6 Replies to “Daily 777 for 1/2/2023”

  1. Diane

    I don’t see how a “reveal” makes any difference?
    Either you resonate with the information or not. What is Truth for one may be rejected by another. It is the Truth in our Hearts that ‘matters’ now and what we carry forward. Knowledge is of the mind and the desire to “know” seems ego based as a way to prove or disprove the legitimacy of the message.

    1. Raksha

      I disagree. I am pretty sure that highly advanced galatics still feel the desire to learn. I don’t get this idea which I often see in the spiritual community that the mind should just disapear (or in some case is evil – same for the ego). The mind has a role as much as the heart and anything else. Isn’t it beautiful to marvel at all the wonders the mind can grasp ? The problem is when the mind and heart are unbalanced in my opinion, but I don’t see the problem with the mind, or with the thirst for knowledge. The mind may be a poor captain, but it is a great ship 🙂

  2. Bill Sterling

    Kejraj has previously posted who he is, and perhaps it is available in google. He is currently an earthling with a long history of incarnations here. For me his contributions are highly valuable.

    1. A.S.

      Agree. I think Kejraj has excellent posts, a sharp intuition and his insights are valuable.

      I don’t agree with every single thing he says, but I agree with most of it and I read his posts (and I don’t read most posts here).

  3. Gwendolyn

    Curious to know if Kejraj is a channeled entity or a human here on Gaia? What are the origins of eraoflight? Perhaps a reveal post is in order.