The Group: 8 billion Souls, Divine Feminine

Greetings from Home, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time. I join you this day, for you are in a magical time of change. Yes, we know many of you think there are great difficulties on Earth. And yes, there are. But humans don’t really handle change well, do they?

Yet even that can change. Many things are shifting on your planet, although it’s hard for you to see what we see. We are so proud of what you’re doing, so please do not lose sight of that in the fog of humanity. You must understand that you are making massive headway even in the darkness, even in those many places where you cannot see. Welcome Home, dear ones, welcome to the New Planet Earth. Now with that, we’re going to share with you just a little bit about some of the beautiful things that can happen with 8 billion people on planet Earth.

The Critical Mass of 8 Billion Souls

So, let us start by simply telling you that now that Earth is re-weighing things. Of course, there are different things that can happen. Are you in danger? No, not really. You’re simply playing a game of pretending to be a human, when deep within you’re actually a spirit. Your spirit can never be in trouble, it can never be hurt. Re-member that it is the ego that feels that illusion, not the spirit. You divide off into the multiple dimensions of planet Earth. There are actually 11 of you, or 12 including your higher self. In each of those dimensions you carry a little bit of imperfection, because nothing on Earth can be perfect. You are now starting to come back together, which is causing all sorts of shifts and changes on your planet. Know that there are things on Earth that are developing rather well. However, because you are creator beings, if you focus on the problems then you create more. Redirect that energy now, dear ones.

The Water Problem

There are technologies coming to help harmonize with the Earth. For instance, you’ve been working for quite some time to be able to take the salt out of water. It’s been one of your biggest challenges, because you only have a limited amount of fresh water on the planet. But that is a rather interesting situation, which is starting to change. The central valley of California has dropped almost 14 inches just this year, and the land is changing because of water being pumped out of the aquifers. And at some point, even the underground water and many of the aquifers will dry up. In the United States you have a huge aquifer right in the middle, but you’ve not actually tapped into that one yet.

Although there are plenty of opportunities, new technologies are needed to take advantage of them. Don’t fear that, dear ones, encourage it and find new ways of working in harmony with Earth. Of course, often new technologies are strongly influenced by financial motivations. And we have told you that for quite some time. As a society, you’ve been balancing between the money and the people. You may ask, “Are we going to put money before people?” Well, money has won out almost every single time until recently. That’s why we are so excited, because now you’re starting to put humans first before money. But it’s difficult, because money is something that everyone is concerned with at this moment. We will be working with that as Elrah brings in a new rhythm at the beginning of the new year. We’ll also tell you that he’s going to be working with abundance rhythms and abundance activations. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live on a planet where you had abundance in so many areas, that you wouldn’t have to rely on money the way that you do now?

Healing Circle for Earth

Changes are coming on your planet. Although they may often seem rather difficult, you are up for the job. With the divine feminine starting to rise, you now have wonderful opportunities to make this work in new ways. Take a breath, dear ones, let’s focus on the Earth. Let’s put her in the healing circle. This creates opportunities to connect our hearts to hers, and to make a harmony in a new way. Take a breath, let your eyes close if you wish, and find the very center of your being. We are placing this entire spirit cast into a time bubble so that when everyone sees it, even if it’s two years from now, they can be a part of and add to this energy that we are building right now.

So with that, focus on the Earth and all of her beings. She’s not just a pile of dirt or a piece of rock. Earth includes all the mammals and the fish, the rocks as well as the plants, and every other aspect of biology. All of planet Earth allows your spirits to borrow those bodies for a short time, she builds that space for you to grow. Earth is also multidimensional, and many of the aspects that she needs are actually held within some of her other dimensions. Let’s allow her to connect with her other dimensions of time space, and to draw on the things that she needs the most in this moment. Take a breath, open your heart chakra, and send that energy out as a beam of light all around you.

Well done, dear ones, well done. You’re making more of a difference than you could possibly know. Now with that beautiful healing circle, let’s begin. Let us focus on the humans, because you are going through change and that is not easy. Yes, change is one of the most difficult things you do. Once you get into a body and into a society, you start building your lives. The idea is to make things easy, so that you don’t have to struggle. When you find yourself struggling, you think something is wrong. But that’s not true, because you are actually making massive movements with these struggles. Just turn around and look at some of the major belief systems that are changing on Earth. You recognize that you can have an effect on global warming, and that you can have a huge effect in harmony with Earth. Just a short time ago, many did not even believe in global warming, so that is advancement.

And yes, it is kind of late in the game for some. But that is the purpose of planet Earth to find those movements. Many have come in with contracts to carry illness, because you can learn all sorts of big things from that. And you can teach others through your own challenges. Every single one of you is carrying something big that you brought here to work with. Some of you have found ways of easing your pain, easing your own physical illnesses. Those of you who wish to, step forward into this circle right now and allow all of us, including the Earth herself, to send you healing energy. Take a deep breath and as you exhale very slowly, open your heart chakra. Now let that feeling move through you completely.

Well done, dear ones. Those of you in the circle, open your heart chakra and receive the healing. That is not always easy for humans who have been struggling and trying to gain your strength. Some of you have managed to close off to keep the illnesses away from you. Open your heart chakra now and receive the love that all of us are sending. We send it from our side of the veil all the time, and yet only in brief intervals to you. Allow it now yourselves, for it is actually much easier to accept it when you receive it from another human. So, do that now and take it in. Allow those seeds of health and change to anchor in your being. Feel that light growing, well done. Take a deep slow breath now to anchor it in, and exhale slowly.

As you ignite the parasympathetic side of your nervous system, you can feel your Vagus nerve lighting up. Beautiful. Many of you have just added days, weeks, and months to your own life by doing that. Do it often, learn your way of reaching that level and you will find peace in so many ways. Well done, dear ones. We now close the healing circle for this day, for there is much work to do. From time to time, we will come to recharge you. We’ll give you some of the energy that you need to make these changes, and to anchor them into a new level of love on planet Earth. At some point, we even plan on giving lessons on being a human, for the spirit does not always know how to do that. Well done, all of you. I am the Keeper of Time and I ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together. You are creating something magical.

Espavo, dear ones.

Greetings, dear ones.

I am Merlia and I join you with such great joy. Yes, you have challenges on planet Earth. That’s kind of what you signed up for when you first came here. But you are handling it much better than we ever imagined, for there have been times of great difficulty. Many of your prophecies from long ago talked about great wars to end the planet, or end all of the societies in different ways. But now you have new opportunities, because you’ve grabbed your power in a different way. We are so proud of you, from this side of the veil. Yes, it’s only the beginning. Of course, there are more challenges and difficulties ahead. But we’re not concerned, for you will see them coming. The greatest of angels have landed upon planet Earth. They’ve experienced the difficulties they needed to, so they could be in the proper place at the right time.

And here you are carrying that light, holding that beauty, and making space for the rising feminine energy. Dear ones, the feminine is not better than the masculine, you simply need the balance of the two. That is the part you’re working on now. You must understand that in the early days of mankind, force was necessary because it was actually the survival of the fittest. What if now it is the survival of those who can love the most, those who can open their hearts and connect in different ways? Although the times you’re living in right now have been predestined for a long time, you are changing all of that and we are so incredibly overjoyed. Dear ones, we know you’re having difficulties, but look beyond what is right in front of you. When you look at the larger picture, you’ll see quite a bit of joy.

The Divine Feminine

You are like a pendulum, swinging back and forth all the time, because that is your nature. Don’t be discouraged when things start moving in different directions, and you don’t see the progress you’ve been working so hard to achieve. It is truly only the beginning, dear ones. And yes, it will swing back and forth for a while, but the most important part is how long it stays. As you know all too well, it’s been out of balance for a very long time. In the very beginning of mankind this imbalance ensured the survival of humans, but it has served its purpose. Now things are shifting and starting to rise. Your spirit is using your societies and physical bodies differently than ever before. Of course, that takes some getting used to, for it is not an easy transition by any stretch of the imagination. Yet here you are at critical junctures of time space where you can make a difference. With an open heart, you can anchor light and make space for the divine feminine to once again visit the planet.

We’ve mentioned before that you have been on other planets. Ah, you’re not the only game in town, dear ones. There are many other planets, more than you can even count with your numbers. And, of course, there are more life forms than you know about. Your own life form has visited this solar system before, and Mars was actually a place where you incarnated. It was a fascinating time, but the feminine energy was out of balance on Mars. As you came to a new place and basically started the game over, in many ways you went in the opposite direction of the pendulum swing. Have you noticed that your children do the same thing? If you are one way, then your children will likely go in a different direction. Or if you have a certain belief system, they’re probably going to try something else.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Humanity swings back and forth, that’s nature. It isn’t as much about where you are in any moment, as it is about the larger aspect of who you are. At this point you are redefining all of humanity and the idea is to be in harmony. Start working with both sides to honor both the masculine and the feminine. Bring it together in a new combination that will allow you to extend not only life on Earth, but much of life throughout the universe. Dear humans of Earth, you are being watched. Re-member, you’re not the only game. There are many who have all eyes upon you at this very moment to see what you’re doing. One of the biggest aspects you’re working with is fear. Yes, things can be manipulated to intentionally put you into fear. You have just witnessed that, and yet you rose above it.

We are so thrilled to see the very essence of who you are starting to emerge in a new way. It’s absolutely beautiful, dear ones, well done. In many ways your work is only just beginning. If you make space for all those around you, you’ll be able to work together. Yes, the physical bodies of the masculine are different than the physical bodies of the feminine. We find it interesting that you have different sports. You have women’s sports and you also have men’s sports, because men are typically a little bit stronger. But that is actually a result of being in the masculine energy for so long. If you were to combine those two together, women would win most of the sports matches. Not at the beginning, of course, because it would take some time to adjust.

You are creator beings and you rise to meet the competition around you. When women are playing other women, they rise to a certain level. We tell you that not because we’re interested in your finding the best sports, but it’s actually an allegory for what is happening on your planet. So, dear ones, blend it together. Right now, you have everything in front of you that’s needed to awaken the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth. When you do that, the planet harmonizes with you. And yes, 8 billion is a massive number. Earth is struggling to be able to support that number and have the necessary resources.

During the Holocene, the last 11,000 years of planet Earth, there was only one degree of temperature change. But that is now gone. You have quite literally broken it, and new adjustments must now be made. Earth is doing everything she can to make those adjustments, and you will know where she ends up in a fairly short time. Either things will level off a bit and then eventually start to get better, or they will continue to grow worse at a quickening pace. Dear ones, you are not in trouble either way. You are spirits with abilities far beyond your understanding. By working with your spirit while it is in the physical body, the way you are doing even in this moment, you are opening the door far beyond what has been done before. Yes, further than what you had on Mars and much more than you’ve ever done on Earth.

The spirits of humans are wonderful. When you can finally compare yourself to some of the other life forms in the universe, you’ll understand. Although some are more advanced than you in certain ways, others have actually started to break down their own multidimensionality. In doing so, they bring back into some of their perfection as well. However, the humans of Earth have led the way in this. You have the capabilities of going far beyond that, which is why you are setting the pace for all that is. You’re creating new opportunities and new energies everywhere you go.

Yes, it’s difficult to see that sometimes. We know many of you are struggling just to take the next steps. But as you do, know that you have energy behind you. We will be there to work with you in any way that you allow, to give you that confidence, and to bring that light back into your hearts. Smile when you can. Know that you are carrying light in your physical being, and every time you take a step, you leave a trail of light behind you that someone else can inhabit. The next person can use that light to find their own light, and so on.

Speak often, fear not, and enjoy the ride. I am Merlia, the feminine aspect of Merlin, and I am so proud of the divine feminine on planet Earth. Well done, dear ones. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together, as I leave you now for a short time.

But I am always here and watching from afar. Come up and see me sometime.

Espavo. Thank you for taking your power.

**Channel: Steve Rother


3 Replies to “The Group: 8 billion Souls, Divine Feminine”

  1. Malissa Liburdi

    Spirit SoLite Spark in flesh!
    ALL within is ALL Existence
    ALL Wiseness Knowledge
    R Tapped Within the Breathing

  2. Iasos

    There is an image on the internet of “Tunia the Pleiadian”.
    The entire image has a purple/blue tint.
    In this image a female – stunningly beautiful – is looking right at you, with a supremely CENTERED & FOCUSED CONSCIOUSNESS.
    If you know this image, how did it come about?
    Is it an artist rendering?
    Is it a Photoshopped image based on a human female?
    is it an accurate rendition of an ACTUAL Pleiadian female?

    I am profoundly curious how this image came into Being.
    Thank you.
    Deepest Love & Brightest Light, Iasos

    1. Ralph

      (Theory) Most of those images are not accurate renditions nope. But they are very similar. The channelers use artwork that closely resemble star people. For some reason they are not using authentic imagery. But instead the ET/star beings have placed their energy and individuality behind every image/photo. Most people can sense or feel that energy resonating within every image. They are connecting with you, and can probably visualize your form as you are reading. (They can see you)