A.S Responds to Raksha Questions

Hello A.S, good to see you back in the comments. I am a bit late on the fun but I have a few points I would like some clarifications about. I would love it if you could share your own thoughts.

Raksha; 1) This one you pretty much answered in the comments below, but maybe you can add. I think the Pleiadian perspective about this whole situation has been pretty well explained by now. But I still don’t understand the real motivations of the Gray hats. Are you saying that since the top brass have a lot in their closets, they are no willing to go on with the plan ? Or are they waiting for more people to protest, more scandals, more upheaval ? What would be the acceptable conditions for them, do go forward with the plan in a more direct way?

A.S; 1. The gray hats have several knock-out blows they could throw (and should throw according to the galactics), that would instantly cripple the deep state. Some of these are:

– Use the EBS, broadcast truth

– Launch a website, put evidence on it that big name people are engaging in pedophilia and possibly also include tons of evidence of other crimes, then make sure that the existence of this website becomes widely known (eg a famous person tweets it or makes a speech about it, or even use an EBS to point people to this website)

– Launch a website, put instructions on it how to build a few energy device and similar things. This strategy is to undermine the system by creating such an abundance that people are no longer dependent on the system and thus can exit and start their own communities.

– start public mass arrests of the dark controllers, preferably together with the EBS to provide proof. The galactics are willing to back this up in a supportive role.

(There’s also the options of directly taking over MSM, or publicly calling on the public to commit citizen arrests of the dark controllers, but those options are less preferable because they’re more likely to cause a lot of bloodshed or fail or lead to a public backlash.)

So, why aren’t the gray hats doing this?

Well, there’s more than one gray hat at or near the top who has agency, so the reason differs by person. But it’s one of the following:

– the gray hat likes being more rich and famous and knowledgeable than most people and also has some dirty laundry, and while one part of them wants to help the people, another part of them doesn’t reaaaaally want to fix the situation or at least not take the most direct route to the solution. (To be clear, this is not the case for all of the gray hats near the top.)

– the gray hat have indeed been working long and hard against the dark controllers, and they feel subconsciously not seen and not understood and not appreciated, and hence their inner pain and loneliness comes out as frustration or even anger: “the civilians are failing us, they allowed these dark controllers to grab power and even voted for them in some cases, hence the civilians need to engage in million-people protests and become active in local politics and school boards and such before we do mass arrests.”

– the gray hat is simply afraid to give the order to make such a massive move. It’s quite a responsibility to have, after all. From the galactic perspective, not making a move leads to more suffering in the long term, but still: giving the order to actually throw the knockout blow is quite a responsibility and will lead to some suffering and has potential risk. (Of course, if you’d talk to this gray hat, they wouldn’t say “I’m too scared to give the order”, they’d say “it’s too risky” or “person x is above me in the hierarchy, it’s up to them to make that call.”)

As a result, the gray hats have currently settled on the strategy of “work against the dark controllers from behind the scenes, occasionally arrest someone, but don’t throw one of the knockout blows. And hope that the civilians start rising up and engaging in million-people protests.” And this is going a bit slowly, because there are not that many gray hats. There are more evil people (or people working for evil people) than gray hats.

If you’d ask them point-blank what it would take for them to say mass arrests, they may very well say that they want million-man protests (depending on the country). But if those million-man protests actually happened, they’d probably be like “great, now let’s sick back and wait for the evil people to voluntarily resign” but of course the dark controllers won’t voluntarily resign.

That said, this slow “work against the dark controllers from behind the scenes” approach is probably going to lead to Earth’s liberation at some point. It’s just slower than the galactics would like. But it’s certainly a possibility that eventually the gray hats do manage to beat the dark controllers via their behind-the-scenes approach and Earth is freed.

Raksha; 2) I understand why the Galactics are cautious with direct intervention. What I don’t understand is why they are not more directly helping Lighworkers ? I understand they don’t want to be the ones to change human society, but why not help the cavalry (us) in a more direct way ? By that I mean localized and individualised physical encounters on earth. We could benefit from a hug, a healing, and some encouragments. Since many of us used to be Galactics anyway, why is this not possible ?
If they can’t help all Earthlings directly now, why not help us to help them ? Sounds like a good compromise to me.

A.S; 2. As myself, I want the galactics to meet up with us too. I’ve requested that they do so.

There is a decent chance, but absolutely no guarantee, that this will happen in 2023.

That said, here are the reasons why the galactics are hesitant.

First, if we meet up with them, that might be so beautiful for us that it’ll be hard to then go back to our normal lives. It might make us more depressed overall.

Second, the dark controllers would very much try to murder or capture any Pleiadians who are landing, and the soldiers involved could easily be told “hostile aliens are attacking Earth.” It’s not exactly safe to meet up with us. For all their spirituality and technology, Pleiadians can still die to the same things that we die to.

Furthermore, from a galactic commander’s perspective, you’re more or less suggesting that galactics meet up with Earth’s undercover special ops agents, in the middle of a warzone, in enemy-controlled territory, when the mission is at 99% completion (the mission started over a millenium ago, so it’s 99% completed).

Speaking again as myself, A.S., if you want more help from beings other than fellow Earthlings, here are two things you can do:

1) say “I ask wise and benevolent beings, forces and aspects of existence, including my guardian angel and blessed Ganesha, to protect and help me and to keep doing so, in accordance with the highest divine blueprint, thank you, now now now.” You only have to say this once during your lifetime. This will help in a subtle way (it won’t make all suffering go away instantly). You may not get a confirmation, but you might feel the energy shift if you say this.

2) you can say “I surrender my life to Source. Source, use me as you will, I am yours.” (I suggest saying “Source” and not “god” here.)

If you do this, you will get more help. But it is a serious commitment and you will also be invited to do serious self-improvement work and to eventually start serving mankind.

I made that commitment about four years ago and on the whole, it made my life harder and it gave me more responsibilities and things to do. But I’m absolutely getting more help and support from non-Earthling beings that I used to. When I surrendered myself to Source, a number of benevolent beings were like “okay, now we can work with this person.”

Raksha; 3) Lastly, I find it a bit hard to believe that some Pleiadians would like to have sex with us in our current state. I mean we are full of toxins, chemicals, and negative energies. Not to mention we are probably far less handsome than they are. And we are not mind readers. How could we be attractive ?

I hope you can share your thoughts. Thanks for all the work. I very much appreciate the honest, realistic, and grounded vibes of your channelings.

A.S; 3. Fair question.

The majority of galactics do not wish to date or have sex with Earth lightworkers. As Kejraj said, especially the higher evolved galactics will probably not have that desire. (Pleiadians are higher consciousness than Earthlings, but for the most part they are not the highest evolved beings in the galaxy. Though of course different Pleiadians have different levels of consciousness.)

However, there are many many billions of human-like galactics, vs only a couple hundred million Earth lightworkers, and not all of those are awake.

So the pool of galactics open to dating or sleeping with Earthlings is much larger than the pool of awake Lightworkers, even taking into account that the majority of galactics is not looking to date us or have sex with us.

That said, the more developed / pure / empty you are, the more attractive and relatable you will be to galactics. So if you still have a lot of baggage, you might have a harder time dating them until you do some more development work. So if anyone is looking for motivation to do their integration work, then “this may increase my chances of being able to date or sleep with a galactic” is one thing.

Of course, even if people do their personal work, there’s no guarantee that any specific person will be able to find a galactic (sex) partner.

Should you physically meet a galactic who wants to have sex with you, there is a decent chance the the galactic will politely and lovingly suggest that you go visit a galactic healer first, for a “cleanup” of toxins etc. This won’t take much time and won’t be painful.

The galactic could also communicate something to the effect of “I like you, I wish to be intimate with you, but right now we’re not very energetically compatible. Maybe if you undergo a period of spiritual training under that galactic teacher, we will be a match for sexual union. I could introduce you to the teacher, if you want.”

As for “would we be attractive to them”: to the majority of galactics, no. To a minority, yes.

What’s attractive to them is that we are “masters of the light and dark” as they sometimes put it, i.e. we know what it’s like to press forward and maintain a good heart in the face of darkness. We know what it’s like to stand tall in our truth, in the face of opposition. They think this is admirable and, well, attractive.

Moreover, because we have the energetics of standing up to darkness and they don’t, they may gain soul expansion from having a sexual union with us (and we also gain soul expansion from having such a union with them at the same time).

People are often attracted to people who are or have or represent something that they lack, and Pleiadians frankly lack experience grappling with and overcoming darkness (because their society is so utopian, from our perspective). So that makes us attractive to some Pleiadians.

We’re simply exotic, which is attractive in and of itself.

We actually have a greater psychic ability than they have. Yes it’s blocked in most people, but it’s still there and they can see it. So we are mind readers — we’re just currently blocked. Some Pleiadians see as us sort of untrained prodigies.

Pleiadians actually think it would be good for their gene pool to have children with us. (Of course, they’re not going to kill or sterilize people with “bad genetics.” And of course, Pleiadians aren’t ordered to go and procreate with Earthlings against their will. This is more like a cherry on top if they already want to be with us.)

If your species (Pleiadians) can procreate in the natural way with another related species (Earthlings) who happens to have the genetics that makes them the most psychically powerful species in the universe… then doesn’t it seem like a good idea to have babies with that super psychically powerful species?

When a Pleiadian looks at us, they don’t primarily see physical appearance, as we do. They primarily see energy, and the “bravery and good-heartedness in the face of darkness” energy can be quite attractive. Also they see our past lives, and there’s a good chance that light workers were members of galactic society in past lives.

In fact, a number of Earthlings will have galactic twin flames or soulmates, and those may very well want to start / restart / resume their old relationships. So those galactics might think “ah, I had an amazing relationship with that person three lives ago, let’s see if we can be together again. It’s not a huge issue that this person might need some months or perhaps years of work to be compatible with me, because I’m hundreds of years old, so waiting a few months or perhaps years is not too bad.”

Also, suppose you’re a Pleiadian. You’re centuries old and you’ve had sex with other Pleiadians for say a hundred thousand times in total. I don’t mean “sex with a hundred thousand different Pleiadians” but just “had sex a hundred thousand times.” Then which would you prefer:

– sex with another Pleiadian for the one hundred thousand and first time?

– or sex with an Earthling lightworker, to experience what that’s like?

A number of Pleiadians will choose the second, even if just once, to know what it’s like. Variety is the spice of life after all, if you’re centuries old. (And they can always visit a healer to rebalance their own energies afterwards, in case that’s necessary.)

Finally, I chose not to share this in my answer to the second question because it felt like bragging, but here it does feel relevant to share.

I do quite a bit more interacting with and talking to Pleiadians than just the Tunia and Hakann channelings. I’ve personally already have had energetic sex with multiple different Pleiadians. I can feel their energetic body if it touches mine, and they feel it if I move my energetic body to touch theirs. So we can stimulate each other in that way.

Pleiadians are apparently able to orgasm purely from that, whereas I may be able to get aroused from that but I do need to use my own hand for additional stimulation if I want to have an orgasm.

There are some quirks with that way of sex. One, you can do things like move your energy bodies into each other and for example have your energetic hearts be in the same place, which of course is impossible to do with physical bodies. Also those Pleiadians could stretch their energetic bodies and thus cradle me with their now-larger-than-mine energetic bodies. Also, at times they suggested and coached me to use the orgasm-energy for lightwork, as some kind of sex magik.

So yes, I know from personal experience that at least a few Pleiadians are sexually interested in Earthlings.

That said, at the of the day I’m sharing my perspective, not the sole absolute truth. I’m also certainly fallible. If anyone disagrees with me, that’s absolutely fine. Other people can have other perspectives than I have.

4 Replies to “A.S Responds to Raksha Questions”

  1. Lina

    I feel like every day they let go by with children suffering from poverty and abuse and the gray hats don’t do absolutely everything they can to stop it makes them complicit with it.
    I think that waiting for mass protests is just a lame excuse because everyone knows by now they don’t work. Did the yellow vests accomplish anything? Did the J6 protesters accomplish anything? No they didn’t and they are suffering political persecution for their efforts. Asking the populace for ineffectual protests at this point is ridiculous imo.
    I agree with above poster that leaders who at this point refuse to take action s necessary to actually improve the lives of humans on earth need to be removed and replaced with people who will. With undercover Galactics if need be.
    I do want to say that I appreciate Tunia and Hakann and these channelings very much and I am so grateful for the galactic federations help 💚

  2. Saphire

    Maybe its time to clean out the Gray Hats! If they are tainted with the Cabal frequency they need to go! Lets finish the clean up, if people are going to die than let it be in the cause of Gaia! Waiting for mass demonstrations from humans is asking for violence to break lose since the evil cabal still has access to trouble makers. Quite treating us like glass dolls!! Release the truth websites and tv channels
    Lets get the corrupt politicians out of the way! Bring on Donald Trump and Kari Lake. There are many humans that can help clean out the cabal, but they need help moving the Block aide that the cabal has set up. Remove the cabal military! We don’t need a War. We do need Biden gone! Or at least all His plans for the citizens frozen. As for the Galactic and Plea downs landing, No, we don’t need an excuse for Biden to create a War! They can use all their high tech. To help take out the Cabal.

    1. Raksha

      Hello Saphire

      Well, I feel you. But first of all I would say : we don’t know everything. And then I would say : Of course I would like for the Gray hats to move faster, but again, we don’t know anything. I am actually grateful for their presence. I would not like to be in their position. Some of them may be tainted indeed, but I still belive many of them are doing a lot for us.

  3. Raksha

    Wow. Thank you Kejraj. I felt it was a waste that the answers would be lost in a few days. Great job. I hope everyone can benefit from this.