The Light is Within You


The souls incarnate on this Third Dimensional Planet have forgotten who they are, where they came from and what they came to do here. This is the rule in this School, because learning is just that: to create something while the soul is subjected to the veil of forgetfulness.

All souls came from the Light. Even those who have previously been in other worlds also of Trials and Atonement, long before were in 5D Dimensions and above. Remembering that only a Fractal of an elevated soul can descend to Third Dimension worlds, as the risk of remaining in this low frequency band is too great.

From the Light we came and to the Light we shall return one day. Each one in his due time, for there are no limited deadlines. What happens is that 3D Schools also make their Transition and when this happens, souls need to migrate to other Schools still at the same level. Then the exile of souls occurs, like those of Chapel that they brought here long ago.

Now the Earth is also transitioning to 5D, and it will no longer be a World of Atonement and Testimony. As we move into a Regenerative World, souls that have attained the higher frequency, ascend with the New Earth. On the other hand, those who are not yet ready should leave her and face exile.

Souls that are getting ready for ascension feel the changes in an ever more intense way. Feel that something great is coming and also feel an incredible need to transform. Something very strong drives such souls to seek more knowledge and motives for inner transformation. It’s a thirst for knowledge that seems insatiable.

Along comes the uncertainty and anxieties. Although the soul has much unconscious knowledge, consciousness still possesses all the experiences lived in this present incarnation. It also possesses the memories and records of experiences of past existences in the physicality. They are beliefs that still remain alive within each incarnate soul.

Instinct is natural in every being. Like a compass directing the path, it is often confusing as it can indicate several directions at once. It is the influence of the addicted mind on what has already been experienced and experienced in the course of the successive incarnations of the soul.

Timelines can overlap and create a tangled situation and options. Everything needs to be settled in this current incarnation. We have come now to find the Line that leads to the 5D Portal. These are exciting and defining times as well. Something great is coming and the soul knows it. Since we do not remember the divine project nor our own soul plan, it is natural that most incarnates now feel a great expectation, often turned into deep anxiety.

At times, such anxiety can even turn into unpleasant anguish. This is also one of the reasons for the increase in suicides. Others may feel a lot of anger, disappointment, sadness, which can lead to deep depression or even madness.

Therefore, we need to understand the current moment of humanity and the Planetary Transition. If this is the long awaited moment since we agreed to come here to experience duality, why then are we so distressed? If the best is yet to come, where is our trust in the Divine Plan? If we’ve come here and the worst is over, why so much fear?

The answers may be many, but the truth is only one. We are in the last hour of the night, and the darkness still prevents us from seeing the Light, but it will soon arise radiant as a new dawn. We are still with the veils of oblivion wrapped in our conscience, yet, one by one, all will be lifted quickly. It will then be the moment when we can remember who we really are.

But until then, and that won’t last as many believe, we still need to work here and there in search of that long-awaited Light. Many are still looking for her disordered. They go round and round, cause they don’t know which way to go. But the secret is starting to unfold. Gradually everyone will realize that LIGHT IS WITHIN EVERYONE.

Seek nothing outside of yourself! Just look for a few parameters in order to locate yourself, as you bring all the necessary baggage for the promotion. You’ve gained all the experience you need in order to reach the New Earth frequency. Search within that soul baggage and all tools will be there. LIGHT IS THERE WAITING FOR YOU TO FIND IT.

The Light is within you as it has always been there. You Never Missed Her ! Just forget you always brought her with you. You came with it and you will return home. You only experienced the shadow while forgetting that it was always Light. You came to experience what it’s like to create in a 3D world. You Discovered That Light Creates Much More In The Shadow Than Within The Light Itsself. YOU ARE THE LIGHT! YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LIGHT AND WILL NEVER LEAVE TO BE.

Don’t get wrapped up by those who comfort themselves in the non-Light. Find reasons to feel the Light that you are. Don’t allow yourself to be engulfed in the dark news. Do not disclose and do not share messages that hide the Light. Those who do not give Light only have this tool to maintain their survival on this Planet. Don’t extend their stay here. Do not feed such entities with low energy. You are Light, you just need to convince yourself of it! You don’t depend on anything you’re outside for your elevation. Trust the Plan. AND TRUST THE LIGHT THAT IS WITHIN YOU!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


**By Vital Frosi


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