Solstice Passage 2022

Beloved ones,

To culminate the end of this harmonic year, we are now entering into a very powerful passage. One that begins today with the Earth aligning the Galactic Center in Sagittarius, followed by the Solstice and a New Moon in Capricorn. 

The acceleration that our Planet is experiencing, together with its alignment to the Galactic Center, gives us the opportunity to integrate higher levels of consciousness, helping our DNA to finally experience the healing and shift required for us to retrieve its original programming. 

A process that begins by first removing from our mental body all the limited, unconscious beliefs, that impede us to cease repeating old habits, and that keep us stuck in certain behaviors. Genetic clearing is also pivotal for us to step into DNA rehabilitation work, as well as expanding our heart center, and clear it of old wounds and lower emotions, working with our toroidal heart’s field, expanding its light, visualizing it in green to anchor as much healing as possible, and spinning it until it surrounds us completely. This is of utmost importance, as if our heart center is not clear and open, we could not fully anchor the loving frequencies that are being descended to Planet Earth. 

The most important step is to have the will to say yes to change, begin devoted to shifting old patterns, and persist in our healing journey, as it may challenge us in ways that we never have experienced before. During this passage, guides invite us to 

When we consciously set the intention, and decree to align with these events, we co-create with a Higher Intelligence that helps in the transformation that our bodies are already experiencing, although conscious inner work, change in habits, and devotion is pivotal to determining the final outcome of our inner work.

If it is your intent to align with these planetary events, it is vital to be properly prepared for the massive plasma integration that will occur, and that will affect our power center, as well as the digestive system, for all we integrate our bodies too process. If during this passage you can be in contact, when possible, with nature, that would help to directly integrate the frequencies from our Galactic Center and Solstice. Although, if we set the intention, their Consciousness will co-create with us in any other way. 

The Capricorn New Moon will align with Jupiter, which will expand even more the integration that many are already undergoing. An embodiment that will be emphasized by Capricorn’s essence, as this sign is all about bringing illumination to the body, which is precisely what we do in our ascension path, and that reaches its peak with the Solstice. As Capricorn reminds us, being committed, organized, and acting with integrity, is vital to accomplish our inner task of bringing more light into the body, especially at this time when many will be distracted.

To help us see the Truth at this time, guides invite us to work with a lapis lazuli, a crystal that will enhance our vision, allowing us to receive authentic information and guidance, above all the manipulation out there. A stone that will help us liberate ourselves from the many programs that are not helping us to integrate higher truths, assisting us to finally align with our God Self. This stone also gives us the courage, and the strength required to move inward to find our personal truth, all we need to heal and dissolve and continue traveling our unique soul path. 

This is indeed a time for us to commune with our Illumined Self, as we continue our inner task of conscious reprogramming, as having times of profound restoration and rejuvenation in between these integration periods, is essential to nourish the body.

Phases that are key for us to evaluate our journey and decide what serves our new path and what shall be removed, creating new structures, as will be reminded as well in this 2023, and building the new foundations of our new lives. A wonderful passage for personal transformation, clearing more false beliefs, and everything that is not who we are, in this Now moment.

I wish you a blessed passage, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba 


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