Wisdom of the Council: You Are Ready, Dear Master

You, dear master, are fully ready to embody all that you are, all that you have become, and all that is here and available to you. Indeed, this is a powerful activation of remembering, remembering all that you are. Feel the vibration, the frequency in these words to you. This is about remembering that you are the Divine in physical form here on Earth as the magic in this world, as the miracle in this world, as the love, the pure, unwavering, unconditional love of the Divine. That is what you are.

Truly, as you fully awaken and come into realization and remember the power you have, the love that you are, and the miracle that is you, you unleash a magic that shines from you, that attracts to you, that magnetizes all joy, love, abundance, wellbeing, beauty, freedom in this extraordinary experience you are having called a life. 

This time hear us clearly. You are the miracle in the world. You are the miracle that this world has been waiting for, the fully realized, enlightened, embodied master that you are. And reassure you, you are. You are the miracle, you are the magic, because you are, dear master, here.

You’re ready to go even deeper. You’re ready to expand even further. You’re ready to step even more into the unknown, into new levels of consciousness, into new levels of energy, into the new you.

You are everything you wish to be. You already are. It is all within you. It always has been. So let this time now be your full and realized remembering of who you are as you open to the magic, as you remember that you are the magic here on Earth, as you remember that you are the portal. And all you need to do is tune your awareness and remember that you are the portal to unleash the magic of the entire universe in this moment and in every moment. 

Feel the activation within you. Feel every cell of your body illuminated, activated, electrified. There’s nothing to do. There’s nothing to figure out.

You are not separate from anything in all of the universe, and all there is is this moment opening up to the love and allowing and allowing the magic of all that you are—because you are separate from nothing—to flow through you into your experience.

You are separate from nothing. You lack nothing. You have no limitation. You have no fear, no regret. There is an absolute knowing, beyond what you could ever think to ask for, of the highest expression of all that you are manifest in physical form. You don’t need to figure it out. It’s encoded within you. But as you open the portal to the pure love that you are you magnetize through your love, through the greatest power, through the greatest force in all of the universe that which is encoded in you, a magical, extraordinary life beyond what you could ever think to ask for, but you came here to realize it, to experience it, to create it on this grand adventure.

Feel the activation in every cell of your body. Feel the power in every cell of your body. Feel the love in every cell of your body. Feel the magic in every cell of your body. It’s all here. It’s all here now. And when you allow yourself through your consciousness and awareness into this vibration, into this frequency, you are stepping fully into dimensions of consciousness where anything and everything is possible for you, anything and everything you can imagine is available to you.

We really want you to understand this, to remember this. Anything and everything that you can imagine is here and available to you. You were never separate from it, nor will you ever be. You can slow your vibration and your frequency through lowering your consciousness into a belief of separation, but it’s still all right here for you. You may not be able to perceive it from that level. It may seem very separate from you. But it’s right here. It always has been. It always will be.

Who are you becoming? What are you becoming? Enlightened, realized, awakened to the knowing that you are the Divine here on Earth and anything and everything is available to you, here for you, right here for you in every moment. Everything. Oneness, connection, potential, possibility, abundance like you have never experienced before. Wellbeing, ooh, on a level that you have never experienced before. Love on a level you have never experienced before. Joy, happiness on a level you have never experienced before. Ooh, and maybe the best of all, freedom on a level you have never experienced before. Inspiration, intuition, creativity like you have never experienced before. That’s what you are becoming. That’s what you have summoned to you. That’s what you are ready for, dear master.

**Channel :Sara Landon