Responding to Raksha: Pleiadians, Gray Hats, Intercourse

From Raksha in the comments section. Hello A.S, good to see you back in the comments. I am a bit late on the fun but I have a few points I would like some clarifications about. I would love it if you could share your own thoughts.

Raksha; 1) This one you pretty much answered in the comments below, but maybe you can add. I think the Pleiadian perspective about this whole situation has been pretty well explained by now. But I still don’t understand the real motivations of the Gray hats. Are you saying that since the top brass have a lot in their closets, they are no willing to go on with the plan ? Or are they waiting for more people to protest, more scandals, more upheaval ? What would be the acceptable conditions for them, do go forward with the plan in a more direct way ?

Kejraj; 1. The White and Gray Hats do not have it easy either. For two simple reasons, their power too is limited, as to the resources they may have or not have. Please understand the dark has many many clones of themselves. It would be difficult to track all and dissolve all. The other reason being that the dark makes threats, for example taking out a whole city of one or more million people, and the White/Gray Hats have to be careful when it comes to these things. They have to make certain that the dark is not capable of doing such things prior to taking further actions.

Raksha; 2) I understand why the Galactics are cautious with direct intervention. What I don’t understand is why they are not more directly helping Lighworkers ? I understand they don’t want to be the ones to change human society, but why not help the cavalry (us) in a more direct way ? By that I mean localized and individualised physical encounters on earth. We could benefit from a hug, a healing, and some encouragments. Since many of us used to be Galactics anyway, why is this not possible ?
If they can’t help all Earthlings directly now, why not help us to help them ? Sounds like a good compromise to me.

Kejraj; 2. I agree fully. I’ve also discussed this with A.S, and have made requests to the Pleiadians and the Galactics(which you also can do). It is my understanding that in 2023 we are to see much more activity relating to First Contact. Spend more time in nature and observe. Go with the intent that you are there to meet them.

Raksha; 3) Lastly, I find it a bit hard to believe that some Pleiadians would like to have sex with us in our current state. I mean we are full of toxins, chemicals, and negative energies. Not to mention we are probably far less handsome than they are. And we are not mind readers. How could we be attractive ?

I hope you can share your thoughts. Thanks for all the work. I very much appreciate the honest, realistic, and grounded vibes of your channelings.

Kejraj; 3. There are in the Pleiades 4th and 5th dimensional worlds, those of that frequency may perhaps be interested in mingling with Earth people. However, those of higher frequencies, 6th, 7th, (maybe not even 5th) I do not see them having the desire to have anything to do with the current version of the Earth human other than a simple dialogue, and guidance. (It is completely understandable.) For energy wise, it would be like dropping a fist of mud into a glass of pure water. However, Hakann and Tunia tend to be polite so as not to break our hearts or offend us. hahaha (A.S may disagree with this)

Purity is a spiritual attribute. It is wise to choose who we merge our energies with, especially in intercourse. I have no desire to do this with someone who smokes, drinks, who is miserable, or who has had a bunch of different partners. It isn’t about judgement towards them, it’s about protecting myself. As energies exchanged during intercourse remain with the individual for three to five years, or longer. And the fact that DNA is also transferred during the interaction.

I will also post A.S response to these questions.

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  1. A.S.

    2. As myself, I want the galactics to meet up with us too. I’ve requested that they do so.

    That said, here are the reasons why the galactics are hesitant.

    First, if we meet up with them, that might be so beautiful for us that it’ll be hard to then go back to our normal lives. It might make us more depressed overall.

    Second, the dark controllers would very much try to murder or capture any Pleiadians who are landing, and the soldiers involved could easily be told “hostile aliens are attacking Earth.” It’s not exactly safe to meet up with us. For all their spirituality and technology, Pleiadians can still die to the same things that we die to.

    Furthermore, from a galactic commander’s perspective, you’re more or less suggesting that galactics meet up with Earth’s undercover special ops agents, in the middle of a warzone, in enemy-controlled territory, when the mission is at 99% completion (the mission started over a millenium ago, so it’s 99% completed).

    Still, there is a decent chance, but absolutely no guarantee, that this will happen in 2023. They know we want to meet them and they want to meet us too. They’re discussing it and evaluating the situation as it unfolds.

    Speaking again as myself, A.S., if you want more help from beings other than fellow Earthlings, here are two things you can do:

    1) say “I ask wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence, including my guardian angel and blessed Ganesha, to protect and help me and to keep doing so, in accordance with the highest divine blueprint, thank you, now now now.” You only have to say this once during your lifetime. This will help in a subtle way (it won’t make all suffering go away instantly). You may not get a confirmation, but you might feel the energy shift if you say this.

    2) you can say “I surrender my life to Source. Source, use me as you will, I am yours.” (I suggest saying “Source” and not “god” here.)

    If you do this, you will get more help. But it is a serious commitment and you will also be invited to do serious self-improvement work and to eventually start serving mankind.

    I made that commitment about four years ago and on the whole, it made my life harder and it gave me more responsibilities and things to do. But I’m absolutely getting more help and support from non-Earthling beings that I used to. When I surrendered myself to Source, a number of benevolent beings were like “okay, now we can work with this person.”

    1. Raksha

      Thank you very much A.S for your good time in answering my queries (this one and the others below).

      “Furthermore, from a galactic commander’s perspective, you’re more or less suggesting that galactics meet up with Earth’s undercover special ops agents, in the middle of a warzone, in enemy-controlled territory, when the mission is at 99% completion (the mission started over a millenium ago, so it’s 99% completed).”

      It made me laugh when you put it like that. But yeah, that is basically what I wish for. I understand it may be complicated for Pleiadians. Maybe some other civilisation could pull it off without being noticed and without harming us or themselves.

      As for your suggestions, I did that already, pretty much with the same words. And I know I am well accompagnied. But yeah, I guess we all wish for a physical contact.

      What you said about the Gray hats made a lot of sens. It’s good to be able to understand their general psychology a bit better (although I know they are not a uniform group). It’s a bit frustrating to have to wait for them to do their part, while all we can do is do our « inner work » and raise the collective consciousness. I know it’s a great contribution in its own right though. Thanks again.

  2. Katie

    Does Tunia and Hakaan enjoy viewing recipes? It was spiritually confirmed to me that humanity will not eat meat in our future. I have found some great recipes that I would like the Pleiadians to try at home. Everyone will still have their favorite dishes to enjoy. They just become substituted from alternative ingredients. Pleiadians and earthlings will apparently lead the way for future culinary exploration. The source/creator has been absolutely incredible with our food possibilities. Earthlings are naturally fine tuned for excellent cooking abilities. This is what I was told by source. We love food immensely. I tend to favor the Asian cuisine the most. Can A.S channel with Tunia or Hakaan about food? I would like to hear their perspective. I would like the Pleiadians to cook up a feast for each other! It would be great for them to build that energy within their biosphere and send it back to earth. I would just like everyone to start eating the most delicious meals everyday. Dark controllers hate the enjoyment of delicious food. We can build energy on all levels.

    1. A.S.

      They do and they give you thanks and are excited to trying some of those out.

      Some of those things look a bit too processed for their tastes but others look good. And yes, after physical contact they’d love to taste our food (so long as it fulfills certain criteria such as no meat) and they’d love to share their food with us as well.

      Yes, we have an absolute treasure trove of delicious foods and plants here on Earth. And agreed that eating well is great on multiple levels.

      When like a year ago I asked the galactics for food advice, they simply advised me “eat more fruit.” And so I did. I’ll soon be having my breakfast of as-many-bananas-as-I-feel-like (having one type of fruit is easier on the digestion, I may have a different kind of fruit tomorrow for variety).

      I have channeled Tunia about this in the message “Tunia: the ET diet” ( ) although that focused more on an easy, simple, energy-giving way of eating that might help with weight loss and is attainable for the average person because it’s not toooooo far away from how most people currently eat.

      That channelings wasn’t really about delicious-recipes-first (or “here’s theoretical ideal nutrition”), not because that’s not a valuable and valid approach, but just because that wasn’t the approach taken. People have such different tastes and are at such different places in their life that it’s a bit hard to give one recommendation that fits everyone. But yeah, it’s possible that Pleiadians will share a “galactic cookbook” with us someday, after physical contact.

  3. A.S.

    3. Fair question.

    The majority of galactics do not wish to date or have sex with Earth lightworkers. As Kejraj said, especially the higher evolved galactics will probably not have that desire. (Pleiadians are higher consciousness than Earthlings, but for the most part they are not the highest evolved beings in the galaxy. Though of course different Pleiadians have different levels of consciousness.)

    However, there are many many billions of human-like galactics, vs only a couple hundred million Earth lightworkers, and not all of those are awake.

    So the pool of galactics open to dating or sleeping with Earthlings is much larger than the pool of awake Lightworkers, even taking into account that the majority of galactics is not looking to date us or have sex with us.

    That said, the more developed / pure / empty you are, the more attractive and relatable you will be to galactics. So if you still have a lot of baggage, you might have a harder time dating them until you do some more development work. So if anyone is looking for motivation to do their integration work, then “this may increase my chances of being able to date or sleep with a galactic” is one thing.

    Of course, even if people do their personal work, there’s no guarantee that any specific person will be able to find a galactic (sex) partner.

    Should you physically meet a galactic who wants to have sex with you, there is a decent chance the the galactic will politely and lovingly suggest that you go visit a galactic healer first, for a “cleanup” of toxins etc. This won’t take much time and won’t be painful.

    The galactic could also communicate something to the effect of “I like you, I wish to be intimate with you, but right now we’re not very energetically compatible. Maybe if you undergo a period of spiritual training under that galactic teacher, we will be a match for sexual union. I could introduce you to the teacher, if you want.”

    As for “would we be attractive to them”: to the majority of galactics, no. To a minority, yes.

    What’s attractive to them is that we are “masters of the light and dark” as they sometimes put it, i.e. we know what it’s like to press forward and maintain a good heart in the face of darkness. We know what it’s like to stand tall in our truth, in the face of opposition. They think this is admirable and, well, attractive.

    Moreover, because we have the energetics of standing up to darkness and they don’t, they may gain soul expansion from having a sexual union with us (and we also gain soul expansion from having such a union with them at the same time).

    People are often attracted to people who are or have or represent something that they lack, and Pleiadians frankly lack experience grappling with and overcoming darkness (because their society is so utopian, from our perspective). So that makes us attractive to some Pleiadians.

    We’re simply exotic, which is attractive in and of itself.

    We actually have a greater psychic ability than they have. Yes it’s blocked in most people, but it’s still there and they can see it. So we are mind readers — we’re just currently blocked. Some Pleiadians see as us sort of untrained prodigies.

    Pleiadians actually think it would be good for their gene pool to have children with us. (Of course, they’re not going to kill or sterilize people with “bad genetics.” And of course, Pleiadians aren’t ordered to go and procreate with Earthlings against their will. This is more like a cherry on top if they already want to be with us.)

    If your species (Pleiadians) can procreate in the natural way with another related species (Earthlings) who happens to have the genetics that makes them the most psychically powerful species in the universe… then doesn’t it seem like a good idea to have babies with that super psychically powerful species?

    When a Pleiadian looks at us, they don’t primarily see physical appearance, as we do. They primarily see energy, and the “bravery and good-heartedness in the face of darkness” energy can be quite attractive. Also they see our past lives, and there’s a good chance that light workers were members of galactic society in past lives.

    In fact, a number of Earthlings will have galactic twin flames or soulmates, and those may very well want to start / restart / resume their old relationships. So those galactics might think “ah, I had an amazing relationship with that person three lives ago, let’s see if we can be together again. It’s not a huge issue that this person might need some months or perhaps years of work to be compatible with me, because I’m hundreds of years old, so waiting a few months or perhaps years is not too bad.”

    Also, suppose you’re a Pleiadian. You’re centuries old and you’ve had sex with other Pleiadians for say a hundred thousand times in total. I don’t mean “sex with a hundred thousand different Pleiadians” but just “had sex a hundred thousand times.” Then which would you prefer:

    – sex with another Pleiadian for the one hundred thousand and first time?

    – or sex with an Earthling lightworker, to experience what that’s like?

    A number of Pleiadians will choose the second, even if just once, to know what it’s like. Variety is the spice of life after all, if you’re centuries old. (And they can always visit a healer to rebalance their own energies afterwards, in case that’s necessary.)

    Finally, I chose not to share this in my answer to the second question because it felt like bragging, but here it does feel relevant to share.

    I do quite a bit more interacting with and talking to Pleiadians than just the Tunia and Hakann channelings. I’ve personally already have had energetic sex with multiple different Pleiadians. I can feel their energetic body if it touches mine, and they feel it if I move my energetic body to touch theirs. So we can stimulate each other in that way.

    Pleiadians are apparently able to orgasm purely from that, whereas I may be able to get aroused from that but I do need to use my own hand for additional stimulation if I want to have an orgasm.

    There are some quirks with that way of sex. One, you can do things like move your energy bodies into each other and for example have your energetic hearts be in the same place, which of course is impossible to do with physical bodies. Also those Pleiadians could stretch their energetic bodies and thus cradle me with their now-larger-than-mine energetic bodies. Also, at times they suggested and coached me to use the orgasm-energy for lightwork, as some kind of sex magik.

    So yes, I know from personal experience that at least a few Pleiadians are sexually interested in Earthlings.

    That said, at the of the day I’m sharing my perspective, not the sole absolute truth. I’m also certainly fallible. If anyone disagrees with me, that’s absolutely fine. Other people can have other perspectives than I have.

    1. Raksha

      Hahaha. I am very satisfied with your answer, thank you. Makes perfect sens actually. Good for you that you can have “remote sex”. Well, if a pleiadian woman is interest with my human/Arcturian DNA (I smoke and drink), I am open (just joking).Hope you can answer the others questions, but thanks already.

    2. P

      Hi sexual intercourse discussion members

      I do not mean to offend anyone and hope that my perspective does not upset but rather offer a different view point.

      Earth 3D is saturated in sex that is used in an inappropriate way, e.g. sex to dominate, sexual perversity/depravation, sex to sell and manipulate, sex to control, sex to inflict pain, sex to use others, etc. So, immediately when the subject of sex with ETs came up I cringed and thought why is this being discussed? In a time where humanity is at a crossroad and desperately needs change for the better I think this topic is a distraction and not the priority.

      People are dying, injured, starving, homeless, jobless etc. yet here on a spiritual lightworkers platform a discussion has arisen about having sex with ETs?!

      I have thought about this since the discussion started, whether I should mention how I feel about it but held back because I did not want to risk upsetting anyone. But then I thought this discussion is probably hurting people reading it who have had very bad experiences with sex. And, when the discussion gained momentum I thought I’d write my view.

      Again, no offence intended to anyone. Just a different perspective to be considered.

      Thank you for reading and considering.

      1. Raksha

        Hello P,

        I totally agree with you that this is by no mean a priority. But should we always talk about high priority subjects ? Also, I think this thread is in it’s death throes, so don’t expect many to react. A forum would be good.

  4. jakesey

    I’m here too lots Raksha and sometimes I go months without commenting anything, just reading away, but lately, for about 2 months, the urge to say something is quite strong. Strange as I’m an introvert by nature. I’m grateful to be here as part of an online soul tribe, sharing, listening, learning. I usually comment under my name John or sometimes as Oceanista or something else pretty ‘exotic sounding’; as the mood finds me friend..😄

      1. jakesey

        Yes that makes sense from 3/4 D perspective Raksha, I get it. A Pleiadian or Arcturian will see one’s unique energy signature foremost so that wouldn’t matter to them. It’s like a couple of extra outer garments one wears, nothing more or less.

        The sex part is not my forte. Any Pleiadian gay men would find me ‘complicated’ and I would find them fascinating but probably not sexually alluring. Ha ha story of my (happy/individualistic) life.🤣😭

  5. WK

    Raksha: in my opinion you are trying to draw answers by generalizing the human population. While negativity is an important factor, there are probably many more factors (other than toxins and chemicals) that weigh in their (Pleiadians) choices (remember that Tunia said that some Pleiadians have their twin flames incarnated). Would they not be drawn to their twin flame, even if he/she was of lower vibration? Not so easy to answer… I don’t think that physical appearance is a significant factor — it is a choice for those who see and choose with the physical eyes, and not with the heart. I personally am more drawn by the energy of the person, than by her physical looks. Also, there is the saying “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”, which means unless we live the other persons life, we cannot second guess what the other person sees as beautiful. It is up to them to decide, everything else is guessing. This applies to Earthlings, Pleiadians, etc whatever their vibrational level. Your assessment is relative to your point of reference, you see.

    Kejraj: if you are not a 4th and 5th dimensional Pleiadian (or higher), then I would suggest not speaking on their behalf on such matters as intercourse and etc (unless you are directly channeling them). Let them, Tunia, Hakann and others tell it with their own voice. Alternatively, I would suggest starting your sentence with “In my opinion, …” Otherwise it sounds like you are speaking on their behalf, which is of course, not the case.

    1. Raksha

      Hello WK. Thank you for your input (I’m in a roll today, and I really enjoy talking with you guys).

      Of course I am talking from my very limited perspective. But I believe I am someone who enjoy deep connexion and who can enjoy inner beauty very much. Still, I think handsomeness is a factor in attraction. So is purity of soul and body. I guess my Twin flame may love me very much, but she would not want to have sex with me right now. But maybe I am wrong ? But still, if we are talking about sex, I guess the body has some importance. At least for me, at least here right now.

    2. Raksha

      Sorry for the edit but Tunia said that she was also very sensitive to physical beauty/status etc.

      1. A.S.

        “Tunia said that she was also very sensitive to physical beauty/status etc.”

        When did she say that?

        Both are a little bit attractive to her, but certainly not the most important thing and I wouldn’t say “very sensitive.”

  6. A.S.

    Thanks for your questions. I appreciate that so many people are taking an interest in the Tunia and Hakann channelings.

    1. The gray hats have several knock-out blows they could throw (and should throw according to the galactics), that would instantly cripple the deep state. Some of these are:

    – Use the EBS, broadcast truth

    – Launch a website, put evidence on it that big name people are engaging in pedophilia and possibly also include tons of evidence of other crimes, then make sure that the existence of this website becomes widely known (eg a famous person tweets it or makes a speech about it, or even use an EBS to point people to this website)

    – Launch a website, put instructions on it how to build a few energy device and similar things. This strategy is to undermine the system by creating such an abundance that people are no longer dependent on the system and thus can exit and start their own communities.

    – start public mass arrests of the dark controllers, preferably together with the EBS to provide proof. The galactics are willing to back this up in a supportive role.

    (There’s also the options of directly taking over MSM, or publicly calling on the public to commit citizen arrests of the dark controllers, but those options are less preferable because they’re more likely to cause a lot of bloodshed or fail or lead to a public backlash.)

    So, why aren’t the gray hats doing this?

    Well, there’s more than one gray hat at or near the top who has agency, so the reason differs by person. But it’s one of the following:

    – the gray hat likes being more rich and famous and knowledgeable than most people and also has some dirty laundry, and while one part of them wants to help the people, another part of them doesn’t reaaaaally want to fix the situation or at least not take the most direct route to the solution. (To be clear, this is not the case for all of the gray hats near the top.)

    – the gray hat have indeed been working long and hard against the dark controllers, and they feel subconsciously not seen and not understood and not appreciated, and hence their inner pain and loneliness comes out as frustration or even anger: “the civilians are failing us, they allowed these dark controllers to grab power and even voted for them in some cases, hence the civilians need to engage in million-people protests and become active in local politics and school boards and such before we do mass arrests.”

    – the gray hat is simply afraid to give the order to make such a massive move. It’s quite a responsibility to have, after all. From the galactic perspective, not making a move leads to more suffering in the long term, but still: giving the order to actually throw the knockout blow is quite a responsibility and will lead to some suffering and has potential risk. (Of course, if you’d talk to this gray hat, they wouldn’t say “I’m too scared to give the order”, they’d say “it’s too risky” or “person x is above me in the hierarchy, it’s up to them to make that call.”)

    As a result, the gray hats have currently settled on the strategy of “work against the dark controllers from behind the scenes, occasionally arrest someone, but don’t throw one of the knockout blows. And hope that the civilians start rising up and engaging in million-people protests.” And this is going a bit slowly, because there are not that many gray hats. There are more evil people (or people working for evil people) than gray hats.

    If you’d ask them point-blank what it would take for them to say mass arrests, they may very well say that they want million-man protests (depending on the country). But if those million-man protests actually happened, they’d probably be like “great, now let’s sick back and wait for the evil people to voluntarily resign” but of course the dark controllers won’t voluntarily resign.

    That said, this slow “work against the dark controllers from behind the scenes” approach is probably going to lead to Earth’s liberation at some point. It’s just slower than the galactics would like. But it’s certainly a possibility that eventually the gray hats do manage to beat the dark controllers via their behind-the-scenes approach and Earth is freed.

    (continued in other post)

  7. jakesey

    Good questions from your good self Raksha.I was wondering where you went for a while, you were missed. I think I ‘lost it’ on one or two comments to Tunia and Hakaan but hey, I was sincere with it, and in hindsight on the mark.

    I am personally affirming and praying that massive (constructive/positive) pressure is kept FIRMLY on the Galactics from now on, for them with our total backing, to Act first and philosophize (it has its place) later. We are in the latter stages of planetary physical Ascension for geez sake so it’s hardly the wrong timing!! That time for Action is NOW.

    Thank you A.S. and Kejraj for your hard work, thoughtful answers and for keeping this place going. It IS an oasis for curious minds and open hearts looking for much needed healing, answers, hope. Oops enough from me.

    1. Raksha

      Hello again Jakesey. I am always here. I read almost all postings (especially the channelings, since I am tired of politics, and except a few channels that I don’t like) and I read most comments. Sometimes I am in the mood to comment (a lot), and sometimes I just want to take a back seat. And sometimes, when I did a lot of comments, I feel like I should just tune in down a bit and let the others express themselves. Again, I would like a forum since the comments here are so shorted-lived. But I am here, and since a long time (it is quite new for me to comment at all).

  8. Lilith George

    I had a very interesting reaction to this post: Below is my channeled message. Hope it brings you Peace and Joy and clarifies your power and focus. Much Love, Lilith

    The points that flow into me after reading this post are:
    – All actions that the black hats are going to apply against us must be communicated by sacred degree/law. Our free will has to be honored.
    o Thus, these clever folks have figured out they can put this “notice” into our “entertainment.” In this way, they tell us what is possible and optimize the positive energy applied against their negative “about to be done to us” actions… Example: In the Matrix, the negative energy “control over others” guy clones himself easily making it next to impossible to stop his negative actions. But key here, is a person who was awake found a way with his fellow brave souls who were willing to move outside of their comforts to create freedom.
    – It has all been right in front of us for years which is why we need to be very diligent as to what we put our energy in to or against. We are powerful beings, and the black hats know that and utilize our emotions to allow their actions to feed from and have control over us.

    People are waking up; thus, it cannot fail to be that better days are coming. As in the Matrix, freedom and our true nature always come out on top… how quickly, depends on how many of us focus on positive emotions and emit them to all without judgement. We will figure it out collectively and our day of emancipation is upon us. However, some will not make it. In fact, many are too lost and will transition, but we will see them on the “other side” and Knowing that brings freedom as it is our Truth within our eternal nature. As Abraham Hicks has channeled, you can’t be poor enough to help the poor. You can’t be sad enough (or any other negative emotion we join in with others on) to assist anyone. We can only assist by adding to the Light and that takes positive “no judgement/resistance to what is happening around us” and “finding even the smallest things to rejoice over” focus. We do not need to wait for the collective to catch up, or for gray or white hats to act. The answer is to relax into and trust the process. We can and should call into our lives whatever it is that most pleases us and modify it on a dime once we become conscious of how we are applying our energies (conscious creation).

    NOTE: It is not manifestation, it is a creation process which has many layers starting in the non-physical. Stand in your center, find joyful moments despite what is happening. Say often how grateful you are for what you have and focus on that FEELING. Realize that what you desire to manifest comes only from all the work before it appears. You cannot manifest your Heaven-on-Earth and continually focus on frustration and lack. That is Human indoctrination and exactly how those who wish power over us stole our power. The only way is for us to wake up and come into our power of conscious creation with Peace in knowing who we are and knowing that all is well eternally. Without that, we are only adding to the chaos and confusion. Yes, help as you can: Good example (as kids always find a way to help we indoctrinated human adults wake up): A little girl was busily running along the shore where many starfish were thrown up too far up into the sand to be caught back in the high tide bringing them back into the water. When asked why she scrambled since there were way too many to save, she replied, “At least a few will survive.” She then went back about her task happy to save those she could.” Moral: Don’t mourn that which you lost, celebrate the ones you save by simple acts of love. It is not in the big actions we save this planet and her people/beings; it is in the little ones we perform daily. Keep your focus my dear ones, you are the key to our Heaven-on-Earth.

    Be well. Find your Joy in this New Year and watch and give thanks as the miracles unfold all around us no matter their size.
    Ignore how many times we fall; our only salvation is getting up and doing it again and again in Loving Service to one another no matter how many times it takes to clear ourselves of the indoctrination which stripped us of our connection/power. Our answers are not of this world, they exist in our intentions to create and that is always initiated from the quiet and Love within us all.

    Much Love and Have a Blessed New Year. We came to do this work and we have succeeded. Simply need the creation process to catch up, so keep your focus and Trust who you are. We’ve got this and I am so honored to be accomplishing this with all of you.

    1. A.S.

      Thanks for your channeling, Lilith. Among other things, I appreciate the reminder that “you can’t be poor enough to help the poor.”

      If you want to have this be posted as a separate article, you can submit this as an article to Kejraj via .

      I do want to remark that yes, the dark controllers would indeed say “hey, we’ve set up our structures so that people are free to disagree / opt out / ask us to stop / etc, but in most cases they don’t, so they’re giving us implicit consent. Hence the blood / suffering is not on our hands.”

      But from my perspective, that’s sort of a lie, because if you actually go down that rabbit hole and try to tell the government that you do not consent to certain things they do or demand of you, or just think in your mind “I do not consent to x”, or if you get millions of people to clearly not agree with something, or organize huge protests — the dark controllers don’t actually care and they go ahead anyway.

      Try convincing your average mid-level government bureaucrat that you do not consent to what the government is doing in supposedly your name and hence they should stop / leave you alone. It probably won’t work. Maybe it works if you know exactly what you should write to whom, but that’s not really reasonable.

      This is also why the galactics and Source are working to get rid of the dark controllers — despite what they may claim, they’re not actually honoring free will. They just claim they are.

      I do very much agree that we should be careful where we put our energy. Hence it’s probably not a good idea to watch MSM.

      Of course, I’m just sharing my perspective here, not some kind of absolute truth.

  9. Raksha

    Hello again. Thanks for the sharing.

    1) Your two points are very sound. But I am pretty sure in both cases, the Galactics could help with that, am I wrong ? Especially with the second part (the threats of mass destruction).

    2) I do resquest everydays. I can think of a number of reasons why “individual contact” is not available yet, but none of them seem bulletproof to me. I might miss something here.
    Well, I have had many signs and I saw some things. But I don’t get why limited physical contact is not on the menu yet.

    3) Yeah, I agree. That is why I find it hard to believe. And there is no reason to take it too personnaly. Differents stations of vibrations are just that 🙂

    Oh and while I am at it. Tunia or Hakaan mentionned a few times that if a heart-based society was somehow given to us, it would not last. But aren’t we suppose to ascend in the mid-term ? So then, should we not be “locked” in some way in a higher vibration ?

    And who in his right mind would like to drink vinegar after having tasted a very good wine ? I know all this is very complicated, there are many perspectives on many things, and much we don’t know in our current state (therefore the need for personnal contact). Just trying to get a better understanding, and motivation to keep my faith.

    Sorry for my bad english sometimes.

    1. Denise G

      I found your English to be perfectly fine! Definitely no reason to apologize! 😁
      Denise G

    2. A.S.

      “Oh and while I am at it. Tunia or Hakaan mentionned a few times that if a heart-based society was somehow given to us, it would not last. But aren’t we suppose to ascend in the mid-term ? So then, should we not be “locked” in some way in a higher vibration?”

      Good question.

      As a minor nitpick, they said that if the galactics intervened and handed a heart-based society to Earthlings, then there was a CHANCE it would not last. There’s also a chance that it will last. But that’s a coin the galactics are not eager to flip — they prefer if we build that society, because then it will certainly last.

      (If I wrote in a past message that galactic intervention means a 100% probability that the resulting love-based society collapses, then I made a mistake and I apologize.)

      In the case that the galactics intervene and the “coin lands on the wrong side” and the heart-based society doesn’t last, then it would look like:

      – galactics intervene and hand a heart-based society to Earthlings
      – “coins lands the wrong way”, the heart-based society collapses
      – a period of chaos and instability and disconnection and division and confusion ensues. It wouldn’t be a period of “be ruled by dark controllers” as now, but it wouldn’t be blissful either. Just because there would be no more super-evil beings intentionally trying to cause suffering, doesn’t mean that everything is amazing.
      – and finally, after a certain period, Earthlings learn their lessons and build the heart-based society after all, and all is well.

      1. Raksha

        Thanks for your input A.S. You did not make a mistake. It is me who spoke a bit too hastily. You indeed said “there is a chance”. But my confusion is basically about “politicals matters” versus “ascension”. And so, if we are to ascend (I hope so) would not that line of questioning be just trivial ?

        Maybe I don’t get something here. Or is it that the Human race won’t be “locked in” in a higher dimension anytime soon ? In general I have some difficulties with the fact that most channelings are either “political/social/gounded” and others are very spirituals (purge, energies incomings etc). And I can resonnate with both. Sometimes I just don’t know what to think. What do you say everyone ?

        1. A.S.

          Well, when I say “locked in”, what I mean is:

          – hostile ETs and demons get removed

          – the earth’s energy rises so much that people get strongly inspired in the right direction and get strongly inspired away from evil things.

          – in time there is physical contact with benevolent ETs

          However, we’ll still have free will. The galactics aren’t going to mind control us or force us to make the “right” decisions. So we can still make choices that are unwise and that may lead to a collapse.

          We also were in a higher state of consciousness than we are in during Atlantis times, and we know how that turned out.

          Or if this is the source of confusion: personally I’m not getting that 50 years from now, the entire human race will have evolved so far that they’re no longer incarnated in physical bodies (although that may be the case for individuals). The ascension that’s being spoken about is a raising of consciousness, but we’ll still be physically here. Pleiadians are still walking around in physical bodies for the most part.

          Does this answer your question?

  10. Denise G

    Couple things:
    If there’s so much trouble doing the simple planning then how are we supposed to believe any Nukes will be kept from detonating?
    I don’t understand how blaming humans for their sex lives and habits before this awakening fits in with the love and light narrative being pushed all this time. Seems very judgmental

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Hi Denise,

      I said in the article “It isn’t about judgement towards them, it’s about protecting myself. As energies exchanged during intercourse remain with the individual for three to five years, or longer.”

      We all have free will. And our blaming the system for our personal choices needs to lessen or end altogether.

      1. Denise G

        Yes we all have free Will, never questioned that, what I’m questioning is the inherent judgement in it even if you feel it’s not about that.
        Say you met someone that set your vibe amazingly high, you love talking to them above all others or whatever your worlds standards use to judge happiness with a mate but that person may have had more sex in their lives than you care for, the point I’m making is there IS inherent judgement in there.
        I’m not blaming you for it cuz I’m not gonna have sex with someone I don’t vibe with either, not that I want ANY sex for the last decade ever since my higher self decided to turn it off on me! What I’m saying is that seems completely opposite of what we have been being coached on as far as judgements about others goes and it’s confusing, that’s all.
        I don’t know if it’s just the difference in 3D understanding vs higher understanding or what but it IS confusing.

        1. EraOfLight Post author

          From where I view the situation, there is no judgement about any of it. I only feel empathy and a bit sad for the ones who share their guilt for the decisions they have made in the past, and have arrived to a new realization now. And I do my best to let them know that it is alright. They did nothing wrong. It is another experience they chose to have and learn from.

        2. Raksha

          I smoke. And I drink. But I did not feel the slighest contempt or judgment from Kejraj although he says there is no way I would be a decent partner.

          Just having our own limits and taking good care of us is not judgment. It’s discernment.

          My own definition of judgment is when there is an emotional charge and a strong morality attached to it.

          1. EraOfLight Post author

            Thank you.

            I will point out “he says there is no way I would be a decent partner.”

            I would never say such a thing. I am not certain where you picked that up from.

            For there is a reason behind every action.
            Especially for those who drink, etc. This does not mean that they would not make a good partner. It just means they’re energies may not be compatible with another who does not engage in those activities. I am around people who smoke, drink, and a few who plain and simple hate life, and so on. When those people are near me, talk to me, something changes within them(they say this), and they say they can talk to me without the fear of being judged or condemned about their actions. So you see, no matter what another may due, when coming in contact with one who simply is here to serve or remain neutral in many cases, those people feel it. And that itself can be a start of the healing process.

          2. Raksha

            Precisely what I had understood Kejraj. And no offense taken. I know my body/energies are not optimal right now. And that is part of the reason why I think a hot Pleiadian woman would not feel attracted to me 🙂

          3. Denise G

            You misunderstand, I never said ANYTHING about contempt! I said inherent JUDGEMENT, huge difference.

          4. Denise G

            It’s not the smoking or drinking, those can be cleaned out, it was specifically the “many sexual partners” I was referencing.
            Like I said I get what she was saying as I would never have had relations with someone I didn’t vibe with either when I still had a sex drive, my point was the judging of someone in pain in a world full of torture for lack of a better word for doing something that clearly helped them deal and NOT suffer for short periods.
            That is the judgement to which I refer.
            Please don’t mistake what I’m saying, my point isn’t over the HAVING of a preference just the judgement inherent in shutting out ALL other qualities just because you think someone’s slutty, THAT is the point. Theres no specification for any other quality being allowed in so this person could be considered Jesus Christ in ALL other ways but if they had sex with one too many people then they’re not good enough do you understand?
            I get that I’m not explaining it well clearly but we’re told We can’t judge others while we’re clearly being judged for how we live and deal with this situation as not good enough by their standards.
            Preference has NEVER been the issue just how they see us and in turn judge us by THEIR standards as less than and no matter how much love someone MAY have to give you say they’re not good enough.
            Denise G

          5. Raksha

            Oh, I understand now Denise. Oh communication is difficult sometimes, but worth it. I maintain my point that I dont think Kejraj was judgemental (wrote it right this time). Btw, I am a slut 🙂

        3. Raksha

          “I have no desire to do this with someone who smokes, drinks”

          Sorry, sometimes my english is inaccurate. I should have said “sexual partner” maybe ?

          Anyway, I am glad to see you sharing more in the comments Kejraj. You should come out more often 🙂

          1. EraOfLight Post author

            I understand. Although this does not mean that you’d be a bad partner.

            For the are many who drink and smoke to cope with stress and other 3D situations, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they have bad intentions. It is only that their personal energy may be polluted, or their vibe not high.

          2. Marcos

            “Ouvi” seus comentário e exponho aqui uma experiência dessa natureza, em um local espírita, onde a comunicação é massiva, com incorporações, um ser espiritual induzido em uma pessoa do ambiente interno deste local espírita se aproximou de mim (visitante) e quando me tocou aconteceu uma descarga energética.
            A informação após 3 dias que fiquei acamado e com estado febril foi que o ser que induzia a energia na pessoa que me tocou ficou em ambiente de recuperação no seu local de origem e o que recebia a indução espiritual também foi afetado.
            Imagina se tivesse havido um contado mais comprometedor.
            Marcos Bra

    2. EraOfLight Post author

      100% guarantee that nukes will not be detonated. I have spoken of this years back. And much was confirmed by the Galactics. It would have already happened by now. It has not, and will not, for that is Source’s decree.

    3. A.S.

      Well it’s the gray hats that are having some problem planning.

      The galactics are quite capable of doing operations and/or disabling nukes. They’re just choosing to only play a supportive role at this point in time.

      People have free will, which means that no one can 100% predict what people are going to do. This also means that the galactics did not know say five years ago that these were the choices that the gray hats would be making. (At several points it looked like the gray hats might throw a knockout blow against the dark controllers, but they backed down each time.)