Bigelow Says Aliens “Right Under People’s Noses”

Space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow raised eyebrows and public interest when he made a provocative comment to the CBS news program 60 Minutes back in November 2017.

Bigelow told correspondent Lara Logan that aliens are already here on Earth, “right under people’s noses.”

Since the program aired, UFO-curious folks around the world have wondered what Bigelow meant with that controversial statement.

During our recent sit-down with Bigelow, we asked him.

During the 60 Minutes interview, Lara Logan asks Bigelow if it is risky for him to say in public that he believes in UFOs and aliens. Bigelow answers immediately with, “I don’t care.”

Logan follows up asking, “You don’t worry that some people will say that you hear that guy sounds like he’s crazy.” To which Bigelow again says he does not care.

Bigelow adds “you don’t have to go anywhere” to find aliens and they are here “right under people’s noses.”

When Mystery Wire asked Bigelow about his comments in this interview he said, “There’s different ways to go at this. So one is from a hardware standpoint. The other one is from the presence standpoint, ET presence. And, you know, a lot of people say, well, whether they’re, you know, that they can be among the population, whether they’re hybrids, or there’s some other kind of, really look alike, you know, kind of thing. But so, so you can look at it different kinds of ways. And, and so, I know of a really good high quality researcher who has a fantastic academic credentials and background. And he would be predisposed to the latter, saying that, yeah, it could be among us, you know, but he’s probably on the more extreme, he’s definitely on the more extreme. Others would say, well, we’re safe in saying that there’s hardware, you know, so that’s among us, and hardware kind of context.”

Mystery Wire then asked if the entities at Skinwalker Ranch will be investigated through the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies (BICS) and if they are among us, can they also be considered alien? Bigelow said, “Well, if you if you follow the literature and pay attention to a lot of other kinds of sources, they absolutely are.”

**By George Knapp


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  1. Oliver Robertson

    Certain Alien races have been among us for thousands of years. Nearly all humans have an alien DNA.