The Arcturians: Solstice 2022

I am calling in my Arcturian Soul family to talk with me now – and anyone of the Vastness of Being who would like to speak as well. As we approach the Solstice, some days the energy feels so heavy.

 We are your Arcturian Soul Family and we speak to you now.

On days when you feel the heaviness of the planetary consciousness, stop your doing and take a moment to sit and breathe, go within, access your heart and find love. Breathe that love through your being, feel it filling your body and expanding out into your field. Then when you have allowed it to fill you, begin to radiate it outward. Like the rings when you drop a stone into water, radiate it out into the world. You can connect with the crystalline grid of light around the planet and radiate it into that grid. This is part of your mission as a human on earth – all who read these words. Send love into the quantum field, adding light to the crystalline grid that feeds all of life throughout the Earth. You are all transmitters of energy. Transmitters and receivers, and you are powerful. So, on those heavy days, cultivate the lightness within and send it outward in any way that feels right to you. Set it up so that it continues to radiate and go back about your business. You can do this in 10 minutes – or as long as you want, with the intention to continue growing and expanding the love within you and sending it out into the world. Your energy matters. Your energy is important for the Whole.

Many who read these words have lived lives in other galactic experiences where you lived in your Light Body, in a realm of light. So, coming to Earth has felt very constricting. You may have come here eons ago, to bring that light to the Earth realm. Many have been altered by the Earth experience through lifetimes in different timelines. Light bodies became dulled, just as the crystalline grid around the Earth became dulled by lightless energies that attached like dust motes to the grid and to Human light bodies. But the light has been coming back because Human Beings have started to awaken and have done the work to clear the density out of their light bodies. Humans reached critical mass of this awareness and awakening in 2011 and so you have been polishing, as it were, your light bodies and the crystalline grid around the earth. Many people who have been born in the last 20 – 30 years have come in with their light bodies shining but dealing with the density has dulled some beings, so there is still work to do.

Look at what you focus on in your day. Are you focusing too much on what is transpiring out in the world? Are you focusing on people who behave as greedy narcissists who think they are of more elevated status than the rest humanity, and are in control of the socio-political system of the world? Yes, perhaps it is good to check in and see what they’re up to, but know that you have an energetic input to your world and when people gather with similar frequency and amplify the energy of love together, many great and beneficial changes can be seen in the world. So we say, more of that, please. Amplify love and remember that your love is a powerful, universal frequency.

When you are alone and amplifying the energy – for it isn’t often convenient to sit with a group and do this – you will begin to notice that you are connecting with others in the quantum field. Reach out, intend to connect with all the people who love the Earth and love life on Earth and are sending their love into the field and you will help to strengthen the frequency of love. You will feel the Oneness – of you being a seed of Source, sharing energy with other Source seedlings, growing a new Humanity. A new Humanity with an open consciousness experiencing connection with all that is, for that is the truth of your being. The life force energy that flows through the waters, the plants, animals, insects, birds, fire, air, earth, also flows through Humanity and the entire Universe. When you tune in to this force, the Love Force, Life Force, you know yourselves to be part of one another. This doesn’t mean your own uniqueness disappears into an ocean of being. No, your unique Soul vibrational frequency is part of a vast harmonic of energy, part of the tapestry that is Life in all its forms.

It is the illusion of separation that Humanity is growing out of. Separation breeds fear and competition, which is what the world has been built upon. But now, Humanity is evolving into Oneness, which radiates love, acceptance, cooperation. It’s a healthier, creative and lovely way to live on the Earth and it is birthing through Human Beings, right now. Play with this concept – with your heart more than your mind – feel into this truth of being and you will find joy there, mirth, curiosity, a lightness that you can travel through your life with.

We are your Arcturian soul family and it is our honor to be here with you whenever you need us to help strengthen the evolutionary expansion that you are intending and creating in your lives.

In the chrysalis of transformation

The entire Universe is expanding. We are feeling this on a personal level, and of course seeing it in the bigger picture of the world around us. To expand into this acceleration of high vibrational frequencies, we let go of the density of the past – the density of beliefs and patterns that arise from our past, including ancestral energies still held in our DNA. This is a time of purging energies that still pull at us, causing memories to rise into our conscious awareness along with the emotions of those memories. Sending them up and out of our field – perhaps sending them into violet flames of transformation – helps in the purging process. A lot of people are purging through physical illness at this time. We are going through a cleansing. This will help us to expand into the accelerating, “higher” frequencies that are all around us. In order to expand, we have to clear away that which no longer vibrates to the song of our souls. Sending love to those we know who are having deep challenges will be a blessing to them.

When we think of rising into higher frequencies, it sounds wonderful, expansive, freeing. However, the journey there often doesn’t feel good at all. Sometimes, it’s more like an internal agony of energy is twisting through us like a slow, tortuous tornado. Or it may feel like a dull ennui with no motivation, just a slow plodding along. There are energies shifting so deeply within us. We are undergoing a very deep, very intense transformation, still in the goo of the chrysalis, dissolving and re-forming.

Try practicing the art of doing nothing. Allow yourself to be completely unproductive. Just let go as best you can. This is often a very busy time of year for people, but does it need to be? Not entirely. If we can take moments to just be quiet for a while, to let go of striving to accomplish something, we will allow our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to relax into being. And in that space, we can touch in on the vastness of our being and our connection to all that is. In that space of non-doing, we allow for the deep transformation to find its way within us, trusting our own harmonic energetic tones to create balance and harmony even within the chaos of our metamorphosis.

Fire Magic

At this time of the Solstice, we can put this clearing into physical form by writing down all we wish to let go of and clear from our field and then burning it in a sacred fire. I like to write each aspect I want to clear on separate pieces of paper. Then, if I can have a fire outside, that’s wonderful, but if that isn’t possible, a fire in a fireplace or a candle with a burning bowl is fine. On the darkest day of the year, we work with fire to release and transform what we do not wish to carry forward into the next journey around the sun. I like to hold each paper with what I want to release and meditate on it for a moment, having gratitude for the wisdom learned, if that feels appropriate, or perhaps there is a feeling of good riddance – whatever is the truest feeling is honored in the moment. Then I speak my intention to release the bonds of connection to this – belief, memory borne of trauma, emotion, pattern – whatever it is that I am clearing from my field – and then I take a deep breath and throw the paper into the fire, releasing my breath as I watch the paper burn and see the smoke rise from the ashes. When complete with this process, I gaze into the fire and contemplate what I want to create going forward and I ask the power of fire, air, earth and water to assist me in this creation.

We have so much support from the unseen world of energy as it moves about us, strengthening our toroidal field, bringing us into balance and harmony. Something miraculous is happening within Humanity and the Earth, and the entire Universe. It is amazing to be part of this and to have the ability to be of assistance through the radiance of love.

Many Blessings to all who read this.

Let us vibe in the radiance of love together.


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