Wisdom of the Council: The Greatest Power

Magic, miracles, true creation, instant manifestation can present itself to you in any moment, and it does so most easily when you are in a state of fully opening, allowing, inviting, summoning, claiming, receiving, welcoming all that is here for you.

We know at times you think about the past, whether it’s years ago, months ago, days ago, hours ago. And while conscious reflection through observation can allow for greater clarity, do so in the moment from a place of your power, not dragging the past into this moment by projecting into your holographic reality something that is not happening now. You can stay present, you can stay conscious, you can stay open, you can observe, you can reflect, and through that experience greater expansion and greater clarity.

And while we say remember your future, that does not mean to try to figure it out or to worry about what might happen or to place in your imagination the worst potential or possibility and then try to somehow soothe your way out of it. Remember your future means remember your power, remember how to summon energy, remember how to open fully, remember this conscious present moment and the magic and the miracles and the instant manifestation and the true creation that comes from this moment.

That will be there in this moment and then every moment to come. So there is nothing to worry about, there is nothing to fear, there is nothing to figure out because in every moment, no matter what, when you presently become conscious and open to the love, you will always be guided, You will always know. You will always have the perfect words. You will always be able to elevate yourself into love, into peace, into harmony, into abundance, into wellbeing no matter what, and no matter what anyone around you is experiencing. It’s all in the moment.

When you really get this, there is nothing to try to figure out. There is nothing to worry about, there is nothing to figure out. There is opening to love, and in opening to love in this moment, all potentials, all possibilities, the magic, the miracles, the manifestations, and the highest expression of true creation flows through in all of its perfection to you in this moment, through you, all around you.

You want to change the world? You want to make a difference? You want to make an impact? You want to help? This is it. Live this, know this, be this, and you will experience a power, you will feel a peace, and you will radiate a love that will send ripples through the hearts of all of humanity and everyone you love.

This, dear master, we remind you, is how powerful you are. In the magic, in the miracles, and in the incredible moment of fully opening to love, remember, especially at this time, in the doing and the doing and the doing there will always be more to be done. It will never get done. But from a state of being, ooh, and especially from a state of being open to love in this moment all things are done through you, all things are done through you.

The miracles flow through you. The magic flows through you in a state of being—being the peace, being the harmony, being the love. All things are done through you. It flows through you. Instant manifestation flows through you into form. True creation flows through you into form. Open to all that you are. You can’t even imagine, truly, from our perspective the force field of love that you are. And as you expanded in this moment, truly, your light is so bright, your vibration, your frequency radiates, pulses through the entire universe. There is nowhere that you are not. 

You are infinite, you are eternal, and all others are too. There is this physical experience that you perceive through your physical senses, and there is so, so, so much more going on, so much more. If you go to the highest perspective, with the grandest view, when you see it all clearly, oh, there are just no words. So truly magnificent, the perfection of it all. And yet, when you perceive through limited senses the magnificence and the brilliance and the perfection, you do not have that grander view from a limited perspective.

But in any moment, all you need do—breathe yourself into the moment. Open, open to love. Breathe and go from your head, into your heart, and expand this moment, expand your beingness, expand your light, become eternal, become limitless, become the ever-present, all-knowing being that you are. And magic, miracles, manifestation, and creation will flow through the portal of pure potential that you are into physical reality so that this perfection, this magnificence, and this radiance, which is the truth of everything, can be realized in physical form, can be experienced by you, and can be experienced by all who are ready to open up to the magnificence, the perfection, the radiance of it all.

Oh, dear masters, allow yourself, fully open to the love. Love is what heals. Love is what makes everything whole. Love is what makes all things possible. The greatest force in all of the universe, the greatest power is love. The greatest power for manifestation and true creation is love. The greatest power for magic is love. The greatest power for miracles is love. And love is what you are. And when you expand and do all the love that you are, oh, dear master, you are the manifestation of magnificence, you are the manifestation of brilliance, you are the manifestation of radiance, you are the manifestation of perfection.

**Channel: Sara Landon


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