Planetary Shift to 5D

Consciousness and Oneness

Consciousness and Oneness are the biggest enemy of the Deep State Cabal’s social engineering programmes. Their fake Covid pandemic is affecting humanity’s social consciousness. Some knowledge and understanding is required to identify the true meaning of programmes by the world elite so as not to fall victim to them.

The Anunnaki lowered the Earth frequency and changed polarisation from positive to negative; primed for war and destruction. The more people are killed, the better; the easier the rest can be controlled and manipulated.

Money based on debt puts people in debt and makes them debt slaves. Conspiracy theorists are classified as negative doomsayers, when the opposite is true, they are the real truth-seekers.

Humanity has been intensely deeply brainwashed, so deeply that positive has become negative. The sheep live in a world of illusion, where democracy is promoted as freedom, when in reality it is dictatorship, where 51% rule over the other 49%. The reason why Anarchy was changed to rebellion, when in fact it means self-governance!

The majority of humanity is still unaware, what really is happening around them. They live their lives unaware that they are being controlled and used as slaves. This Matrix is now rotten to the core, but Evil will not surrender peacefully. The full transition will take place, when you reach a required vibrational level. It is extremely important for everyone to stay in high positive thoughts.

The sooner humanity becomes aware of the lies and deceit, the better it will be for all of us. Don’t be afraid; let it be a challenge for each of you to contribute to reach our maximum potential. Our world is filled with a huge amount of filth, lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fake news, half-truths, fraud, false images, deceptive mirages, propaganda and brainwashing.

Your consciousness is taught in the school of the third dimension; those who pass the final exams go on to the new world of the fifth dimension where life is sovereign.

Love, affection, respect, sincerity and helpfulness are the pillars. Many 3D relationships break up when one partner passes and the other has to repeat the 3D school on another 3D planet. New, more enduring relationships become the norm in 5D. Only a third of us are expected to succeed.

You incarnates are here on Earth to explore and experience a world of duality, where trials and reconciliations are the rule and the driving lever of this learning. A world of polarities where consciousness evolves through opposing experiences.

Sometimes you are incarnated in one state, sometimes in another.

You are brave! And knew beforehand that the Terran School is one of the most difficult in the Universe. But you also knew that you would never lack support, even if you forgot who you really are. You were never alone!

There was a true protective mechanism that always guided you and will continue to guide you until the end of this journey, i.e. until your homecoming.