From 3D To 4D And 5D: Duel Part 9

On 1st January 2023, at 04:23 PM CET, via Single Hierarchical Channel, Co-Creators conveyed the following new info.

According to the results of the Duel of Worlds on December 15-16, 2022, the Supreme Evolutionary Committee of the Galactic Committee made a number of important decisions. It adopted a roadmap for the establishment of a new planetary formation. Geographically, it will be so far only on the territory of the Northern Hemisphere.

To this end, the composition of the new Committee for the Management of Global Evolutionary Processes on 3D Earth was created and approved. This is an analogue of the former Shambhala’s staff, as well as the Committee of Twelve. Such Committees had not only Atlantis and the Global Predictor, but also the Higher Light Hierarchy. Many of their participants are well known. Everyone has a lot of experience, including physical incarnations here, on the planet.

Their embodiment on 3D Earth will take place after the official activation of the new permanent Causal Matrix of the planetary Logos, scheduled for March 21-23, 2023. Prior to that, instead of the former, removed one, in which Calladion plugged in his vampiric software, Co-Creators put a temporary, purely technical Matrix, in order to save Earth from collapse.

In the new Matrix, with the soft of the next, 4th Local Universe, Pleroma’s Hierarchs will load the program of further evolution in 4D/5D and its entire infrastructure, which will be fixed and executed at the causal level, where the energy of events and timelines is formed and accumulated.

Only after that, the new Ascended Masters will settle down in the Earth’s field. On a Subtle Plane, the main point of their location will be the renewed Shambhala, Mount Kailas, its underground infrastructure. Plus, territorial branches on Elbrus and other places in Eurasia.

In some cases, Ascended Masters will incarnate into living people through transmigration into already existing human bodies by agreement with their Souls. In other cases, they will remain in 4D, but if necessary, will be temporarily embodied in 3D to solve specific tasks, as the former inhabitants of Tibetan Shambhala used to do.

The establishment of a new reality on Earth will not be quick and easy. There are still many battles ahead with the remnants of the Gray eons and their civilizations, which still present on our planet. Evidence of their intransigence, prevailing over the capacity to look for compromise, is the frenzied hatred for the winner of the karmic Duel – Light Pole, through which Co-Creators and the Galacom will now run Earth.

The reason for the Darks’ hate is not only in the loss of power on our planet. For thousands of years, they, nurtured by Calladion, believed and continue to believe that DARKNESS IS PRIMARY, AND LIGHT IS DISTORTED DARKNESS. And that Light should be eradicated and turned into Darkness, that is, into the supposedly primary state of the Universe, its harmony. Therefore, they consider their case to be right even after the loss of their Pyramid’s Curator.

But this is the position of the doomed. A few hours before the New Year, on the evening of December 31, 2022, Co-Creators announced that they had already imposed very tight control over Calladion and the Darks’ Power Pyramid to mitigate all their possible extremes.

The installed temporary Causal Matrix, thanks to its software, works at its full capacity. It does not reproduce all the intricacies of the old, removed one, which determined cycles, events and intersections of timelines.

Before activate a new, permanent Matrix, it is necessary, first and foremost, to carry out a long and thorough cleaning of ALL files of humanity from EVEN THE SLIGHTEST traces of previous, Calladion’s programming, not only of this and former civilizations, but of all elements, elementals, and much more. This is a very complicated and time-consuming task. As for the Darks’ Power Pyramid, now only they, by their actions, are approaching its dismantling and their karmic punishment.

**By Lev


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  1. Patricia Diane Ventura

    It is such a blessing to receive insight outside of the programmed matrix, truly a breath of fresh air and light. Very Grateful