Archangel Michael: Be As You Truly Are, Infinite, Eternal Light

Divine Ones,

We greet you, in love.

This is a beautiful way to begin our transmissions to you; to acknowledge  this field of love that is the foundation of our connection with you, and with your planetary field.

So, we say this again, and invite you to feel into the expansiveness of this field: WE GREET YOU, IN LOVE.

Feel LOVE Itself as a vast radiant field of light. One in which you feel infused with love and love is everywhere. All around you. Within you. Comprising everything you are and everything you know of and can perceive.

Realize the fundamental nature of LOVE. The presence of LOVE that is always, everywhere, everything and that you are WITHIN this field. One with it.

You may at times be present in an awareness that is of a lower frequency than love and then you don’t notice it. But when you let go, you lift. And when you lift, you move into this expansive awareness that is the field of unconditional eternal LOVE.

Feel into this in every way you can, right now. No effort, please, but just by choosing to open and focus and allow more awareness of the immense field of LOVE within which you are present, in your human embodiment.

Realize that your entire planet is a vast radiating field of unconditional eternal love. And that includes you!

Loving is natural for you. And when you let yourself love what you naturally, unconditionally, eternally, love, be it something small, like a color, or a taste of something, or even a song, or something you encounter — when you feel uninhibited LOVE, you are Beloved, ARE BEING THE REAL YOU.

Now, feel into the field of LOVE that is your home. We mean this in a way that is broader then what you will typically think of, initially. When we say, “The LOVE that is your home,” we are referring to the ENERGY you are within, the Light within, and focused in, and as, in this world. In your humanity. Everything arises and unfolds within a frequency of LOVE.

Love is the fundamental, the pedal-tone, so to speak, of Earth and all Life on Earth. A pedal tone is the note that continues throughout. It is the frequency that is underneath everything and comprises everything (including YOU).

And the way you are living is either in harmonic resonance with this underlying tonality of LOVE, or in dissonance. And you shape this moment to moment to moment, freely as you participate in life and relate to your experience.

The underlying energy of LOVE has always been here. It is the foundation from which ALL LIFE ON EARTH arose. And we are speaking of it now, because this energy is so much greater, so much more amplified, now and so the invitation to become the LOVER you truly are, eternal and unconditional, is also greater.

There is a great pull to expand into LOVE, into loving awareness. To come into resonance with your True Self; the eternal and infinite ALL that is who you truly are.

And with this, there is the opportunity of a Life Time, dear ones — the opportunity to know yourselves as you truly are, while embodied here.

To radiate Infinite Eternal Love, while embodied here. To become a SHINING ONE, here, on Earth, once more.

To join the Angelic and the Elohim and the Great Beings of Light in becoming a radiant field of Infinite Eternal LOVE.

We are so thrilled to share all this with you and we feel how your body is thrilled by the articulation of this and you encountering it as thought, as perspectives as idea and feeling what it means to your wholeness, to know this, again, while focused here…

We feel the expansive joy that is rippling through each of you as you read this, for we are ONE with you and we know you and we know what you are feeling. We feel it, in a way that is different than emotion and sensation, which are so dominant for you, but we feel it nonetheless, in a way that we also love.

For in these moments of thrill and remembering, there is a GREAT REUNION IN CONSCIOUSNESS occurring and the illumination generated from this, is immense. It creates an actual flash of light!

Can you feel it?

We hope you can sense this in some way that is real to you. And perhaps, too, to feel the joyous discovery of radiating Infinite Light while embodied!

Dear Friends — this is what you came for! This is who you truly are. The possibilities are here, now, to come into regular resonance with this Infinite Field of Eternal Love and Light and Wholeness and to KNOW YOURSELF AS DIVINE AND TRULY — GREAT BEINGS OF LIGHT!!!

We know no greater joy than this remembering!

How beautiful it is. Feel your light body as it is acknowledged and activated!

Feel your field as we speak to you as you truly are!

Feel and remember and enjoy being the REAL YOU.

Enjoy your beautiful, most natural, Infinite Eternal Light.

We see you! We know you!
We love you very much.

Thank you for taking this time, to connect, and receive our knowing of YOU.
And if it agrees with you, take it to heart.

Center often in the knowing of your true Self! Be as you ARE! Eternal Infinite and Luminous Beings of Light!

I AM Archangel Michael with Ailia, and the Council of Radiant Light.
We are complete.

**Channel: Ailia Mira


2 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Be As You Truly Are, Infinite, Eternal Light”

  1. Denise G

    Thank you so much!!! This is a very timely message for me and helped immensely!
    Love and Light to All
    Denise G