Mauna Loa Eruption 

Sorry about the lack of communication, been real busy with taking the coffee and mac-nut orchards back from the jungle. We also removed two large truck loads of old refrigerators, stoves, golf carts, tires and a mountain of trash from the property. Just finished chipping the last of the branches and limbs. The heavy lifting is done now it is just maintenance.

I spent Thanksgiving away from family, other than the dolphins, on a beach watching Mauna Loa erupt. No worries the lave flow is going in the opposite direction. There are a lot of anomalies happening around the eruption.

As many know there is a controversial government installation up there some say posing as observatories. There is another on South Point. There is also a military base with literally mountains of dirt that came from somewhere. Common sense would dictate all that dirt came from somewhere and somewhere there is a very big hole. Research D.U.M.B s, deep underground military bases. There have been some loud booms along with the usual government denial saying it was a jet over the ocean. There were several at different times again being inconsistent with their explanation.  Those who have been following, “conspiracy theories” are well aware of what goes on in some of those deep underground facilities, things so decadent experiments beyond most people’s ability to comprehend. There are also, “rumors” they are being destroyed, cleaned up, filled with sea water or lava, or blown up to put an end to the evil operations. Knowing this puts a whole new spin on what is unfolding. For all we know Pele just might be cleaning up all the desecration of sacred lands or a combination of both.

So many things are done under the guise of national security. Where is the security in slapping Pele in the face? In this case military intelligence is not very intelligent. There is a multidimensional bigger picture. As predicted all government cameras either went blank, were pointing at the ground, fuzzy far off coverage of the event. Citizen reporters like Two Pineapples, Hawaii Tracker facecrook and several others are providing incredible coverage. Some private helicopter companies are also doing a great job. I would suggest looking for UFOs they always appear around major eruptions. In Mexico they have been filmed going into the volcano upon which it settled down. Might want to ask for a little help. Some of this may need to happen, don’t fear it revel in the awesome power of nature. All of this begs the question what is really going on and what don’t they want us to see? Waiting for Pele to appear in the fire and ash then watch them try to cover it up and deny it.

Ukraine has become a massive black hole over 105 billion dollars with no oversight finding its’ way back into politicians pockets, mostly democrats through Sam Bankmanfreed’s bit coin. Sam Bankmanfried, Janet Yellen, and our celebrated hero darling billionaire war martyr Zelensky all are celebrated by Lame Stream media in complete denial of what has transpired by the corporate owned lame stream media. Has anyone covered the weaponized bio labs, child and sex trafficking, and the most corrupt government installed by the deep state on the planet all being taking out by Putin? Might want to check out the investments into these facilities looks like the Bidens and other prominent democrats and a few Rinos are listed as investors. The war is all about protecting deep state assets Ukraine being a deep state stronghold. You might want to do a little research before hanging up your Ukrainian flag. As far as fighting for democracy it would also be wise to research the NAZI Azof Battalion as well as the regions there all wanting to join Russia to get out from under the deep state NAZI tyranny with 80 to 90 % of the people wanting to leave Ukraine and join Russia. That being the case why are we not supporting the will of the people? Why are we supporting a deep state NAZI stronghold?

The elections were a shame, a disgrace unless you live in a communist banana republic. The red wave happened it was diluted by ballot stuffing and harvesting, rigging the voting machines and changing the numbers. It is said it matters not who votes what matters is who counts the votes. The good news is, WE HAVE IT ALL. You cannot arrest the players until they commit the crimes. There will be a massive roundup through December. Many well known movie and music industry stars have come up missing, their houses all boarded up. Same with politicians, media moguls, and morally challenged billionaires. It’s starting to look like Christmas, sing along.  Gloves are off, its go time. There are things in place beyond your wildest dreams to insure the planetary liberation and ascension. No man can stop it. No reptile, grey or demon can stop what is coming. We are living in exciting times. The people are awakening and rising globally. You will not hear it in the lame stream news. Know you are not alone, know there is a grand awakening, move beyond the need for acceptance and approval, shake up your friends, families and community with loving detachment. They all know something is very wrong. They just need a little verification. You wont have to say I told you so just smile and watch that delicious crow dinner they are eating.

Be safe and be well,

James Gilliland


3 Replies to “Mauna Loa Eruption ”

  1. Holistic

    Good news at end. Would love to understand more what the Native Hawaiians are saying about the volcano erupting at this time. They have a deep spiritual connection to their volcanos.What do you hear?

  2. Kelly

    James, I love you! Love hearing from you.

    Am truly feeling honored to be here on Gaia at this time. Feeling that a massive clean up is going on at this time. I’m reveling in it. Have already started celebrating for the breakdown of the dark, controlling matrix.

    So many seem to be clueless about the crimes against humanity which have florished our entire lifetimes. How all aspects of the world that we have known have been infiltrated. My heart is absolutely dancing that we are NOT going back to ‘normal’.

    Thank you for all that you’ve shared.