Saving the World

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The position in which the world finds itself in today is because of the collective. It is not only for the hate humans have towards one another. It is due to the hate the humans have for themselves.

The Universe has delivered to you the reality which humanity matched with vibrationally.

You are now in a time where many have chosen new paths. These ones have chosen to love, respect, and honor the self. With this comes love, respect, and honor for all life.

You also have those who continue to find comfort in the old ways. It is alright. They can have all the experiences they desire. However, there is a different energy on Earth now. The Earth is no longer seeking to be a home to duality. So humanity is to experience a splitting of worlds, in every aspect. And this will unfold based on the frequency of each individual.

Detachment is very important, as you simply cannot drag anyone along who does not want change, or desire to shift during these times.

You have to understand that is not your role here. It is not the way in which you are saving this world.

You are saving the world by reminding others of their divine light and power by being an example. And when circumstances permit, to share what you know. Of course meditating, sending light and love to the world truly does wonders.

The number of these people, awakening, remembering, listening to the voice within, is increasing each day.

Besides that, there’s no power outside of you that’s going to save you or anyone else. Even if there was one, they wouldn’t do it. This isn’t about just freewill. It is about each human being learning, remembering their own power, their true divine origins, and attributes. The source of all that you need is within.

You must trust that each being will find themselves where they are destined to be in the coming months. You will only experience what your Soul Self is destined to and desires to experience.

You are not only at a point where this world has never been before, you are on the threshold of global transformation. It is essential to understand that you and this mission are destined to succeed. No other alternative, no other outcome is permitted for Earth.

Now, whether one chooses to see this grand unfoldment, to be a part of this transformation or not, it is entirely up to them. It is all a matter of choice. No one can be denied of this higher light, the chance to experience an expansion in consciousness. Also, no one will be forced to accept anything which they themselves do not feel it is time for them to do so.

The light and love of Source is being shown to and offered to all at this time. And those who truly want to transcend the old ways of 3D, this is their calling. They will find a way to the guidance they seek.

While others, who do not feel ready, they will continue in their ways. Perhaps it is their soul’s choice, it may be necessary for the individual to have more experiences in a world of duality. This, you have to honor and respect. It does not matter who it is, how close to you they may be.

This is where it gets difficult for most. The idea of a family member not coming along to 5D.

See the situation from a higher perspective.

The thousands of lifetimes you’ve had, all over the Galaxy and beyond, means you have family all over the Galaxy and beyond. Where are they? All the roles you have played, parents, grandparents, husband, wife, son, sons, daughter, daughters, and so on.

You cannot place your own journey on hold, or even allow anyone to deter you from your mission, and your soul’s desire of preparing and entering a higher octave of existence.

Until next time,

Waves of light and blessings to you.

25 Replies to “Saving the World”

  1. jakesey

    Being One in Reality, focusing on Singularity, non duality is the way to Be from now on in our current vibrational ‘weather’. Yes the trials and executions WILL surely happen. Unconditional Love is not weak, It NEVER misses a trick. Trust, go within, do the ‘homework’ with diligence.

  2. khann61

    While all of you oh so enlightened spiritual types go within and meditate and project love for Pedophiles and child murderers the monsters tight the noose. The sheep are led to slaughter.

    Honestly, this is the most self absorbed self deluded bunch of people I’ve ever seen. If you think these Demons will just pass you by or you will be transported to a higher dimension you are in for a shock.

    This 5D notion is very much like the Evangelical Christian notion of “The Rapture” whereby some selected lucky few will go to a world of unlimited love while the great majority suffers horrible deaths.

    I’m not loving these Demons. This gang here is very much like the monsters causing these horrors in that you have no objective truths, no absolutes, no right or wrong. You are the people feeding the monster, not me.

    1. Goofy's tRiAl

      Yikes, someone who doesn’t seem aware of the concept of LOOSH and why these malevolent elites keep doing stuff that makes the ignorant populace and their victims, adults or children feel negative emotions and thoughts i.e. energies.

      Another YIKES that someone who doesn’t even know how to isolate their emotions, be it positive and negative, love and hate, curse upon the malevolent ones as if they are an ally of justice who think they can win if they hate the enemy, ignorant to the fact that one can do the duty just fine without hatred AND love, just duty. Gawrsh.

      At the very least these love-‘n-light folks you so hate doesn’t contribute to the loosh farm the same way ignorant people like you are, despite how cringy they can get.

      You don’t even seem to have a modicum of knowledge about metaphysical, psychical, spiritual and magickal/occult arts along all of that, makes me wonder what dafuq are people like you even doing in this website.

      It’s like I’m seeing someone who just got swept up by the “awakening” wave but completely missed the “spiritual” part of that awakening, making them no better than the cringeworthy “woke” fakers.

      Omega gawrsh.

      And you didn’t answer my question. Here I thought someone with your thought process trashing on these cringe love and lighters have contributed something beneficial be it physical or spiritual to the whole planetary situation, but it seems like I was talking to another loosh generator that these enemies love to feed on. SMH my head.

  3. Denise G

    Yeah, OK, read some of the comments after posting! Lol
    I’ve been telling people from the beginning that what is happening IS a TEST, all of it. Your reactions and understandings will reflect the level of your understanding in order to sort out WHERE you belong in the end.
    When they tell you it’s a “show” what they really mean is that these situations are given to you in order to test you.
    When they say positive and negative it’s because of how duality works, it is a mirror reflection of Source, white or light contains ALL color just like black or dark contains ALL colors, think of them as ladders you climb.
    What you resonate with indicates where you are at. Simple really
    Just because you see someone as a Negative agent does NOT mean they do not bring LIGHT because it ALL can bring Light to you if you look.
    Take Biden, generally accepted as a Negative agent and YET he brings Light daily, his words and actions show the corruption clearly and wakes up more people each time.
    It’s one giant placement test.
    Only you make the decision on where you belong.
    Denise G

    1. Raksha

      One interesting though is that White contains all colors in the light spectrum. While Black contains all color in the material world. Or is it brown ? Also, Black absorbs all the rays in the light spectrum, therefore, Black is, in a way, more full of colors than White which repels all colors. Just depends on the perspective. Just food for thoughts 🙂

      1. Denise G

        Exactly, it is a Negative Image of Source itself, duality I mean. The 2 connect into infinity basically. I’ve been sorting through the things I was shown on this months ago but that’s kind of the gist I’ve gotten so far anyway. Of course anything is subject to change at any given moment with new knowledge especially since I have no scientific background to understand most of it.
        Most come in images like the joining of the earth and the Sun once the earth reaches certain light quotient.
        As I throw them all into the “stew” inside the words eventually fill in the details.
        This was actually some of the more fascinating aspects of this journey. Like when they announced they discovered the “dark sun” I had been sitting with the images of Creation and that joining for about a week or 2 I guess and when I saw the story on the dark sun I knew what it was and suddenly understood the images.
        That’s actually been my process for getting through most of this, anything I don’t “know” for sure I just put it away in my mind to sit with, the “stew” and usually in time something will cause an understanding.
        If I don’t resonate right away it goes in the stew and even sometimes when I do. Lol
        I’ve never found anyone else, even on here quite like me, unable to meditate I mean but there is a system in place I had to recognize.
        It actually caused my first year of Awakening to be spent going through all kinds of crazy scenarios of my own insanity or if I was even a REAL person. Lol
        That was tough, worried I was some kind of negative Creation by Dark controllers, actually Hakann even managed to make me revisit it once after he said he discussed my brick wall with others and it was there for a reason. Shortly after that he seemed worried I was communicating with Negative entities and it made me worry all over again. Lol
        I know I exist, until a decade ago I never even really got sick much in my life so little weird things like that I had to work through. I just decided that I know I’m real and exist no matter what, eventually I’ll know my path too.
        I’m just sick of always being given “8’s” as messages with no context, I still can’t figure any of that stuff out.
        I recently started telling them context would help in that department so here’s hoping! Lol
        Denise G

        1. Raksha

          Oh I get you. I have 3 stews. The little one is “the things I know for sure in my heart”, there are not many things in this one. The second one is the things I know for sure are wrong (a bit more). And the last one is where I put all that is “waiting for more datas” (this one is huge)

          And for your info, I have done meditations for more than 2 decades, but right now, I just can’t.

          1. Denise G

            Exactly right about the stew! Lol
            I’ve tried meditation multiple times in my life, even bought books but it’s always the same thing, I get to a point and there is an actual brick wall, that’s what it actually presents itself as, no windows, no top, no doors. I thought it would go away at some point but it hasn’t yet.
            It didn’t used to be so bad before a decade or 2 ago as I had a certain amount of control over my dreams when I would sleep and I would do the same whenever I was bored, like school, or nobody was paying attention to me, I would focus on something for a few seconds and just slip off into my own little world.
            The trick for me was that I would set the scenario and then let it play out to see what happens as if watching a movie, still do it actually. Although I can no longer remember dreaming at night the daydreams still function the same. I was actually shown how I was receiving information in this manner and never realized as they have always just been daydreams to me. The trick is you can’t interfere or direct it in any way, if you do that then you take control.
            It’s strange but I’ve always been strange so it wasn’t too much of a shock to find out and helped me relax a bit over not being able to meditate like others.
            If you’re having trouble meditating you should try it, just pick a setting and see what happens just don’t try to change where it’s going, even if you might feel uncomfortable with it.
            When you’re done see how you feel and what information may have been contained in it!
            Denise G

    2. A.S.

      I think what you’re saying is one valid and true and useful perspective.

      What I think is another valid and true and useful perspective is that all is one, and hence if someone else is suffering then you are suffering, and hence it makes some amount of sense to help other people.

      To share a variant of a point made by Tunia recently: she said that if a galactic race were to say “so some of our children are being murdered, and we’re not protecting those children or stopping that because we’re trying to keep our vibrations high, after all it would be dualistic to condemn child-murder. Child-murderers also have a role to play, you know” then everyone would be horrified and would think “these galactics are clearly not benevolent.”

      (Of course Pleiadians aren’t letting people murder their children.)

      While I’m not saying that you’re suggesting this, I think some people more or less advocate for only focusing on happy things and not really caring or paying attention to non-happy things, and also not really helping other people at all. That’s not really my personal path, as the hypothetical Pleiadian example illustrates.

      Or to use another example, if Pleiadians were to go “well negative beings serve a role too so we’re just going to chill and observe and not act” then the situation on Earth would be much bleaker right now. I’m happy that the Pleiadians have gotten rid of a ton of demons and hostile ETs.

      So to combine both points, for me the key is to try and help humanity (aka “another part of myself”), but without becoming hateful against so-called “bad people.” If I’m not sure what to do, I simply ask my soul and follow that. I let my soul worry about morality and about who has which role to play.

      And yes, negative beings can unintentionally bring light.

      Of course, I’m just sharing what I, personally, think. This is also not channeled, it’s just my own perspective, and I’m absolutely not infallible.

  4. Denise G

    I don’t know what’s going on at this point, last night everything suddenly changed AGAIN and I’m feeling more crazy than I first did when this started
    You have to understand, I have always been different than others around me, some had to do with very early childhood trauma and shyness but I’ve never fit anywhere so as I got older I became reclusive as much as possible anyway.
    I’m the person who could never watch the Sally Struthers commercials even as a small child, I can’t watch the commercials on the abused animals, still can’t to this day.
    The last couple of decades I despised humanity for the things they did to each other, always attacking those they saw as weaker. I still can’t let any animal that comes to me for help go without helping them. When I woke up consciously a couple years ago I had come to the point I was done with humanity. But it changed and I felt better.
    When I would take the time to get to know others previously throughout my life, just open up in conversation, I ALWAYS managed to find at least one aspect through talking that I would share with them, even when I was young but as I aged I couldn’t handle everyone else’s emotions, I soaked them up and people aren’t honest and I always knew how they felt and they couldn’t understand that so I stopped dealing with them, only dealt with the ones I had to.
    As anyone who’s read any of my previous comments know I was blocked from meditation for some purpose so until I’m allowed it’s all just a guessing game on my end.
    I always knew I was an Empath since a child, I had weird abilities then that went away as I got older.
    I’ve been able to reach out to others psychically on occasion throughout my life but only in great panic and fear, usually to tell someone to call me when I needed them but can’t do it any other time.
    So when I woke up and found this site things started making sense to me, about myself. Without being able to meditate however I still didn’t quite fit in even here. I’ve always spend large quantities of time alone, required it really, im always thinking, always been this way. I’ve always listened to my intuition because when I didn’t it was unpleasant.
    I’ve never been big about asking my questions because people aren’t ever accepting of those who are different, even here sometimes.
    But the hardest part of this for me has been when these things start happening then just stop. I figured out after a while some of it was integrating and would actually seem to feel differently over time but this was different from that. It was like everything was shut off from me and I was back to that point right before I woke up and that destroyed me when nothing else ever could in this world.
    I worked through the anger pretty quickly cuz it kinda was overpowered by the pain but it was very extreme. I even realized I had started arguing with people online again trying to get them to see how they were being controlled. Like I said, had I not been who I am I would have probably killed myself. I’m not sure what’s happening this time, more confused than since this all started.
    I have been very low energy my entire life, lazy in 3D terms, not because there’s nothing I’d like to do but because after puberty my energy just disappeared. Last night I got the message to focus and find the energy and I understood it didn’t mean MY energy but THE energy and some vague imagery with lines extending around us and through us I guess, it was only a hint of an image and I have NO IDEA how to find energy within myself!!! I haven’t had a sex drive or functioning ovaries sine 2012 even though Doctors insist I’m not in menopause but maybe it’s time I dealt with why I’m happier with it that way I guess. Lol
    Anyway I’m more confused than ever and still have no idea where I actually belong in this process or even why I’m here but what I do know is I have been in waiting my entire life doing all I can to make it to the end whatever that may be. I don’t know if I was scooped up accidentally by this process or not or even a clue to my path forward, hopefully I make it to whatever it is but if I don’t, I’m ok with that too, no blame anywhere.
    Hopefully most Lightworkers have an easier time but if not don’t be afraid to reach out to someone no matter how you do it sometimes it only take a few hours more sometimes years but every little thing can hold clues, take it from someone who’s done all of this without the benefits of Meditation, everything around you is speaking and giving you clues and guidance if you let it.
    Denise G

    1. Denise G

      Out of curiosity why is this post not being posted? No bad language or anything so I don’t understand the problem on this one.

      1. EraOfLight Post author

        One thing I have noticed is that when a comment is longer, it needs to be approved from the admin panel. As for the shorter comments I can approve them from the front page of the website.

        1. Denise G

          That would make sense and as I only post when I am guided to it’s always very wordy! Lol
          I have a huge tendency to just keep going I think because the more information I give the better chance someone may understand and maybe see something I can’t.
          It’s weird because I am not huge on talking, only when I have something to say always been more of an observer or the listener for others.
          Anyway thanks! Lol
          Denise G

    2. Raksha

      Hi again Denise.

      I am pretty sure that many of us are solitary beings and are in pain right now.

      Sorry if this sounds rude, but I think your posts would be far more convenient to read if you could just do a bit of space. How do you say in english ? Somes “tabs” ?

      1. Denise G

        Tabs for delineating paragraphs you mean? It probably would I suppose! Lol
        I’ll try to remember that or better yet just post less information.

        1. Raksha

          Yes tabs haha. You can post all you want and as you wish. But I was just giving my feel as a reader 🙂

          1. Denise G

            I know! I just realized why I’m posting is all and with that insight came the answer that I’m not going to find anyone else like me here which is why I’m doing it apparently.
            And that brought the realization that I will confuse others too much as their experiences are completely different.
            It’s OK though, I think it’s something I need to let go of anyway, that need for someone who can understand I mean.
            It is what it is after all, even when we don’t KNOW what it is. Lol
            Denise G

          2. Raksha

            Don’t give up friend. I feel the same as you. Even here I find it hard to connect. Maybe it’s our destiny or our sacrifice ? Btw, I was just asking for some tabs, but please continue to share with us. I’m pretty sure many of us feel alone, and are desperate for a bit of understanding. At least, I am.

  5. Bill Sterling

    Goodness gracious. I once wrote to the Archons that the Feminine was telling them not to attack earth or they would be loved. We all will, no matter what. For me Kejraj’s post is Perfect, and we are all doomed to bliss and love. Thank you.

    1. jakesey

      I Love that “we are all DOOMED to bliss and love”. In abnormal amounts I might add!! It’s my wee Mantra for the year should doubts sneak in. Thank you Bill for being a conduit for the Truth.

  6. khann61

    You love bunnies are not going anywhere, guaranteed. The only place you will go is to an internment camp for liquidation. If you think you can love the monsters away and shift to some love reality you’re fooling yourselves.

    1. Goofy's Trial


      So care to tell these lovey dovey love-‘n-light peeps (not one of them) what have YOU contributed and done so far to help in the planetary situation o’ great-warrior-that-fights-enemies-that-feeds-on-negative-energies-while-making-them-stronger?

      You must be pretty epic to be able to spiritually, magickally and metaphysically fight them while they feed off of your hatred and negative energies, instead of just surgically removing them without emotion (only duty) like cancer cells from a patient in an operating room huh.

      Yikes. You strategy is way too good, vanquishing the enemies while feeding them what they need to get stronger and survive. Epic.

  7. khann61

    And so what is to be done about the existential threat of the Globalists? Nothing? Trump will save us, with more vaccines?

    How will this be addressed? Just go within?