Venus Kumara: Anchoring Light Columns

There are two ways to do this:

1.) Visualize yourself the exact place where the pillar of light should be in your place, in your community or in your village – or

2) leave the choice to the omniscient divine light and let the light guide you today or on another day to the place designated for it.

The anchoring begins and it begins in the care of the omnipresent consciousness of VENUS KUMARA:

VENUS KUMARA: I embrace you with my love. I am in the midst of you. Let us take action and bring a new level of light, grace and peace to this earth. Let there be LIGHT, let there be PEACE, and let there flow upon the earth the infinite GRACE of the Creator who is with us today.

Now close your eyes, the anchoring begins:

Visualize now the place where the Light Pillar shall be anchored or leave the guidance for this to the omniscient Light Pillar itself.


Dispose as follows:

I, (state your name here),
decree by virtue of my divine consciousness that this cosmic pillar of light be anchored in (name of place).

I decree that this indestructible and omniscient pillar of light above the earth, on the earth and under the earth fills all life with light and illuminates all darkness – for the good of all life on earth and for the healing of all people in this place and the surrounding area.

ALL-THAT-IS becomes visible on earth.

Through me flows the light of God and I bring it to the people. I give thanks to creation, I give thanks to the Creator.


(injunction end)

Feel and visualize – now – how a pillar of light reaching up to the sky and penetrating the earth is being lowered onto this place….

Feel and visualize – now- how the light of this light column funnels out of the earth sphere and flows into the earth sphere.

Enjoy this tingling energy and let yourself be completely absorbed by the white-golden light of love….


Anchoring is underway and will be completed within the next 3 hours.

(Remain in silence while this occurs, remain in silence if, as you follow this message in your time, this has already occurred).


Functioning of the Light Pillars

These pillars of light fulfill – to give you an insight into the effectiveness and the blessing they signify – the following essential tasks:

● The light pillars supply all people in the radius of 1440 kilometers with spiritual light from the original source of all being and furthermore act as “transformation amplifiers” for all people of this earth, no matter where they are located. However, whoever is in the environment of 1440 kilometers is directly touched by it. This enables these people to think new and lightful thoughts and causes the rapid healing of suffered wounds on all parts of their being.

● The light pillars anchor – EARTH – the human being. This frees fears and allows people to open to the vibration of awakening.

● These pillars of light work both on a spiritual and physical level, in that their light specifically strengthens your human bodies and makes them healthy.

These light pillars transform negative basic energy into positive energy – fear becomes love!

The light pillars connect with all light pillars that have already been placed on earth. This strengthens and accelerates the change, since the lightful basic vibration of a place and thus of the earth is immediately restored and since the hearts of the people can heal immediately.

Those who fear the light are thus deprived of power and strength, and those who welcome the light are given power and strength.

● These columns of light act as guardians! Beings who do not surrender to the end of their own transformation and do not want to expose themselves to the truth, remain untouched by the light pillars.

● Through the installation of these light pillars the vibration of the individual increases and foreign takeovers of low vibrating energies and entities thin out.

● These light pillars are omniscient and work, as required, far beyond the radius of 1440 kilometers, work above the earth and below the earth. Their beam is unlimited upward and unlimited downward – and is activated omnisciently at given hour for given events or for a human being.

● Several light pillars can also be anchored in one place. This is especially the case when several people live in that place and read and apply this message. Cosmic light pillars act omnisciently, they do not underchallenge or overchallenge people or groups of people.

● It is recommended that a person install only one light pillar in their place of residence. If you install one light pillar, you are directly connected to the light pillar. There is a constant inner communication. Multiple light pillars could overload your system. If you are used to dealing with really high energies, you know what we are talking about here.

● The light pillars in smaller places now ensure that individuals will experience great healings and that people in the place can hold a higher fundamental vibration more easily.

● The light pillars installed worldwide are indestructible and they form the springboard for the whole planet to rise with humanity.

● It is a gift of God’s grace and a gift that you have prepared for yourselves! For it could be bestowed upon you only because you have realized inner peace and are willing to love those who reject you.

I am VENUS KUMARA – Logos of the Logos of this Earth, I say goodbye in the Now.

I love you infinitely, beloved!

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


One Reply to “Venus Kumara: Anchoring Light Columns”

  1. tigersnack1114

    Ive been doing this for a few years now, mostly holding space yet I can visualise the column of Light beaming upwards. I can see the grid around Earth and it is glowing with a warm bright golden-silver light. Sometimes I falter on bad days when “everything” hits me. The Dark ones are hammering me as usual but I wont break….they try to distract with anythng they can, especially old emotional wounds.

    Search for this on the net ——- Sacred geometry symbols —– and go look at all the amazing pictures of these symbols. BING is the best as you can expand and see each pic.
    I found while looking at certain ones, being drawn in and staring for a couple of minutes, that something unlocked inside me.