Message from my Arcturian Self: Closing 2022

After an hour of work and balancing, this is what they had to say. I was in a state of ecstasy writing these words and soon after the feeling relinquished back into a balance of complete calm acceptance and surrender.

“Your Solar system is balanced in every moment and harmony is working at all times underneath seeming unfamiliar expansion which is perception only created within the library and the chasms of the brain doing its best in any moment in time. Balance is present. Your vibrational awareness gives this density realisation depending on that equilibrium and the closer you are to your moment with all that is. Your consciousness shifts into that timeless now where there is the space between space, the pause between breaths and a place beyond thought where the mind forgives reason or rhyme to think nor analyse because constraint and linearity are redundant in the void of all that is and all that will be in the present unfolding in timelessness where a space of calm without the need to know can exist in the presence of surrender releasing beyond anything that the head can create in thought, a place only the illogical heart can understand bringing each moment closer to creation like waves gently washing on some sandy beach somewhere in your world endlessly moving without attachment but with subtle purpose gently sculpting a new landscape of design not known yet know to any being in the cosmos lost in time and beauty.

The mind strives for complexity to validate the polarity of the modern era. You move through this thinking that there lies the solution to an unstable world in which the ego endeavours to navigate as the sun sets and rises each cycle on your planet. Surrender is powerful in these higher energies. Feel this with your hearts. The beautification is not in needing to know, but in not needing to know. Not in striving to seek, but in allowing for resolution to find you instead. Not in looking, but in surrendering to the path of expansion and the magic upgrades during the process of travelling.

You are born to enter this earth with a unique code blue print. There is no one other soul that can match the unique coding you have anywhere in this universe. It is like a hand of cards you carry that allows everything you need to find the joy you want in life. Sometimes in years or decades it is able to finally become known when we slow and look closer to home. The home within. We see the cards you each have been dealt and the magic that they really hold, all of which are underneath your very own nose at all moments. Codes you possessed all along that with each expansion illuminated each card at a time building what is your winning hand in the game of life. Expansion is not in seeking or creating friction against the grain in order to find validity as to who you are or force your hand of cards, but to look down at the hand you had all along as you see them finally and become that unique piece of god that makes you all who you are, different and special, all of which is known to creator. There is no need to compare yourself to a higher dimensional race of beings or other species in the cosmos because comparison on this level is redundant in a bigger picture. A lemon is as important as an orange. Variety is only a smaller piece of the whole.

No Group or Council can ever be more and as perfect as you are in this moment when you are being you. Let go of something or anyone other than who you are as you are creation itself and there is more perfection in your imperfection than the perfection the mind endeavours to escalate in realities that are not truth when not in the heart. Surrender to striving for the most complex answer. Allow only to be you without apology and have the confidence to create that magic in all that you do throughout the seconds of your hours and the days of each season coming and going. Release time seeking answers, and give creation to the magnificence of you without reason or attachment. You are where the answers will blossom like flowers blooming in unexpected deserts and never before ventured cliffs on the edge of impassable mountain peaks yet to be explored. Know Thyself – And All Will Be Well. Your imperfection is perfect. There you will find your answers when you close your eyes and practice your being, not your searching. You already are all that you will be”

We Love You

Living In Eternal Gratitude

My Arcturian Self

**Channel: Alexander Quinn


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