Master Kuthumi: When Are You Ready?

Beloved human being,

When are you ready, ready to turn your life upside down and get involved in something NEW? When are you ready to jump – into cold water that might carry a current with it? When are YOU ready?

I tell you: You never are, because your mind will always find excuses, excuses and objections.

So what do you need to consider? Prepare yourself inwardly for the new. Be inwardly relaxed and welcome every change. Because it is true:

You don’t know if you are ready for a new challenge until it enters your life and a decision is required of you!

You can only prepare yourself for the unimaginable and unexpected by remaining flexible, agile and creative on the inside.

To do this, you need to release blockages and the more blockages you have released, the easier it will be for you to engage with the new.

No one is ever ready for a task that has not yet presented itself to him or her, or only theoretically. Whether you are ready will only become clear when the task is revealed to you and you are invited to respond to it.

Whether you will jump when it matters, you will know only when you stand on the cliff. Being able to engage in something unknown with an uncertain outcome requires a certain character.

Be mentally agile

The greatest inventions and developments have been created by people who, even if at first it seemed hopeless and impossible, went for the new with all their strength and complete dedication.

Never wait until your mind gives you the okay, but decide intuitively and from the center of your knowledge, from the inside, from your heart.

You cannot plan everything! Strictly speaking, nothing can be planned, because everything is subject to constant change and transformation.

Therefore, just let yourself go with life and expect life to come to you.

You will be found by your tasks and assignments, you don’t have to search for them! Life is INHATING and OUTHATING – and this is the most natural thing in the world. Just make sure that you are open and stay spiritually agile and that fearful blockages never stifle your courage!

That is why transformation work is of such importance. Because it is the only preparation you need to be ready for the unexpected.

When are you ready? Never or always? It depends on what voice your consciousness is listening to.

With infinite love,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation from German by


9 Replies to “Master Kuthumi: When Are You Ready?”

  1. jakesey

    Cecil, it’s like banging the proverbial head against a brick wall. The Pleiadians I gather have a long history of failure to help, to ACT when most needed, bringing catastrophes to worlds in the long distant past; they have not learned from their mistakes it still seems. They are too busy enjoying their little shenanigans and giving advice to care enough to lift a finger to help.

    Meanwhile our young ones continue suffer, the environment is going to hell in a hand basket, and Light Workers get spoken to like mischievous spoilt elves. Is it any wonder so many are on the verge losing the plot?

    Strong we must remain to nurture a solidarity to face the evil head on. The inevitable glory some fine day.., going to God alone, always and ever found within. Still, there is always hope here that Galactic help will manifest in the nick of time…

    1. Emma

      The Environment is not going to hell. 1,200 scientists say there is NO climate crisis.
      But the new project with spraying chemicals against the sun will be dangerous, but is not done by normal people, and not with consent from normal people.
      Bill Gates and many like him say climate needs help, but he and his kind are the ones destroying it, and asking money from us, so they can keep on playing with danger, and destroying the planet with OUR money (taxpayer money and donations).

      They spray against the sun, to cool the climate, but we are heading towards a small ice age, so they will then make it a big ice age. Stupid fools, rich people with too much free time to wreck havoc.

  2. Cecil

    There we go again with the YOU finger pointing! Do you so called channelers even realize? The prime creator sent us lightworkers, not to be the problem. Why do you speak to us like we are the problem? What are we slaves? Asking me if the lightworkers are ready? When are YOU the Galactic’s going to decide to come and give humanity a nice helping hand against the evil Draconians?

    1. Crystel Waters

      Yes thank you! Very bad translation there that needs correcting please whoever typed it.