Jeshua: Humanity is Awakening

As you prepare to start a new year, do relax into that space of deep inner knowing that you all possess, and allow yourselves to know that God’s plan for humanity is unfolding precisely as She intends, knowing, as you all do, that what She intends always occurs exactly as She wills.

Humanity is awakening, and there are signs of this all across the world, even as it seems from the presentations of the various media outlets that pain, suffering, and conflicts are increasing enormously. Yes, there is much conflict occurring, and that is because there are still many on Earth who are clinging very fearfully to large amounts of judgment, anger, resentment, and hatred as it becomes ever more apparent to them, quite naturally, that the authoritarian governmental organizations on whom they have been relying for personal and global safety have been failing in that task.

To awaken into Love requires the release of those attitudes, and the full embracement of compassion and forgiveness, first within yourselves for yourselves as the divine gifts that they are, and then, as you set the intent, for all of humanity to become rapidly and increasingly aware of the need to do the same.

Basically, an enormous change in attitudes is happening worldwide as people generally begin to fully understand the insanity of the manner in which relationships at every level of society – from personal to global – have been conducted for all of your recorded history. They are now demanding that their governmental agencies completely change the ways in which they operate, as they themselves individually release their own long-held personal attitudes and beliefs, and, finally, engage completely with the love that is their true and eternal nature. And of course it is these agencies that are always the slowest to admit mistakes and the slowest to start making the changes that are essential for peace to be established and to prevail on Earth.

Nevertheless, the many violent disagreements and conflicts that are occurring, and which are being brought constantly to your attention by the media, are having a most profound effect because practically everyone has become aware of the need for change, and so the governmental agencies are realizing that if they do not change their attitudes and their rhetoric they will be dissolved.

That awareness is most definitely leading very rapidly to the implementation of numerous changes of a most uplifting nature.

Yes, humanity is most definitely awakening, so release your doubts and anxieties and renew your faith in Mother/Father/God by strengthening your intent to be only loving whatever arises. To do that is why you incarnated for your present human lifetimes, and everyone of you is precisely where you are meant to be to massively assist in humanity’s magnificent collective awakening process.

You each do this by following your own very personal life paths with honesty and integrity as they unroll before you, and also, most importantly, by spending time daily just being. Just being, as you hold the intent to be loving whatever arises, is enormously powerful and effective, and is a major aspect of the life paths you all planned for yourselves – with major divine guidance – prior to your present incarnation into your human forms in order to be present on Earth for this momentous event.

Most of you get very little, if any, feedback on the enormous importance of your individual presence on Earth at this time. Therefore do not allow any feelings of personal unworthiness or insignificance – which are utterly invalid – distract you from the intent to follow your brilliantly planned human life paths, because what you are doing is absolutely essential.

Every single human, with out any exceptions whatsoever, IS successfully following a life path that is helping the awakening process; that is effectively galvanizing the collective human field of consciousness toward its inevitable and unavoidable awakening.

To awaken into Reality, into knowing yourselves and experiencing yourselves as you truly are – eternally and uninterruptedly at One with your divine and heavenly Source, Mother/Father/God – is your purpose, it is the purpose of every sentient being, because to live that experience is why you were created, and it is God’s only Will for you.

Nevertheless, many are presently extremely confused as they attempt to balance their inner spiritual faith/intuition with what appears to be an ongoing catastrophe on Planet Earth that is being caused by numerous human industrial activities, and greatly further aggravated by the ongoing international conflicts.

The NEED to be RIGHT that is constantly demonstrated in so many places adds further fuel to the flames of disagreement that is intensifying humanity’s sense of separation from and abandonment by God – if there really was a loving God He would not permit the evil ones to wreak this ongoing havoc on our Planet and on humanity.

Therefore remind yourselves frequently that despite the seeming reality of your ongoing experiences of fear, pain, and suffering, that all of these experiences are completely unreal, and only seem real because of your choice to engage with them.

The choice to assume human form and experience the unreality of separation, and all that apparently arises within that state, was a collective free will choice, and that free will choice will never be overridden because God – Who is Love without conditions, because that is what Love Is – created you equal in power to Himself in a state of Oneness with Himself, but also with total freedom to use your creative abilities as you wished.

Love, Mother/Father/God, is the One and only Reality, and all that She creates is created in and from Love. The one Son of God chose, rather like the prodigal son in the Gospel parable, to claim his inheritance and leave Home. Having for eons experienced the terror and horror of that unreal state, he has, as the human collective, made the choice to return to his Father’s House hoping that he will find acceptance and forgiveness there.

But God has never judged him, and never will judge him so no forgiveness is necessary and, of course, the whole eons long experiment has never happened.

God’s Love for His children is infinite, eternal, and unchanging. She most lovingly awaits your return to Reality, your Awakening from the nightmare of unreality, with intense Joy. She has always known that your desire to return was inevitable, and at the instant that you made the choice for separation She instantly provided you with the path Home.

Because of the apparent reality of the state of separation in which you have been embroiled, you have frequently lost sight of, lost awareness of God’s infinite and eternal Love for you.

Consequently, you have been filled with such fear and guilt that although you have been seeking the way Home for eons, you have been doing so while dealing with a powerful internal dread of encountering the intense anger with which the idol you have created out of your own fear, and imagine god to be, will meet you on your arrival.

Rest assured that a most outstanding and wholly awesome welcome has been prepared for you all. You cannot possibly conceive of the Joy in Heaven as we await, with the most eager anticipation, your imminent arrival/awakening.

God’s Love for you as you fully experience It will blow your minds wide open as inconceivable Joy flows in to fill your hearts as you finally and fully recognize the experiential Truth of your Oneness with Love, Source, God.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

**Channel: John Smallman


4 Replies to “Jeshua: Humanity is Awakening”

  1. Denise G

    The one thing I can say is that once that fear of death and judgement was taken from when this all started it’s the one thing that I’ve still never had problems with despite the rest of the ride these last few years being quite bumpy.
    Even the worry about my differences from the other Lightworkers I still have no trouble with that part, it seems cemented thank goodness. Lol
    Although I am coming to the conclusion that I should probably stop posting here for the most part as I believe I’m doing it in the hope of finding at least ONE other like me but I’m starting to understand that’s not going to happen I believe.
    It is what it is I guess
    Denise G

    1. Dawn S

      There is no need to worry Denise G. We are each unique sparks of All that is. I love you Sister. Detach from your worries and send them out to the Universe to be transmuted: Fill the void with White Light and feel yourself grow from the experience. All is well.
      Dawn S, I AM.

  2. Mickwordman

    “…it becomes ever more apparent to them, quite naturally, that the authoritarian governmental organizations on whom they have been relying for personal and global safety have been failing in that task…”

    “And of course it is these agencies that are always the slowest to admit mistakes…”

    This sounds totally bogus to me. These governments haven’t “made mistakes.” They haven’t “failed.” They’ve been succeeding quite well in their efforts to make our lives a struggle and often a misery. I’m not saying they all KNEW about what’s happening from the top levels but if they don’t know by now they’re just idiots.

    They didn’t make mistakes giving us these poison needles. Or sending our grandchildren’s money to other countries for war and laundering. That just feels like more gaslighting.