From 3D To 4D And 5D: Duel Part 6

In accordance with the official appeal of the Karmic Board’s Head Guan Yin to Pleroma, the Chief Programmer of the Local Universe’s Matrix gave her its Absolute Deactivation Code.

This is a single universal key that only he possesses, with which permits to disable any Matrix, as a whole and in separate parts, for example, the Matrix of planetary Logos. In this case, deactivation means stopping life on this planet. It’s as if a person’s consciousness would be turned off, leaving only the work of the brain to maintain the vital activity of the body, living corpse.

Then, the most dramatic events began.

For the Chief Programmer, the Absolute Deactivation Code is just a sequence of digits and symbols. And on 3D Earth, implemented Code works as a PROGRAM OF ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTION, COMPLETE ANNIHILATION.

When Guan Yin got the Code, it immediately began to unpack, materialize and act inside her, in her Monad, that is, kill her. It turned out that Karma Lords had no idea, what the consequences of Code’s unpacking inside a living organism can lead to.

Lightwarriors saw how hard it was for Guan Yin. But only she had to endure, hold out, and synchronize self with the Code, with its destruction soft, overcome it. Otherwise, she couldn’t apply it to fulfill the decision of the Karmic Board.

The ground team’s leaders tried to help Guan Yin somehow, to support her as much as possible. Came into contact with her on the Subtle Plane, they took small fragments of Code’s software into their Monads and fully felt what it was.

It was a powerful destructive substance, causing a feeling of impossibility to live, tearing self to pieces from the inside… They couldn’t imagine how Guan Yin withstood it. But Lightwarriors needed it as a vaccination before using on the next operation’s stages.

In the end, everyone coped. Guan Yin managed to control the Code. Now she was ready to deactivate the Global Predictor system, which Calladion secretly unset into the Causal Matrix of the Earth’s Logos.

That was good news. And the most important thing was that the Absolute Deactivation Code was ready for use before Calladion broght the Causal Matrix to a critical state of emergency self-reloading. Unfortunately, a serious issue remained. Since the Global Predictor was wired into the Matrix, technically, it was impossible to deactivate solely plug-in (see – DNI, Part 5, 27 December 2022).

To eliminate the Predictor, it was necessary to destroy the entire Causal Matrix. That is, actually kill it and Earth, because Matrix is simultaneously a consciousness, Intelligence, wave DNA and the Spiritual Heart of our planet.

Of course, after the deactivation of the Matrix, by inertia, the Logos may exist for some time…Like a man after his oxygen was cut off. But then follows the state of clinical death.

During the operation in the Fergana Valley, in Uzbekistan (see – Disclosure News, Operation in Central Asia, Part 3, December 16, 2022), Lightwarriors and Guan Yin introduced Code into the planetary Logos. Geographically, the projection was located in the center of a Heart-shaped lake – Markaziy Farg’ona Suv Ombori, on the shore of which the ground team was located for target designation and transmission.

As a result, the Causal Matrix of the planet ceased to exist together with the Global Predictor. Both were deactivated with a one-time Code application. After that, 3D Earth passed into a phase of absolute systemic chaos, which manifested itself in the escalation of events of those days, and then, into a state of clinical death of the planetary Logos.

But the Karma Lords’ decision on the Global Predictor was executed. They have shown everyone that they are a reliable institution for maintaining and observing the Laws of Space, equal for everyone, without exception.

Now all systemic planetary processes continue by inertia, according to the previously established programs and scenarios. In some, is remaining chaos and “dead zones” due to the absent Matrix.

This state continues after December 22, 2022, and of course, won’t last long. Earth can’t live without a Causal Matrix, just as a person cannot live without DNA. There is only one solution: to implant in Earth NEW CAUSAL MATRIX, WITH A NEW REFERENCE STATE, WHICH WILL COMPLETELY TRANSFORM OUR PLANET.

All Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs, Guan Yin, Gaia and friendly space races are now actively solving this problem. There has never been anything like this in our Local Universe. All involved are actively studying experiences of other Universes, where such an experience took place…

We, the people, need to be patient, hold out in ongoing chaos, contain and resist it, because it’s dangerous, first of all, by an avalanche-like increase in the entropy of the system. The Matrix self-regulation software is removed and the launch of the emergency self-loading or self-destruction protocol is impossible, because it operates through a Causal Matrix that has ceased to exist.

As before, no one is going to abandon us, earthlings, to the mercy of fate. On December 22, 2022, at the peak of the Winter Solstice, its Portal opened to the maximum latitude. Through it, new streams of powerful quantum energies poured onto Earth from different Star Systems. The strongest ones were from the Light eons, the weaker – from the remnants of the Gray ones.

Under the radiations of the latter, a huge Black Sphere went off from the Calladion’s secret hideout on a Subtle Plane.

White sucker threads came out of orb in all directions and dogged in everyone they could reach. Successfully – up to those who didn’t care. Not successfully – to those, who were protected by a dense high-frequency bio-field. Suckers tried to break through their crown chakra, but to no avail, threw and searched for the next victim…

At the same time, a giant wave-shaped funnel opened in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a Subtle Plane, and a large island began to emerge from it to the surface. At the beginning, rocks appeared, from which seawater flowed, then, temples, buildings, fountains, statues of Titans…

For a moment, the island stopped rising. At this moment, a huge spaceship hovered over it, and with powerful beams, began to shoot at point-blank range the island and everything on it, cutting them into pieces…

The largest beam hit the center of the sea funnel and went all the way to the bottom of the ocean. All the wreckage, including detritus of the island, sank into the abyss…


To be continued…

**By Lev