Netherlands To Ban Gas Cars By 2025 – Welcome To The Great Reset

The radical leaders of the Netherlands will ban the sale of gasoline or diesel-powered cars by 2025. They won’t even let you buy one if you want to. Denmark is also planning to ban gas or diesel cars.

By law, only zero-emissions vehicles will be on sale.

There is some low-key political opposition to this plan despite how tyrannical this all is.

I suggest they chose the Dutch because so many of them are complacent in the face of tyranny. Also, the Dutch already do a lot of cycling and walking. Many already own electric cars.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is a tyrant, a World Economic Forum devotee. It’s a good place to start the Great Reset.

The Netherlands seems bent on ending its use of fossil fuels with nothing to replace them. It’s the Nazi Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.

If there are sectors still not served by electric vehicles by the time the ban comes into effect in 2025, the second-hand market in trucks will be popular.

It’s happening in the US, in California, only not as quickly. The US grid can’t handle all these electric cars, and China controls the metals to make them. Many people won’t own cars and that puts us under more government control.

Dutch farmers are still trying to protest the closure of 3,000 farms on behalf of The Great Reset.

Klaus Schwab and his WEF crew are trying to play God. They are manipulating the world to control us, from mandatory IDs to lockdowns, forced vaccinations, destroying livelihoods. Without a belief in God, people are latching onto to this insanity as the new religion.

**By M Dowling