Ashtar: 2023, The Transition to Renewal

2023 will be a turbulent year on all fronts, with truth surfacing from deep darkness. Fathom yourself and all that unbalances your system, as many impulses come to you. Dream yourself free and make the transition.


Old spiritual dogmas are rejected and new ways of strengthening faith rise up, focusing on belief in one’s own power. Old religious forms are filtered out and purged. They are merely ways of expressing the divine, but divisions from outside must be removed. The personal pieces are dealt with firmly in this process. Confrontation on all levels.


Many are going to make an important transition this coming year, as numerous opportunities cross your path. Do not be frightened by them and make your choice from calmness. Do not reject this confrontational change, but take a short break and direct your attention to the stillness within yourself. Choose from your heart, but do not hesitate too long. As suddenly as it can appear, so suddenly can it disappear again. Be on your guard because deception is there too.


Politics makes strange moves, unpredictably and abruptly to the left and right, confusing your mind. Do not let this happen and stand in the middle. Choose your position from calmness so that peace continues to resonate in your heart.

Be the center point in your own power and choose the middle ground in that which confuses you. Don’t get involuntarily drawn into something that doesn’t suit you. Positive beliefs can come through as an epiphany and enrich your spirit.

Those who touch your heart with their beliefs form the pillars of light and lead you to the new route: “The interchange point.

These are the turning points in your life and they show you where you are stuck. Many turning points abound in 2023. Do not be anxious if you have missed an opportunity, for new opportunities are always emerging.


The great shift from old to new can lead to wonderful things, with many new groupings emerging. A plethora of new opportunities will come along, don’t miss them. It can overwhelm you and do you become exhausted as a result? Then pay close attention when your boundary is brought down. Do not become overconfident, but stay well grounded. Mother Earth’s energy helps you along your path, but always make the connection. Feel her energy and feel the body you came here with, connect the two and then look up. The crown opens to the cosmic energy, allowing the living light to enter you.


The energetic antennae on the head turn toward the cosmos and start to connect, it opens the mind to a new birth. This new birth will settle in your heart and when the ratio gets stuck it becomes anxious, switch to your feelings and let your inner light shine. Ask for help on your path and the world of light will help you.

Choose the path of change and make the switch from a good feeling. You will see that you can deal better and better with the new opportunities that keep presenting themselves. It is an extraordinary process and certainly not boring. Don’t get overexcited by the many events that arise around you.


The economy is also going in many directions, causing much turmoil. Some of it seems to be going well, while on the other side so much appears to be going wrong. Here too, find the center of this situation and stand firm.

In the heart of the storm where silence reigns and the overview becomes clear you can discern what suits you. Direct your focus there.


The war between Russia versus Ukraine continues quietly in the background and at some point is pushed to the foreground. Tensions surrounding nuclear weapons arise for a short period of time. A wave of fear comes over the world, but is also quelled.

Rapid shifts in timelines create unexpected knots. These are accumulations of old fields of tension that create strange situations. They arise suddenly, but are also resolved spontaneously again. The light world helps with this.


You will experience that the intentions you set are manifested from the heart. This gives a wonderful feeling of power. Many wonderful experiences open up and thoughts are reflected almost immediately in reality. Connect your feelings to the inner light and let the heart speak. Distinguish the inner and outer stimuli and choose a new form of limitation in doing so. The old one no longer fits.


It will be a lot, but also a special year of deepening. Deep in your heart you know that this is about to happen. The dream memory opens up through the cosmic consciousness and therefore you know how it is. You also know which direction to take in order to expand higher consciousness toward self-realization.Everything is totally different this Year

Train yourself to travel to the inner light, where your true power is present. There where a new intelligence is born it can lead you to an appropriate solution.


Those who want to stay in the old are fighting against themselves. Recognize this and not moving forward in a process, let go of the old form! Dare to step into the unknown.

Outside of you, chaos rages around you like a storm and you usually have no control over it, direct your focus on what you can change.


The transition is embraced by the youthful, they have been waiting for this opening. Now they can rise into the new power of the new future.

In this great shift, many are exposed to extreme changes. From your own beliefs you can begin to speak, opening others and allowing them to connect with this intention. Love and compassion forms the connection in everything.

Bring love to the Middle Point of Balance and everything becomes Clear.

Adonai Ashtar

I greet the Light in your heart.

**Channel: Arthura Hector

**Translation to English by