The Four Brunson Brothers Are Suing Biden, Harris, Pence And 385 Members of Congress for Refusing to Investigate Whether ‘Enemies of The Constitution’ Rigged The 2020 Presidential Election

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, former Vice President Mike Pence and 385 members of Congress are being sued for allegedly breaking their oaths of office for failing to investigate evidence that the 2020 presidential election was tampered with by “enemies of the constitution” and the case is currently being considered for the Supreme Court of the United States.

TGP first reported on this case in late November:

When sworn into office, US lawmakers take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

According to the complaint, Brunson v. Alma;  et al (Docket #22-380),  the defendants, Biden, Harris, Pence and members of 385 members Congress broke their oath of office by voting against the proposition, made by members of Congress, to investigate claims that would determine whether “enemies of the Constitution” successfully rigged the election.

The plaintiffs are requesting “possible removal of a sitting President and Vice President of the United States along with members of the United States Congress, while deeming them unfit from ever holding office under Federal, State, County or local Governments found within the United States of America.”

The lawsuit was originally filed by brothers Loy, Raland, Deron and Gaynor Brunson on June 21, 2021 in the Utah 2nd District Court. Loy Brunson filed a similar lawsuit on March 23, 2021 in Utah Federal Court.

US Attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the Brunson lawsuit.

On February 2, 2022, Judge Jill Parrish granted the motion to dismiss and ruled the defendants have “Sovereign Immunity” which she claimed protects them from aiding the enemies of the Consitution while acting in the capacity of their office.

State and federal judges have previously dismissed more than 50 previous lawsuits waged by former President Donald J. Trump’s campaign challenging the election outcome, but the Brunson brothers are pushing on with their case.

The Brunsons are now appealing the case to the Supreme Court. On November 30, the nine Justices set a date to examine the complaint.

SCOTUS is slated to convene on January 6, 2023 to examine the complaint and vote on whether to move forward to a hearing, during which they would officially adjudicate whether the defendants should be removed from office.

The Brunsons contend the defendants not only failed to investigate whether the election was rigged amid charges of election fraud leveled by 100 members of Congress but voted against conducting an investigation.

“How can you support, and defend the Consitution against all enemies, foreign, and domestic? Answer: You investigate,” the Brunsons state on their website. “If there are claims that there is a threat, even if you don’t believe there is a threat, you investigate. How else can you determine if there is a threat unless you investigate? You can’t.

“Were there claims of a threat to the Consitution? Yes. Where did these serious claims come from? 100 members of Congress. What was the threat? That there were enemies of the Constitution who successfully rigged the 2020 election. Is this lawsuit about a rigged election? No, it’s about the members of Congress who voted AGAINST the investigation thereby thwarting the investigation Was this a clear violation of their oath? YES.”

The Brunsons have also produced trumpet music for and performed on 30 national TV shows, including The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, NBC National TV Christmas Special in Washington with President Ronald Reagan, A Disney Channel Special, Regis Philbin and The Merv Griffin Show

On an Oct. 26 speech, Loy Brunson detailed the challenges he and his brother have overcome to get the lawsuit to the Supreme Court, including a legal battle against activist judges that prompted them to sue state and federal courts:

I have two brothers they were homeschooled and they were taught that they could do anything regardless of how big it was.

That belief… led to over 30 national television shows — The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Christmas in Washington with President Reagan and a bunch of stuff like that. So, a few years ago, my brother got this passion for studying law and he got involved in representing himself in state and federal court suing banks. That sounds a little crazy, but he did it on his own. He was able to prevail in some instances and he was able to actually take a couple of cases all the way to the Supreme Court. So, he was successful at actually getting it to them — just formatting a petition for certiorari is very expensive, extremely difficult and he was able to do that twice.

A couple of years ago he got thinking, ‘Gosh this is crazy what’s happening in America. I think someone should sue. Sue someone — someone ought to be sued. He decided to sue all the members of Congress that pushed back against a simple 10-day investigation into the claims of voter fraud. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, as you know, testified — here, 100 members of Congress that are claiming with evidence that there is a concern that needs to be investigated, that there is evidence that needs to be investigated, that there was enough voter fraud that happened that could change the outcome of the election. With 100 witnesses, all of the other members of Congress voted against a simple 10-day investigation. We decided to sue all those members of Congress, and those — some that benefit from that, for neglecting to investigate.

If you go to a police department after seeing a crime and report a crime, they are obligated to investigate that crime. If two of you show up, they are even more obligated. Two witnesses can convict in a court of treason… to have 100 members of Congress witnessing that there needs to be an investigation, and then the others go against it is pretty serious.

He filed a lawsuit with six causes of action including treason, breaking the oath of office, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, civil conspiracy. For each cause of action, he’s asking for a monetary amount.

He decided that Mike Pence, who should not have certified the election until — he could have simply said, ‘I’m going to certify this election after we have this 10-day investigation.’

We decided Mike Pence and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi, on the six causes of action, that we would ask for $25 million per cause of action. That’s $150 million per defendant for those and then we decided not so much for the others. We are only asking for a $1 million per cause of action, which is $6 million per defendant. The total, it only comes to $2.9 billion. The releif also asks that they be removed from office and that never be allowed to serve in public office again as long as they live.”

And we’ve requested that if we prevail that they be turned over to the Department of Justice for investigation having to do with treason, giving aid and comfort to enemies of the United States, domestic enemies as well as foreign.

We filed it in federal court, the US attorneys were assigned to it, and we’ve got to figure out how to serve. How are we going to serve 388 defendants? This was a Covid time. We are talking to the US Attorneys about this, we are talking to the court. And they tell us that becazuse of Covid and there is no way to hire a process server and go in and serve them that they’re going to at no cost to us, let the US Marshall serve everyone of the 388 defendants.

The docket actually showeed up and I believe it was March 31, that About 88 percent of the defnedanst had been served by the US Marshall Service in Washington, DC. Out of the defendants that were served, included Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Maxene Waters and several others.. Then on April 1,  or 2 we get a notice that a federal judge who happened to be an Obama employee, the chief justice of the Utah federal court canceled it and notfied that all the defendants that it was a mistake and that my lawsuit was ‘deficient.’ We have a magistrate judge that is helping out with this situation and she is great and tells us why it is defficient. After we made a few corrections, we had a second and third and there is a lot more to the story. We ended with a fourth amended complaint, and they wouldn’t let it be filed. Judge Shelby would not let it be filed.


We decided to sue the two federal courts and state court. We took the federal court of Utah, the Utah District United States Court and the tenth circuit court of appeals, we took them both as defendants to the fourth district court of Utah with Judge Thomas Low. We had to plead, ‘Please Judge Thomas Low, you can be a hero here. They are actually complying with the complaint.’

**By Alicia Powe


13 Replies to “The Four Brunson Brothers Are Suing Biden, Harris, Pence And 385 Members of Congress for Refusing to Investigate Whether ‘Enemies of The Constitution’ Rigged The 2020 Presidential Election”

  1. Wendell

    Truth is God’s Word all the time. If we humans can not see, understand or make sense of His Word, His truth still is there. Those who know this are at peace and will see Him show His Glory in ways this world will not be able to deny.

    Trust His plan. He always prevails! Victory is always His, in The Name of Jesus who is God.


  2. Karen Reney

    Any more updates on how more Letters you received since last two post in telegram? Great job and Thank you for doing this for world‼️

  3. Sherry Sivey

    It is very sad that it took four civilians to realize and take action on the threat to national security and that it boiled down to the Congress not doing their job. The brothers have put so much time and effort into taking on the swamp in support of their country to protect it (and us) from domestic and foreign threats. God Bless them every one. Obviously God is with them. Please pray for them and their success. God Bless America.

  4. Leslie Hewison-Jackson

    If this case could be drafted and filed by ordinary citizens then be allowed to proceed, why couldn’t Trump manage to prepare and file something similar? Lots of time has passed and he reportedly has many smart, high powered attorneys yet he could not manage this? Apparently his legal eagles are not all that smart. Or maybe, it boils down to his lack of motivation to solve this dilemma quickly. Let that sink in. Something is rotten in Denmark.

  5. khann61

    I commend the Brunson brothers on launching this litigation and getting it to SCOTUS. However, the Supreme Court like the rest of government is so rotten, so foul, so thoroughly evil, I am sure this will go nowhere.

    There is no working within the Khazar Beast System.

    1. Jody

      i have read it stated how that since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, they now are looking for a case to correct the corrupt election of 2020

      this one fit, interestingly there is a White Horse Prophecy which refers to the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse

      4 brothers brunson fit the bill…

      they are members of the restored new testament church, imo
      at very least their 3rd great grandfather was friends with the Smith family and lived in Kirkland & Nauvoo.

      the prophecy is this, that when the constitution hangs by a thread, the priesthood (male members of the restored church of Jesus Christ hold this priesthood power) would step in and save it.

      so here we are, let’s see.

      also, it is interesting to note that the current prophet and president of the restored new testament church happens to be the 17th, and he follows exactly 17 on twitter.

      read more here

      1. Twila

        The 4 horsemen in the apocalypse is not referring to the brothers. Which one is the one referred to as death???

  6. LJ

    I am (sort of) surprised that this case is not getting any attention in the media. This article explained the case very well, in terms I could easily understand to grasp the nature of this lawsuit. The analogy of police being obligated to investigate a crime is excellent. This matter should have at least been investigated as there IS evidence of what may be the greatest crime in our nation’s history. I, for one, will be closely watching this case. All eyes on January 6, 2023. (How ironic is that date??)

    1. rottenrollin

      Which media, LJ? The MSM would never put this out, it would gather too much steam even with MSM’s ignorant base.

      1. LJ

        Rottenrollin….I have not even heard about this on Newsmax, which I thought I would, unless I missed it. I am also surprised MSM in general has not reported it, even if their only agenda would be to encourage Liberals to go protest at SCOTUS on Jan 6 during Conference. How ironic would that be?? 😆