2023 and January Astro Events

The main events in 2023 are Pluto moving into Aquarius, Saturn into Pisces, and Jupiter flying through Aries and slowing down in Taurus. Get ready for major shifts in global attitudes and scientific advances.  Saturn moving into Pisces brings awareness of water issues, too much water, (i.e. flooding) too little and the basic need for unpolluted drinking water. The shifts into new signs for Pluto and Saturn happen in March. Jupiter will speed through Aries, compelling us to get a move on with whatever has been brewing, and then in May Jupiter moves into Taurus, bringing awareness to basic needs of stability. The need to have stability in life whether it is financial, secure housing, safety in general and healthy food supply become front and center. Also the appreciation for nature and taking time in the outdoors is a Jupiter in Taurus desire along with the ability to slow down and enjoy what is in front of us.

The planets that travel closer to the earth and sun are more influential in our daily lives. Namely, the sun, urging self-expression in our daily lives, Venus, wanting us to seek happiness and pleasure, Mars, pushing us to take action, Mercury, stirring our intellect to think and rethink, and of course the moon, when she is in her fullness connecting us with our emotional body.

Venus enters Aquarius on the 2nd of January and spends 26 days nudging us to share time with those we love and care about. Friendship, the concept, what we have what we don’t have in connections with others is on our minds.

Mercury, the messenger, is retrograde in Capricorn until the 18th of January. Our thoughts can ramble back and forth over our career goals and what we want to accomplish in our lives in general. With Mercury retrograde reassessing how we want to be known and who we want to spend time with is essential in understanding what needs to happen to fulfill our desires.

Mars in Gemini finally will move direct on the 12th although it will stay in Gemini until March 25th when it enters Cancer. If you have been torn between which direction to take since last summer, the urge to get on with it and make a choice is strong.

winter full moonJanuary Full Moon in Cancer

The full moon in Cancer is on Friday January 6th at resonating deeply with Mercury and in harmony with Uranus. This full moon will help you to find harmony and balance between your professional or public life and time for your personal and inner life. Mercury retrograde opposite the moon is concrete readjustments in your schedule and focused attention to what is essential to get done. This energy brings to light the necessity to create time for self-care and personal space.

Aquarius New Moon

The new moon in Aquarius on the 21st of January is at 1 degree, super early in the Aquarius cycle which is great as we will have plenty of time to anchor in the opportunities of finding connections. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius is about to go direct, which means the Uranian vibe of breaking free of restrictions is super strong.

Having Uranus so powerful within a day of the new moon empowers the times to find courage to go your own way in spite of the hold the past has on you. With Venus in Aquarius next to Saturn on this new moon, being true to your values and seeking a life you love, your personal idea of a beautiful life beckons.

The month finishes with Venus moving into creative Pisces on the 26th. This bodes well for opportunities to attend music events, theatre and time to watch your favorite movies and TV series.

**By donna Page