January 2023 Ascension Energies

Hello Awakened Soul,

2023 is The Year of…Transformation!

The next three years (2023 to 2025) are “Choice Point “Years in the collective consciousness. Deep transformative change will occur in us if we choose to surrender to spiritual expansion and align with our true destiny. This expansion will open us to new possibilities, bring growing pains, and require great inner courage.

The past three years (2020-2022) we deconstructed our deepest wounds and fears, laying them at our feet to examine and mourn over. The first 4 months of 2023 we will sift through the shadow rubble to extract what we want to keep of ourselves, plant seeds of new potential, and point our belly button in the direction that explores our highest potential as human beings.

The rest of 2023 will see us embodying a new archetype: The Empowered Rebel!

In fact, in the next 9 years those on the Ascension path will be downloading, attuning and embodying 13 New Earth archetypal energies that have been offline in our genetic coding! (More on this later this year).

2023 is a more introspective year where we are bridging the gap between mind and spirit. This is a combination of conscious and subconscious thinking that allows the mind to shine a light into the very deepest realms to access hidden truths. Our Self-Truth within our third chakra will strongly emerge as we are tested this year, so that we learn to live by our own beliefs and values, and anchor in our spiritual self to our earthly self – to manifest the first steps of our true destiny.

A cautionary message: People are now either firmly on the path of healing, wholeness and spiritual expansion in 5D, or are getting caught more in their 3D dysfunctional patterns, their wounding, and becoming more reactive/destructive.

The old paradigm will still be dismantling, old systems publicly revealing their glaring dysfunction, and there will be an increasing divide between those that are on an accelerated path of ascension expansion and those people getting caught more in their reactivity/polarization and Victim archetype. There are now only two paths to choose from!

2023 is a time for those of us who are passionate creators, innovators, pathfinders and pioneers of the new Earth paradigm to courageously rise above anything that wants to block us or derail us.

This is not a reference to Cabal, Illuminati, evil beings or dark galactic forces – there is no room in 5D multidimensional reality to believe in anyone or anything that we can blame or be polarized by. Giving any of our energy to lower vibrational fears or concerns will only deplete us further.

January 2023 is about us seeing and transforming what no longer serves us to move forward on this path of Self-Truth! – this will allow those of us in these 5D Higher Mind /True Self energies to move into Oneness and the cosmic flow of abundance.

As of 1/11/23 we  are firmly anchored in the Oneness/Abundance timeline and learning to flow in the grace of our True Self divinity.

To focus on for this year:

*Continue to find balance in your life. Anchor yourself into a daily spiritual process and practice so that you can stay on an even keel. This may include connecting with nature, meditating, praying, chanting, breathing exercises, rituals, ceremonies or spiritual support via a certain group.

Be aware of how you use your power. – is it in a balanced way so that you can flow in your life without power struggles?  How can you transform what no longer serves you so that you can be more in the flow and receive abundance?

If you struggle with addictions, please make it a focus to tackle this, and other issues that lower your vibration. Make it a priority as this year will add fuel to the fire!

  • Cultivate your creativity and any creative talents as this will help you find balance.
  • Balance your “alone time” with engaging in healthy relationships that support you and your dreams.
  • Continue to hone boundaries and know that your relationships will continue to change, some will fall away (so allow this and don’t fight it).

There will be more people that “pass away” to other timelines as the denser energies of control, manipulation, being goal driven, competing, control, force, anger, hostility, greed, materialism, ego, over-productivity, quick fix, worry/anxiety, shame, drama, guilt, fear continue to shift in the collective to a co-creative value system (see page 41 in my book for the values coming online)

  • Bring out your talents and gifts in a bigger way – the Ascension process has cleared trauma and blocks that kept you from living your highest potential. Now allow your talents to come through and be expressed in your forms of play and service to others. It is safe to shine! Spirit will help you if you trust this process and follow your inner knowing.
  • Focus on selfless impeccability – you have owned your shadow and past, and your ego is in the throes of dying – focus now on service-oriented purpose!  We are moving from “me” to co-creative “we.” Being selfless instead of selfish is the catalyst to impeccable New Earth leadership! Now you have the opportunity to live from wholeness, not your wounding,  and can learn to live in grace, anchoring in another way of living and being human. This is the year you plant seeds for yourself and the New Earth!
  • Expect growing pains as a result, as you rebirth, and find new fertile soil to plant your 5D self. This will require courageous effort, focused intention and spiritual strength to move out of any stagnation (anger, frustration, depression) and claim your destiny.
  • Multisensory expansion continues – You will continue to be more energetically sensitive to cosmic events and energy around you.  As your multisensory perception (psychic, intuition, telepathy, etc.) comes online and expands, you will need to ground yourself and take care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

For more, including the January forecast, please watch my video!
In service and divine liberation,



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  1. Mother Goddess Sophia

    3D Gate Of Hell and 5D Way Of Heaven
    Dear Global Awakening souls, the Supreme Creator Mother Goddess Sophia of The only absolute incarnation of the most beautiful goddess Sophia Hong I AM Presence Blessing Global Light Workers / Star Seeds / Children from the Higher Star Nations / 5D groups ! I wish you all a successful transition Ascension in 2023! Here I’m going to talk specifically about the 3D Gate of Hell and the 5D Way to Heaven in 2023! It will be perfect Crowd drainage for the new and old earths of 3D Hell’s Gate and 5D Heaven’s Way since the Winter Solstice in 2022! If the theme of 2022 is the 3D 4D Dark Force Towers falling down to wake up the third wave of awakenings souls, such as Queen Elizabethtown, who has permanently left the geophysical plane and been swallowed up by the gates of Hell! Our collective 5D Pathfinder is clearly being guided by the 5D Way to Heaven in 2022 on the Dawn Timeline of the New Earth! We begin to mark and claim the heavenly heritage of our Divine Sovereignty with the unique signature of our higher souls! It’s just a little bit sweet of the 5D Dawn and the best is yet to come! This year, the 3D4D Gates of Hell , which is being executed in a sacred and perfect manner All the details were wiped out in 2023, will be a complete and detailed takedown of the 3D4D Matrix System and the removal of the top representatives of the 3D4D Dark Forces. There is also a sacred intervention to be carried out from the Winter Solstice of 2022, namely, the complete liquidation of the Akashic records of all Earth plane Lightworkers / Positive Star Seeds / Children from the Higher Star Nations / 5D Guides Group of Native Earth Family Kinship Network! That is, all the shadowy ego kinship groups and their karmic responsibilities and karmic retributions that have been entangled by the hidden emotional entanglements that our human nature avoids, are strongly exposed by the highlight squeeze that begins since the winter solstice of 2022. It will then be liquidated in January at the beginning of the new year in 2023, and will be permanently swallowed by the 3D Gates of Hell by March 21, 2023. And the Cosmic Karma Judgment Day refers to the 2022 Winter Solstice period! The good and the bad are all on the record! Those dark egos demons who thought they could cheat the world and repeatedly wanted light workers to take responsibility for their karmic relationships and karma, are totally miscalculated this time! For in the 10 years from the Winter Solstice of 2012 to the Winter Solstice of 2022, the vast community of Lightworkers who have taken the initiative to lend light to the 3D4D Dark ego community to bear a considerable burden of karma for them in order to help the New Earth to take root, This is the first installment of the perfect execution of God’s plan! And now it is the second movement of God’s plan! Global Lightworkers are completely free since 2023 due to the heavy karmic transformation burden of all 3D4D ego groups! 3D 4D crowd who can not be clean and follow good, who can not self-awakening self-redemption, can only be swallowed by the gates of 3D hell! The Light Worker’s Parents and siblings will be the first to be reckoned with, and there will be no exceptions! Remember the universal law, the Galactic Court of Judgment Day is an incorrigible judgment! The new earth will never condone the existence of the ego community! As for the 5D Heaven Path in 2023 will be more and more broad under the alignment and integration of personal sacred blueprints, and the 5D Light and Love community will rise higher and higher in the unity resonance! Mother Goddess Sophia the most beautiful goddess Sophia Hong bless the global awakened Souls!!!
    4 January 2023