Changing The President Won’t Matter – Who is Really Running this Country?

Catherine Austin Fitts is the publisher of The Solari Report and the former Assistant Secretary of Housing under President Bush.

She was recently interviewed by Greg Hunter, of USA Watchdog. Greg Hunter is obviously a MAGA Trump supporter, and put forth all the usual arguments that those in the Trump cult parrot like robots, trying to excuse Donald Trump’s actions in funding and implementing the COVID-19 bioweapons, which have now killed and maimed millions of Americans.

Catherine Austin Fitts interrupts Greg Hunter several times to set the record straight. Here is a partial transcript:

HUNTER: They’re still going after Donald Trump who wants to destroy the New World Order.

FITTS: Well, but wait a minute. He put $10 billion dollars into a military program to depopulate Americans. Come on Greg. I’m going to be a tough guy about this.

HUNTER: Do you think he was told the truth, though?

FITTS: So if you look at the history of what is known, it takes 10 to 12 years to test out a vaccine to make sure its safe. Everybody knows that.

HUNTER: So you actually think Donald Trump actually knew, hey we’re going to depopulate and murder off a bunch of people? See, I don’t. I think he was lied to and he missed this.

FITTS: If there was one person who understood how dangerous vaccines are, that was in political life, it was Donald Trump. Because this was a big issue during the campaign, and he made a big issue about the dangers of vaccines. So he knows.

HUNTER: So you think he knew ahead of time. You think he knew going into it that we’re going to depopulate people? See I just don’t believe that…

FITTS: So I’m just going to be a tough guy. Because I knew the injection program stunk. I knew it was dangerous, and I knew there were different nefarious agendas that could go on.

And I said to people as soon as the virus started, or as soon as they claimed there was a virus, because I think it was more than one thing going on, I said don’t worry about COVID. Worry about the injection. Don’t take the injection, whatever you do.

So, if I knew that in March 2020, I’m sure Trump knew that. So no, $10 billion dollars? He put in charge of Operation Warp Speed someone who was head of research at a pharmaceutical company, and his expertise was on brain – machine interface. Come on Greg.

HUNTER: I just can’t believe that he would say sure, let’s kill millions of people. I just have a hard time believing that…

FITTS: So, go back. Then you’re saying that’s he incompetent. Because if I knew what I knew, you know, don’t tell me that I knew more than Trump. I just don’t buy that.

HUNTER: Do you think that he art of the dealed this thing, and he had a trade off? And the trade off was well you can get your check, but some of you are going to die.

FITTS: You know something, I have no idea what was going on. And I don’t care. Because you had the President roll out something that in March 2020 I was sure was going to harm and kill millions of Americans.

And he either has two reasons for doing it. He’s incompetent, or he is breaking the law. Which do you want?

I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I can’t say.

But I know what I knew, and I know what I hold him responsible to know, and I know what he did.

And I know what I would have done. I would have taken a bullet in the head before I would implement a culling of the American population.

I have abridged the 1-hour-plus interview down to just over 7 minutes. Greg Hunter also tries to make a distinction between Biden and Trump, by claiming that at least Trump would not have mandated the shots, as Biden did. This is now the official Republican platform, which is NOT anti-vaccine, nor even anti-COVID-19 injections. It is simply anti-mandates.

But Catherine Austin Fitts explains that it doesn’t matter who the president is, and that changing the president doesn’t matter.

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And just by way of reminder, President Joe Biden said the same thing one year ago, at Christmas time in 2021, a full year after the implementation of the COVID-19 shots, that this was the one thing that he and President Trump agreed on.

Catherine Austin Fitts correctly explains that this battle is at the local level.

However, I disagree with her that the State Legislators and Governors are where we should be trying to affect change.

As we have already seen in Florida, Governor DeSantis and his team are firmly in bed with Big Pharma, as a recent round table public discussion showed that although they are opposed to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, they still want parents to go out and inject their children with dangerous vaccines that have been killing and crippling children for decades.

They also have done nothing to stop the bioweapons from being injected into the people in their state, including children.

Hear from their own mouths how they are lying about the safety of childhood vaccines, stating that they have no side effects, or only “1 in a million,” when in fact there are over 553,000 records of injuries and deaths from all non-COVID vaccines in VAERS, which is only about 1% of the actual numbers. (Source.)

The executive branches of State Governments are simply microcosms of Washington D.C., with the same corruption, same voter fraud, and the same Globalist control that exists in Washington D.C.

The best place to seek change is at the County level, starting with your County Sheriff and District Attorney (DA), which are elected offices in most counties. It is important that you have both offices serving the will of the people, as you need both.

The only one I have seen so far call for action at the County level, is Matt Trewhella in Wisconsin. See:

I don’t necessarily agree with everything Trewhella teaches, but he is one of the few who recognizes that to take our country back, we need to first start at the county level.

But having your County Sheriff and DA on board is not enough, because I have learned from years of experience, that the judiciary is completely corrupt, and owned by the Globalists. This is the main reason why the United States remains the #1 destination in the world for human and child sex trafficking.

So once you have your County Sheriff and DA on board, then the REAL hard work begins, and that is prosecuting and eliminating all the bad judges, and in many counties, that may mean ALL of them. This is where your County Sheriff will become essential, as in most states the Sheriff supplies the bailiffs in the courts.

Only then can you go after the tyrants that run your state, because it doesn’t matter if your state is Red or Blue. The judiciary is corrupt in all of them, and in most states the state is divided by conservatives in the rural areas, and liberals in the cities. Just changing your State Governor from one political party to another is no more effective than changing the President of the United States.

Take California as an example. Most conservatives would say one should leave California and relocate to a Red state, and the most popular destination of those leaving California is Texas.

However, I have lived in both States at various times, and I can tell you that corruption at the county level is far more prevalent in Texas, than it is in California, mainly because of the judges that sit on the bench in those counties.

When the Constitution was tossed aside for medical tyranny in California due to COVID, retired Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), stated that 40 out of the 58 counties in California had sheriffs who opposed the Governor’s edicts, and would not enforce them. (Source.)

Moving away from a community you live in simply because of State politics, is a HUGE mistake in my opinion. You want to be in a local community, which exists in a county, where you know your neighbors and county leaders, regardless of what party the Governor belongs to.

Within the County you have everything you need for fighting tyranny, if your Sheriff and DA are on board with you, and if they act to remove the corrupt judges from the bench.

I would LOVE to see a county in California clean up their judiciary, and then start indicting people from Sacramento and the fat cats who live in the Bay area, starting with Newsom himself, and then maybe Nancy Pelosi next.

A grand jury indictment, a jury trial with their peers, and then sentencing and the carrying out of justice, like a public hanging, could all be done LEGALLY and strike fear into the ruling classes who run the banks and corporations, and their puppet politicians.

But will it happen?

**By Brian Shilhavy


5 Replies to “Changing The President Won’t Matter – Who is Really Running this Country?”

  1. Higher Consciousness

    Don’t trash Trump. He actually saved lives. He knew the Deep State Satanists were going to roll out the death shots with or without him, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop it due to mass media brainwashing. So he chose the lesser of two evils which was he tried to get rid of as many death shots as possible and introduced placebos so that the death numbers would not be as high. He was not able to stop all of the bad ones, but he reduce the number of them. There are three versions: #1 saline, #2 flu shot, #3 death shot. He was telling people to take HCQ and ivermectin, when he said to take the vaccine that’s what he meant because those are also vaccines. He couldn’t come out right out and say that or he would’ve been attacked even more. He couldn’t speak out against it or he would’ve been accused of killing people. We are in a war people, a war between good and evil, and Trump is not on the side of evil. He is and always will be on the side of good. Not everything has been visible or apparent. He also manufactured over 5000 med beds which will be released at some point in the near future. He would not have done that if he wanted to harm people. Stop criticizing and blaming Trump, that’s exactly what the Satanists want you to do. Please don’t lose hope. There’s very good things coming in the near future.

    1. linda

      I remember Trump did not support the VAC\ at first, I just think he was pushed or coached into the vacine,Hard to find the truth in so much muck. WE have a choice to VAC\ or not. What happens in WAshington DC., is chaos and unpreditable behavior, from whomever. Stay focus on whats ahead for you and yours, the world will keep turning

  2. Douglas A James

    I can’t disagree.Trump funded operation warp speed and he openly stated to take the vaccine. Now was this Trump or a clone who knows but it happened and the supposed white hats did nothing to stop it.

  3. Monica Lopez

    I don’t believe in Trump anymore, Trump is just a cult of brainwashed people thinking he will save them. On the other hand the white hats have become another Elite drowning with power so there is no one coming to give us a hand, the Galactics are others that are not willing to help, so to me hope has died.