Archangel Gabriel: Energetic Adjustments

You are in a period of acceleration that is preparing you to step up into the energies of 2023. Moving through the alignment of the 12/12 has set this process in motion. You might think of it as a tunnel of one activation after another, all designed to take you into the new.

We understand that intense energies can feel daunting to you. What we wish for you to understand is that every wave serves you and moves you forward. The key here is to prioritize your balance, stay present, and breathe.

You are in a profound flow that is leading you up to the solstice. The solstice leads into the influx of Christed energies that always occurs over Christmas, regardless of what your belief systems may be. The integration of those energies lead you up and onto the platform of a brand new year.

You aren’t the only one going through these energetic adjustments. Your beloved planet is also working with these energies, and will continue to adjust to match the energies of the new year. If necessary, the planet will find ways to release energy in order to make that possible.

You continue to assist the earth through your balance and your own shifting. As above so below is a phrase that you often think of in terms of what is energetic being made manifest on the earth. But it also refers to you and the energy you hold affecting the planet itself.

You, as beautiful and intrepid anchors of peace, light, and empowered change, are banding together to assist in the creation of the new earth. These are the times you couldn’t wait to experience! You are doing a magnificent job. You are going through a series of profound shifts as a reflection of your readiness and the solid foundation of preparation work you have done.

This is a time of celebration, Dear Ones, that you have reached this point in your journey, just as a mother celebrates the time for birthing a child has finally arrived. You are ready. The new is ready to be birthed. Keep your focus, trust the process, and simply take it one now moment at a time and you will navigate it all beautifully.

**Channel: Shanta Gabriel


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