Goddess of Creation: Activating Your DNA

This channel gives you an opportunity to work with your DNA through a hologram that is in front of you in the All that Is.  What is interesting about this is that the Goddess has had other channels where we tap into our DNA.  During this one, I could clearly see that many people had more strands than just the two, plus the strands went on much, much longer.  We now have the support of the universe and the ascended energies to help us with this expansion.

The Goddess talked about our DNA while we were still grounded in the meditation.  This was, I believe to set the intention for when we were in the All That Is and could go even deeper. When we first saw the hologram of DNA in front of us, I could see the typical image of the ladder spiral.  When she added more strands, I saw it transition in different ways. First of all, the two strands became four, and it looked like a box.  It then doubles to eight and then twelve.  At that point, it was as if a twelve-sided elongated tube.   I also saw it as if it stayed the two strands, then around that were four, around that eight, around that twelve.  I don’t know if these were a crossection and a long view or what they represented.

Once the physical aspect was illuminated, we could then look to see if there were things that were blocked.  This might represent an illness, a hereditary problem, or a chronic issue. You then had the opportunity to change this in the DNA.  Once the physical was in balance, we could then see how the emotions created changes in the physical body.  From there the thoughts and beliefs.

This is a powerful way to open to the crystalline energy, which is a part of the expanded DNA, and to create changes with you.

Nama Sika Venia Benya,  I Am the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

No matter what time that you may be listening to this I invite you to take it as a moment of alignment. Feel as if every breath that you are taking in is aligning all the energy bodies within you. You have many, many various energy bodies but of course, they focus on the seven primary ones.

You can have the intention that as you breathe in you just literally bring it from your root center all the way up through all of them and send that out to your head, and then you may reverse that and breathe in through your head center and send it all the way down through your root.

Your physical body is moving through a transformation at this time. You were clearing out the old vibration and frequency. You are finding a new balance within you. The cells in your body are changing.

For some of you as this transformation is taking place, you may notice that you are eating and drinking foods differently than what you used to do. You may find that at this time you have sometimes more energy and you feel revitalized, and then other times you may seem as if you are sleeping constantly.

As the cells within your body are transforming, they are literally infused with light, and that light illuminates the DNA, the RNA. It illuminates the particles that make up the cell. In doing so they then communicate one to the next, to the next as it moves throughout your body. Feel this awareness within you.

Take in that breath of energy and light where you create a circle within and around your heart center. As this ball of energy expands you send a part of it moving down through your solar plexus, your sacral center, your root center, and then it goes all the way down into the Earth. As you feel this connection to Gaia let that anchor that you are sending down spread out into many different directions. As it spreads out it is helping to anchor you deeper onto the planet.

Let that energy and vibration flow back up through that alignment, it comes back up within your heart. Take a moment that you may feel the alignment between the heartbeat of Gaia and your own.  You then send that thread of energy. It moves up to your throat, your third eye, your head center and all the way up until you align with your Higher Self.

As you arrive within this space look around at what’s here. I invite you to open up your consciousness so you may look at this in a new way. Sometimes people see little clusters that represent the different aspects of your life. Other people see things in a linear manner. Other people just feel the energy without visuals there is no right or wrong. However, the vibration and the frequency is changing. So, I, therefore, invite you to be open to however that may look to you.

You then let your energy continue to stream upward. It just follows that thread of energy and light. It comes to the end of that thread as you connect with your Divinity. Have you noticed that when you connect to your Divinity that there are times when it seems as if you are moving through a doorway and everything is brilliant, bright, and expanded? There are other times when you connect with your Divinity and you feel that sense of being in a particular place that is associated with this lifetime however, it does not have all of that expanded light.

If you notice changes or differences when you arrive within this space, it is representing something that is important for you to be aware of at this now moment. Your Soul works with you all the time. There is a direct pulsation and light and energy. Whether you are aware of it or not it is always there. Look around. Feel, see, or sense this energy and what it may be for you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment and as we do so we transition into the All That Is. What is interesting that comes to me in my perception is that within your Divinity, even though there are times it seems huge and massive, when we shift the focus into the All That Is, that is truly a hugely expanded space. You may have noticed this before yourself. The reason for that is that the All That Is, is just as the name indicates. It is not the full-time space reality of all eternity but it is a doorway to that, and you, therefore, have an opportunity to move in countless different directions or experience multitudes of different opportunities.

Indeed, any place in which we work on a consistent basis creates that which is most important to you at any given time. Therefore, as we’re looking at the All That Is in this now moment take an opportunity to remove any filters that you may have, remove any boundaries that you may have, so that you may simply be here and present at this time.

We spoke about the transitioning of your DNA while you were still consciously on the earth plane. I invite you at this now moment to open up as if there is a screen, or a pathway, or a space that is in front of you in which I will flow a hologram of your DNA. As you look at this hologram some have incredible details, some are that basic spiral. It is an indication of what you need to know in this now moment howsoever your strands of DNA may look. You may see the two parallels. There may be two more that create a square, and then two more and two more and two more until you have that perception of 12 strands.

The intention is that everyone will have an activation to all twelve of their strands. However, that will take some time. For now, I invite you to become aware of whatever it is that you need to see. In many of you from that broadly expanded multiple different strands, it came back down to the two. Others perhaps four. It is important at this moment to shift your focus away from the analytical and move into the spiritual or the consciousness if you want to call it that.

If there is a trait; perhaps it’s been within your family; perhaps you’re going through an illness; perhaps you have multiple chronic illnesses. As you are looking down this pathway of your DNA with your consciousness ask to see which part of it represents those chronic experiences that you are having. For some of you, it’s like these little things just popped up. For others, it was as if these blockages and then the energy had to go around those blockages. There were still others that they could see these little dangling energies but their frequency went through it without paying it any energy.

There are many different ways in which you may perceive your DNA and what it might represent to you. If there is anything within this DNA, whether you can see it or not, create from within your consciousness a ball of light that you bring down the universal light the universal love and let this ball of light be released from you consciously, phew, and let it just roll through. It may pick up those little particles that don’t belong and when it gets to the end it transitions out and clears out what does not serve you.

For some of you, we had this sense of just like you’re looking at it from a different angle, like a 90-degree angle, and it’s almost as if written within the DNA you see characters that represent your family lineage. These characters may represent something that is passed down from generation by generation. It could be the way you look, strength, agility, intelligence. It could be whether you’re short or tall, small or big. As you are looking at this sideways view take in anything that may come to your awareness. Flow that energy and light into whatever that may be so that it may strengthen what needs to be enhanced and so it can transition if there’s anything that no longer serves you.

There are little particles that go through these strands and those particles or what pick up things that may be within your bloodstream. Have a clear intention that you send light once more, that those particles filter anything within your blood that needs to be filtered.

Now if you consider a ladder with the two strands going here and then the perpendicular strands ask to notice how far out does that ladder appearance go for you. Okay, what I noticed is that some have the appearance of broken spokes where they may see the parallel going out, but then it doesn’t always connect horizontally in between. Some you don’t see a horizontal movement at all. If there is anything within your strand of DNA that gives you that perception of being broken then send an intention that everything is repaired. That it is healed. That it might become illuminated so as to give you greater strength and awareness.

As we are looking at this, we see the hologram of what represents your own DNA in your physicality. It is the foundation for who you are. Consider the emotional body that you have in your human existence so that as you look at this hologram ask to know do your emotions have any impact upon this. For some it was as if things were infused with greens and blues and turquoises, as if it brought color to what was there. For others it brought in a sort of depth so that you still saw things in the same way but now they looked some deeper, some shorter, some thicker, some smaller.

You have your physicality and in this foundation, you could see how your emotions can have an impact upon you. If you are in a space where certain emotions go around again and again and again, especially if it’s something that does not support you, you can see how this happens. You can see how it shuts down some of the functions in your actual DNA and therefore your physicality is reflected. Some aspects of your DNA are unchanging no matter what, but other aspects transition and change and shift.

As you consider your mental body. These are your beliefs, your thought patterns, perhaps the structure with which you look at your life. You could consider it your ego or your personality in this lifetime. As you’re looking at this pattern and you see that flow is there any difference as you tap into your mental body and then send the thoughts and beliefs through this hologram.

In several of you I saw places where there had been light go dark. In others I saw where there has been flexibility become rigid. These are but two of the changes that took place in your DNA or this hologram as a result of your thoughts and your beliefs.

If you have certain ideas or things that are going through you at this now moment change it. Change it into thoughts and beliefs that might be more uplifting and then look at what this hologram does, how it reacts to your thoughts and your beliefs.

This spiritual aspect of you that is where we are right now. That is what we tap into every time we get together. It is your spiritual aspect that is so massively expanding your consciousness. That is the opening of the doorway into potentials and opportunities so that you may see wherever this is going to take you.

When you consider your spirituality, you’re tapping into your consciousness that gives you access to eternity, to infinite life, to abstract potentials and to an opportunity to transition everything. Again, certain aspects of your DNA are not going to change no matter what, but as you could see there is a great deal that is changing especially the opening up of the other strands.

Ask to infuse into this hologram the highest, most expanded spiritual awareness and consciousness that you may so that you are giving yourself the opportunity to have this huge transformation. There is so much change that is coming to all of humanity. When you are taking time to consciously move into this you have the opportunity to experience all of life. This is where your telepathy is located. This is where your clairvoyance, all of your expanded gifts are present within this space.

There will be even more that is moving through this hologram in the days, weeks, months and years to come. You have the opportunity to bring it up at any point to say where is my status right now, and then as if you open up your heart, you open up your consciousness, let all of that which is within the hologram flow within you and just as we breathe. At the very beginning breathe into your lungs, breathe into your heart, tap into the cellular structure that is within you and integrate this expanded DNA so that it may assist you as you move forward.

You find that it integrates incredibly easy or easily, and as it does so it may feel different to you or you may feel exactly the same. Allow for all of this to be your experience.

There will be a great deal more integration that takes place. You may choose as if you are sitting quietly in meditation to feel as everything flows through you. You may choose to shift your focus knowing that the integration will be going on in the background. For the majority of you it happens in an instant and then it moves through creating its change.

I invite you to go back as a group and as you look around this circle you see many people looking different than they normally do. With this expanded DNA you may see a greater etheric body around them. You may see them looking more like what you might call the non-terrestrials. Meaning that they’re bigger, they have a greater expanse in their bodies. Their eyes may look different. But this is all of you as you integrate in essence the higher consciousness that is associated with your expanded DNA.

Coming up within this group you see the hologram that is the Earth. For many of you there is an instant flow that moves into that hologram infusing it with light, activating those many, many things that are a part of the Earth, and you see the hologram begin to turn and spin. As it is taking on this energy it too begins to expand and morph into something that is integrating these energies. There’s an aspect of that that goes out into the Universe. Those energies that receive it and begin to infuse that light and integrate the balance will do so and then send the remainder down as we send the remainder of that ball of consciousness that represents the hologram.

We send it down into the Earth. As it connects with the energy fields of the Earth you begin to see it expand as it moves in and out. The essence of it goes down into the core of the Earth and to the center and is anchored within it then reverses and comes back up through all the many, many layers of the Earth. As it does so your own essence of the expanded DNA comes up through your link with Gaia. Feel as things transition within you.

This expanded consciousness also moves up through the grass, the trees, the water. It moves up into just about every individual giving them the opportunity to create a change. Some will be unconscious. Some will be conscious.

You then return your awareness to the All That Is and you gather the remainder of those energies and you come back. You link with your Divinity with your Soul and as you do so look around at your soul essence. See the changes.

It continues to stream down. It goes through your Higher Self. It streams back through your head center and it anchors within you. As you anchor, pulling down that essence from the Universe and you anchor that which is the earth plane, all of you within your heart center and your energy bodies becomes a balanced and expanded state of being.

Your bodies are going through a massive change. Your bodies are affected by your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs, your consciousness. Your unconsciousness that may be tapped into things that are pulling you down. I invite you in the days and weeks to come to let yourself be aware of how everything lines up as a means of assisting you as you move forward, and how all of this is here and present, not only to support you moving into the higher frequency, but to support you in your everyday life.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you.


**Channel: Shelly Dressel