The 12:12 Gateway of the Purity and Divinity and Soul Shine New Earth Celebrations

“As the 12-12 Gateway of One Unity Consciousness is experienced through the New Earth Templates and Unity Grid, we experience all twelve dimensions of Light, the activation of our twelve strand DNA and the alignment of the twelve-body chakra system blending into one unified chakra column of Light, taking us into Unity Consciousness. This state of non-duality is the “Pathway of Transcendence” into this Golden Christ Light that dissolves and transmutes all false beliefs, judgments, old cellular memories and programs that no longer serve us. Forgiveness, compassion, empowerment, gratitude, Divine Love and Unity Consciousness become our guiding Light as we co-create Heaven on Earth through the Cosmic Heart of all Creation”.

Beloved hearts, welcome to the 12:12 Gateway, which anchors and activates the next level of Christ Consciousness, transforming this sacred earth as we are bathed in the most beautiful Diamond, Golden, Pink, Violet and Rainbow hues and frequencies. Our heart’s opening ever deeper to the Love within, the purity, and the innocence of our Soul Light, we expand into the next level of our Service work, heart’s dreaming, and joy. As we connect into the Unity Grid with gratitude and appreciation for all, we further experience deepening levels of peace and serenity as well as the Overlighting of the Divine Mother.

In this Now moment, as we tune in and go deep within, we are able to elevate our consciousness, to the 12th dimensional gateway of One Unity Consciousness, where all is experienced through the Heart of One. A deepening moment of Initiation, Expansion and a Re-Union of Hearts with our Multidimensional Aspects and Higher Selves, allowing for the frequency elevation of increased Cosmic Consciousness and new perspectives of Truth and Illumination to reveal.

The 12:12 Gateway brings through an expansion of the Purity and Divinity codes from deep within, and the highest frequencies of Light for the transformation of every man, woman and child upon this sacred earth. We need only breathe deep into the body as we close our eyes and go deep, deep within. Where All is Love, and Love is All There Is.

As our Higher Hearts expand through the Golden Sun of our Christed Light, we radiate this out from within and into the Unity Grid of Divine Love. In our expression of Gratitude and Appreciation, the Quantum Field of Consciousness expands exponentially through the hearts and minds of all awakening and awakened Souls.

We are shifting collectively in Consciousness and Light as the Light of God We Are, into the next level of our magnificence, our radiance, our purity and our Divinity.

As we breathe deep into the body, we surround ourselves and all Life on this sacred earth in these beautiful Diamond, Golden, Pink and Violet Flames. One Heart, One Love, One Unified Field of Light.

Enjoy the gateway beautiful hearts.


**By Anrita Melchizedek