Giichi Shiota Strange Encounter With a Mysterious Alien Cosmonaut

Giichi Shiota was a previous UFO-sighter and did not hesitate to tell others about it. But on March 24, 1975 Shiota had an encounter with the third type.

Shiota had been to Kawanoe dump, Japan after dark, when the tragedy struck. Shiota said he witnessed something burning from a distance around 100 yards while working at the landfill. As he enthusiastically recounted the story, Shiota confirmed that the object was indeed his.

The object, measuring seven feet in height, vanished without a trace. Shiota said that he suffered from severe headaches when he first noticed the hovering object. Shiota on the other side was not afraid of a headache, and was determined to observe the unique item once more.

Shiota became obsessed by the idea of recording this strange extraterrestrial being, in order to prove that it was real. Shiota, equipped with three cameras and a grim determination, went night after night to the scene of his encounter.

Giichi Shiota, Kawanoe City, Japan, 1975 He may have been rewarded for his efforts a week after his March 31st sighting. Shiota noticed something unusual in the sky over the waste. He described it as strange electrical activity.

The excruciating headache that he had been suffering from returned along with the glowing object. According to him, a Shiota blueish-white electric disturbance was hovering 300 feet in front.

The Alien Cosmonaut stood approximately 100 yards from him and was seven feet above earth. Shiota sat there and watched as the cosmonaut fell to the surface, then began heading straight for him. Shiota said that it stopped about fifty yards from him and then moved in less than one second thirty yards to his right. It disappeared right in front of Shiota’s eyes.

Is there an alien cosmonaut in space? According to Giichi the entire meeting lasted less than one minute. Shiota took many pictures that night including the one shown above.

It is interesting to note that two teens from Kofu City, Japan claimed they had met an alien creature in suit and face-to-face just one month before Shiota’s horrifying incident. It is still to be determined if there is any connection between these two events apart from time and proximity.

Giichi Shiota never saw this strange creature again, but the images show that whatever it was — extraterrestrial invasion, inter-dimensional entity, time traveler, or space ghost — it was genuine and not a fabrication of one man’s mind.