From 3D To 4D And 5D: Duel Part 5

Calladion had visceral hatred of all Light Forces and earthlings. This hatred exceeded the whole Dark Pole size, and it was clear that THERE WOULD BE NO PEACE WITH THEM, AND THIS SITUATION NO LONGER BE. Darks aimed at destroying the Light Pole and refused to give up. In December, on the physical and Subtle Plane, the duel of worlds and civilizations reached its peak.

The Global Predictor system actively used the Earth’s egregores’ field. To control and manage humanity, it created its own egregores and captured others that already existed. Many Light ones, after establishing covert control over them, began to work for Calladion.

Recently, the Higher Light Hierarchs carried out a complete rehabilitation and cleaning of this field, but they couldn’t solve the problem. So it was as before. For hundreds of years, Co-Creators have been trying to deactivate the Predictor structure, and each time they either failed or achieved a palliative and incomplete effect.

It’d seem very easy: reboot the Causal Matrix of Earth’s Logos, and the problem is solved. Such reset the Light Force did repeatedly, but didn’t get the expected result. Like restarting an ordinary computer, it only cleared the Matrix of accumulated minor errors and software garbage.

The main issue was that Calladion developed and loaded the Global Predictor soft into the system basis of the Earth’s Causal Matrix, that is, it was an unchangeable and mandatory part of it. After the reboot, the Matrix was automatically restored to its reference state, the program of which he also developed.

In the summer of 2022, Karma Lords conducted an official examination of the Predictor phenomenon, and recognized it as an unauthorized and illegitimate plug-in into the Causal Matrix of the planetary Logos. The Karmic Board officially demanded that the creator voluntarily deactivate its structure by September 23, 2022.

Calladion brazenly and defiantly ignored the demands of Karma Lords. And on September 24, 2022, they adopted a resolution on the forced deactivation of the Global Predictor system. Adopted to adopt, but HOW to fulfill it?

The creator of the monster knew perfectly well that Karma Lords COULD NOT REALLY DO ANYTHING. It was impossible for purely technical reasons. The latter also understood this.

Calladion actually humiliated them by showing that they were powerless. ONLY HE is the Master of Earth, and will not obey, even they are responsible for observing and executing the Cosmic Laws. Let their power in this matter be absolute, and their decisions should be carried out unconditionally, BUT NOT FOR HIM.

The most dangerous precedent was created when the very foundation of Universe’s Justice and the supremacy of the Cosmic Laws were put in doubt. And the Institution of Karma Lords could be discredited. Under the circumstances, they were obliged to find a way to execute their decision.

And they, together with the Head of the Karmic Board, Guan Yin, went all-in. The Hierarchs developed a very complex scheme, but its implementation required support from above, from the Chief Programmer of the Local Universe’s Matrix. He was acquainted with an issue and the ruling of the Karma Lords. But by his status, he is a neutral person, and has no right to interfere in the course of events, to support one side or another.

Therefore, the Chief Programmer did what he had the right to do. And Guan Yin didn’t need more. Now it was up to her, and a group of the Light Forces’ helpers, embodied on Earth.

Calladion saw all this and understood how it could end. He had one last chance: to provoke another reboot of the Earth’s Causal Matrix, to flash it, and to reset the software of the Global Predictor not just into its system basis, but into the Matrix CORE. Then no one would have been able to do anything, except to destroy it along with Earth.

He had no authority to reload the Causal Matrix. So he went for a trick. In the Matrix of the Universe, as well as in the Causal Matrices of planetary Logos, their creators laid down a self-testing algorithm.

With its help, the system constantly tests itself, identifying minor errors, failures, etc. Just like our brain constantly monitors the state of the body, and, in case of deviations, gives a signal, usually through a painful sensation.

Leaving all the details out, Calladion came up with a way how, after another reboot of the Earth’s Causal Matrix, in its core, would be the soft of the Global Predictor, making it invulnerable and indestructible.

For needed reboot, he had no right. Then he started to create the prerequisites that would lead to an artificial reset of the Matrix. Calladion began to introduce virus algorithms, artificial registry errors, “broken files” and other malwares into the system to cause the effect of cascading bifurcations of Matrix program errors.

The whole point was to hack it a little, so that self-diagnosis reveals a non-nominal state and activates the protocol of forced, emergency self-loading. And this would happen according to the Reference State Matrix, in the core of which Calladion inserted the structure of the Global Predictor. It was simple and brilliant.

Therefore, everyone was in a hurry. But the implementation of their plans, Calladion and Karma Lords needed time to prepare. The winner was the one who could get ahead of the opponent. That is, to start earlier…

To be continued…

**By Lev