoken word, underpinned with energy and truthfulness, has the power to turn and change everything.

Everything has its beginning and you have made the beginning today. Even if it is pushed and shoved away, it remains stored in the energetic space of this entity.

Will Germany change its policy towards Russia?

JJK: It was about the Russia-Ukraine war, after all. Is Germany going to change the policy?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Germany will not only change Russia policy, but will itself be changed at the roots. The German people will experience an unimaginable healing and transformation.

This is hardly imaginable from today’s perspective. However, it is on its way and nothing can stop it.

The political figures currently acting represent something that no longer exists at its core.

The German people have long been oriented toward prosperous coexistence with Russia.

The acting politicians represent a line that serves other powers. Their wishes are in exact contradiction to the needs of the German people. Politically, their time is short.

The real wishes of the German people will be represented to the outside world by completely different people in the near future. Representatives who are committed to humanity and to their own people are ready.

JJK: What are YOU still waiting for?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: That the will of the German people for peace and sovereignty is reflected in a large part of the people. If the critical mass is reached, the system tilts and with it the pawns fall.

JJK: What sense did today’s dream make if nothing changes for the foreign minister at first because she herself does not allow any change? Is this a seed that will sprout later?

Containment of satanic forces

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Your mission today on the dream level had the purpose of mitigating the current political explosiveness with which the German tops are acting.

JJK: Damage limitation in the middle of the storm?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Containment of the satanic forces that are at work here – abundantly clear to anyone who can see.

The transition into the new light age is a great task for the people and for us beyond the veil. Everything must be done and everything must be undertaken to make this transition as free as possible from irreversible damage to people, animals and the planet itself.

It is the different gradations that matter. There is more than just black and white. Every small shift, every mitigated decision by those forces that are now acting out of control, has a positive effect on the whole.

JJK: Yes, turning the small screws is just as important as keeping an eye on the big wheel. I often observe this in my own transformation work.

I see through or redeem something that I believe only concerns me – and then this results in a series of positive effects.

This goes so far that I behave differently even in situations that superficially had nothing to do with the transformation. The whole environment is positively affected in this way. The change really always starts from the individual. A seemingly “meaningless” dream can therefore make sense, if in the end the seed is planted! Some plants work themselves through even between bricks …

Each individual is important!

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: What it is about is that each person fulfills his orders. Every individual is important.

Everyone who promotes the good and the true and can bring it out in himself and in his fellow man is significant.

Great things and far-reaching processes have very often begun with one sentence – uttered at the right moment.

Even if at the first moment man refuses to listen, if he gives you the cold shoulder – everything that has ever been conveyed remains in the memory of the earth and in the memory of man.

Your dream is about a seemingly hopeless endeavor. If you take the human being, whom you can see, as a yardstick, then every word seems to be actually superfluous. But if you perceive the being behind it, the soul in its neediness and also in its unspoiled origin, then the picture changes. Only this complete picture forms the basis for such an intervention. If it would be completely useless, we would let you sleep through … (smile).

So I bless you, who have followed this execution, and you Jahn, who are looking for answers in places that do not exist at all for many people.

My golden-violet flame of transformation is omnipresent on earth and radiates over all of Germany.

With infinite love,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


4 Replies to “Saint Germain: The Will of the German People”

  1. Kelly

    Jahn, thank you for this. It’s showing how effective each and every person is who has chosen to be love and light… to hold and send love and light. And yes, that violet flame of St. Germain’s, too!

    1. Emma

      From the collective wounds of WW2, is my guess.
      Germany was the place of Hitler and Holocoust, and that is a burden, if things has happened as we are told.