The Ascended Masters: Matter of Life

The forgotten sense

Without love, everything is worthless, devoid of meaning and dead. Without love, you are like a dried-up riverbed, like a withered tree, or like a soulless robot. Without love there is no life, there is neither happiness nor humanity. Love is everything, is the highest in man – and it is love that is developed as soon as a man reflects on himself.

A stone has more life than a person who is without love! So spread the love everywhere where you only can and where the life invites you to it.

Today, very many people have forgotten what they are made of and what the meaning of their life is. Very many people strive for this and that, only not for love. Thus, along with love, a large part of humanity has also lost compassion. This is what it must look like in the world today when people move away from love.

The only way out

However, the time of recollection and reflection has arrived, and the flock of those who reconnect and find themselves is steadily increasing. This is the only hope and the only way to a peaceful and human future.

Therefore, everything is being done today by the spiritual planes of light to wake up as many people as possible and connect them with themselves. This task is being accomplished with complete dedication and the positive results are becoming more visible every day.

Because more and more people are letting down their guard, more and more are standing up for life and they are standing up for the light, for peace and freedom. A humanity united in love is the goal to which more and more people are devoting themselves with total dedication.

More and more people are striving for the essential and they have declared the transformation of the heart to be the ANGELITY OF LIFE.

Today you can turn directly to God and to the Powers of Light. Earthly mediators or “representatives of God” have had their day and you know that the light of God is just waiting to be claimed by you.

Complete yourself with God

Your inner maturation and transformation has progressed so far that it is now possible for you to turn directly to God and connect directly with the Angels and Archangels, the Ascended Masters and Light Beings.

This opportunity is available to anyone who is working on themselves spiritually and for whom being and becoming mean a real deep inner matter.

In today’s quality of time everything is possible and so the miracles you have been waiting for many lifetimes are happening.

So your completion in this life is also possible and the events on this earth serve you for coming closer and closer to your incarnation completion.

However, I tell you that many of you will return to earth as masters and continue your service to humanity. You are deeply connected to the earth and to humanity. For some of you, this earth is the starting and mother planet of all your existences that you have lived or are living simultaneously in the infinity of all being. Here, perspective is crucial.

A sacred moment has dawned: It is the moment when accomplished masters postpone and delay their own spiritual ascension out of love for their fellow human beings.

This is the love that is being spoken of here; at the same time, this is the ground on which this humanity will be united and this earth will become a place of abundance.

You are many and you are becoming more and more! No one is alone.

Please continue to do your spiritual homework! Clean up your life and be ready to die many small inner deaths.

To be reborn and to be united with those you know and call masters are your gift.

We love you infinitely,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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