The Enigmatic “Microchip” Found In a 250 Million-year-old Stone

According to, a local resident Viktor Morozov found a peculiar stone in the town of Labinsk, Russia, on the Khodz River, in which an unfathomable walled-up item strangely like a microchip can be observed.

Despite the fact that this incident occurred many years ago, it retains its significance since scientists have yet to find a clear solution to this mystery.

After geologists examined the item, it was discovered that the ancient stone is 500 million years old, and the “microchip” is 250 million years old.

Geologists at the South Russian State Technical University studied the stone and are certain that the dating was correct. The stone was sent to the Nanotechnology Center for a more comprehensive examination.

Although scientists believe that an item implanted in a stone is extremely comparable to a contemporary microprocessor, other experts have likened it to a punch card used in 1980s computers.

Some experts think the mystery item in the stone is a piece of a sea lily that successfully blended with the rock 450 million years ago and has been preserved in it to this day.

Other experts have proposed more ambitious theories, such as the possibility that this microprocessor has been kept in stone from the time of ancient civilizations with more sophisticated technology.

According to some experts, this relic may represent a technology that is still unknown to contemporary scientists, which is why it raises more questions than answers.



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    When you know quantum, it’s both and more. Nanotechnology and AI have been around a lot longer.