Chaos is Necessary

We are witnessing chaos, hate and confusion in the United States and all over the world right now. President Trump has definitely stirred things up that has brought about fear in many people and has made a major division that’s very apparent in our country.

But, what if all is going on is a good thing? What if it’s the beginning of a whole new way of living? A rebirth of a new Era?

So many say to me how can you support a guy that doesn’t give a shit about anybody, a guy that is dividing our country like never before. I hear people from other countries dissing him and his America first approach. But, these people are still seeing it from the 3-D human perspective.

What I mean is the human race is so programmed in living in duality that they don’t realize they have a third perspective. It’s either I don’t like him or you do you like him. What about looking at what Trump is doing with a neutral perspective?

We need to look at what he’s doing with an energetic perspective, a higher perspective, a Universal perspective. What we are experiencing now is an exact blueprint of a Spiritual Awakening of a nation. The United States is the first nation to go through this as a western society and will lead this process covering the whole planet.

We need to remember chaos is good because chaos is necessary to change a system. So, in order to get to chaos you first have to build fear on our 3rd dimensional level. Fear is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just an energetic vibration that we experience with our 3rd dimensional bodies. It only gets dangerous when our ego interprets it as something bad and dark.

Really, what fear does is it accelerates action to immediately initiate change. What the fight or flight response was meant for is to build up energy quickly for survival to get a crystal clear outlook on what to do in a life and death situation. This is why some animals play dead to save themselves, really what they’re doing is changing the situation. So the energetic vibration of fear is a great catalyst to bring about change.

So instead of looking at this change that Trump is stirring up as fearful, we need to look at it as everything is being calibrated to a higher level. Meaning, fear is necessary for this change and remember fear is the lowest frequency so it’s only up from here on.

A rigid system cannot sustain itself forever. This rigid system of oppression, control and authority was always going to break down and we are in the cusp of that break down as we speak.

Many of us are realizing that fear and chaos is a catalyst to rise to a higher vibration. So, if we react to this change with fear we’re going to go through the same spirals again and again and we’re going to have to go through the same lessons over and over. It’s wake up time!

We are now in what some call the “Change Curve” and everyone will go through this curve. Some will flow and some will resist it just depends on their ability to embrace uncertainty. Like the saying goes…”intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

When people are faced with change on such a massive scale such as what’s happening in the United States they go through stages and a big one is…

Denial – How can Trump be our President, how did this happen, omg our world is gonna end.

Anger – Realizing what happened is real and it cannot be denied any longer and oh boy are we seeing anger. They’re lashing out because they are being pushed out of their comfort zone.

Bargaining – Coming to the realization that they are going to have to bargain and come to a compromise.
Depression – Sometimes called the “valley of despair.” Some people pull back not wanting to talk to anyone.

Acceptance – This phase happens when there is an undeniable realization of the facts and truth and an inevitable path towards the future. Coming to the acceptance of “I can’t fight it so I might as well prepare for it.”

So really what I just explained here is the path of a Spiritual Awakening… Denial, the shock of finding out the horror, ugliness and truth about the world we live in. We experience Anger because it just pisses us off what has been done to our species and the planet as a whole. We start then Bargaining with ourselves trying to make sense of what we are learning. Some go through a Depression “The Dark Night of the Soul.” We eventually get to Acceptance excepting what has been done to us and our world and we start wanting change. This is what’s happening in the United States and what’s happening in the United States will create a ripple effect throughout all creation.

**By Teri Wade


6 Replies to “Chaos is Necessary”

  1. khann61

    What if Trump is a very stupid, narcissistic buffooon who accidentally stumbled into being president, and his only real objective was too stir up publicity for himself and not get elected.

    That’s what I think happened.

    1. Matthew

      Well, go to yt and search for: »Oprah asks a 42-year-old Trump if he’d run for president« and make your decision. For me personally, he’s legit.

      Take care 😉

        1. Jac

          Perhaps it wasn’t “time” for him to. “Timing” is everything, they say. It might not have been his path at that “time” in ’88 or ’92. Who knows, but why dwell on/in the past? Think about “now” and what YOU can do to make things better in the world. 😉

    2. Emma

      So how do you explain that he is still holding rallies all over the country?
      Why would a guy that does not really wants to be elected do that.

      Trump has all his life done very nice things for other people. Like paid for ice skating facility in NY when he was living and working there. He flew sick children to certain hospitals. He paid of a black man’s house, after the man changes Trumps tire on the car, and the dude only asked for flowers be sent to his wife. He has done so many more things, all before being president.

      After: He assigned money each year to clean the oceans for plastic and stuff. He never took salary, it went to stuff like nature parks etc. Other presidents gets richer from being president, but Trump lost 2 billion, so he did not, like the others, including Obama big time, enriched himself via the office. He made room in the WH budget to give black colleges 10 years of operating money, as the congress had always delayed it. Now the presidential order has been taken away again, as Biden and the rest does NOT want black people to do well.

      The picture you have of Trump is of course not from being close to him, or studying him, it is only from the MSM. Mainstream media is very corrupt, in your country as well as mine, owned by a few oligarchs. They have an agenda to slave people, and install these workers in smart cities. Trump is hindering them, and that should be obviosly to EVERYBODY by know, or people are willingly choosing to be stupid. Still knowing this people can prefere another did that job, but IMO Trump is the pitbull/bulldozer that is needed in times like this.

      It is a war between good or evil.

      You dont have to believe me, I am mostly writing this, as lies like yours should not stand alone.

      1. khann61

        I don’t follow the mass media. All Trump lovers who see criticism of Trump dismiss them as being under the MSM programming. I answered you in detail but this site is censored and does not allow legitimate criticism of Trump.