Jeshua: Initiation into the Living Christ Consciousness

The Great Change

Heaven and earth will swap places, where there are still deserts today there will be fertile land and where wars and injustice determine events today there will be peace for a long, long time.

Everything is exposed to the great change, because man becomes human again and is led back to his origin. This process is now taking place.

Today is the time for you to free yourself from the remnants of earthly dramas and from the karmic actions and reactions that still exist.

The time has come when you are to become an empty vessel – a vessel into which GOD can pour HIS MERCY until, overflowing with it, you can be the light and the way to men.

You are loved for your courage, for your strength and love of truth!

You are loved, that you get involved in your life, that you throw yourself into battle again and again and deal with inner and outer demons.

I am in your midst, I am with you, O man who is doing now what I once did and who is too often unaware of the extent of your salutary work.

Too often you doubt and you are depressed. Mood swings hinder you in your lightful activities and so it seems as if you and the whole world are standing still. The old does not want to give way and the new still seems far away. When you face setbacks or when you lose your strength, everything you believe in evaporates – it seems.

The igniting spark

You are a warrior of light and a being of light, a messenger of light and an anchor of light for many people, but sometimes you are afflicted by discouragement and hopelessness.

You build the NEW WORLD without any visible success, you create, you push yourself and you are a lighthouse in the surf, but inside you sometimes fail. Thrown back on the supposed ground of reality, the reality you have already created may not open up to you.

As if you were missing something, the last igniting spark, the last inspiration or initiation – as if GOD was absent when you needed HIM most. You are a light for people, you cannot always perceive the light in yourself. So you burn out, little by little your star seems to fade – and your limitless love reaches limits.

I have come to you today to bestow upon you the gift of living Christ Consciousness. The heart in the heart brings you vitality and wisdom, love and light to an unprecedented extent.

Your divine consciousness is indestructible and imperishable and today you will be connected to it once and for all, so that you can form a living unity with the Christ within you.


Who or what is the CHRIST in YOU?

The CHRIST in YOU awakens as soon as you have accepted your reality as a universal being who alone serves GOD THE CREATOR.

Hear well – accept – this means more than accepting, it means becoming one with what you are. This transmission and the following initiation are about accepting unity in GOD.

The Christ Consciousness is the heart within the heart, created at the subtle level and placed in your etheric body. This energetic operation is an intervention in your energy system, in your being – and is given as an initiation. Nobody can or need ask for it, it happens when the time is right. It is given when man is in alignment with the omniscient soul and his spiritual life plan.

Achieving Christ Consciousness is not a philosophical, religious, or esoteric concept, but is a very practical process that turns one heart into two hearts. Only then does a person become complete and only then has he irrevocably walked the path of light.

How much light can you carry, how much love can you pass on? What else do you own when you give everything? Do you remain a full vessel, a bubbling fountain – no matter how many people quench their spiritual thirst with you?

This gift has an effect on that. For he who is endowed with the heart of the living Christ Consciousness is a well that never runs dry, a vessel that, no matter how much one draws from it, always overflows.

Those who are blessed with this gift receive everything – in abundance – from GOD.

Christ Consciousness in Action

So far you had to be economical with your energies, now you can waste them, because truly: EVERYTHING is given to you for EVERYONE. This is the living Christ Consciousness in action.

Where there was doubt, there is now confidence – and where hopelessness caused unrest, certainty now stands firm as a rock.

The living Christ consciousness eliminates the inner contradictions, creates lasting peace and ensures the deep inner alignment to GOD.

The Christ Consciousness is being awakened through the etheric heart and the people it affects are now being tuned into. This process happens in the omniscience of your soul and in the wisdom of GOD. The heart within the heart cannot be asked for. What you can do now is free yourself from any expectation. Speak like this:

“Lord, Thy will be done!”

That’s what matters now – to stay free of any expectation and let it happen.

For not he who cries: “Lord, here I am!” will attain the kingdom of heaven, but he who fulfills GOD’S will will partake of HIS grace.

How do you know if this initiation affects you? You always find certainty within yourself. Certainty is a spiritual process, something that happens between YOU and GOD. certainty is given. You will see it yourself and experience it yourself.

When GOD inscribes himself in your life, it leaves a lasting impression.

Once that has happened, all doubts are over, nothing and nobody can throw you off track.

The day will come when you open yourself unconditionally to GOD – and that day has come for many people who are here today and for many who will follow this message at a later date. I have been commissioned to pick you up from where you are today so that you can continue your journey into the light. What you lacked is now being given, what you need is now being given to you: strength, power, knowledge, certainty and love in the constant flow of life.

The initiation begins


You know it affects you, you know it when the hour for it comes later. All knowledge is within you.


Let happen what can happen, don’t force it, but expect GOD at every hour.


Break …

You received this gift. You were brought here for a reason. You are now in the right place at the right time. You let yourself be guided by your inner voice, which echoes the messages of your soul.

The living Christ consciousness is established in you. Now you can gift yourself.

The wonder

Your energies stay with you and you stay in your full power. It is a miracle: what once flowed sparingly now exists in unlimited abundance, where once you had to restrain your energies to avoid harming yourself, there are no longer any limitations. What you give flows back to you. From now on you will be fed directly from the source, the invisible power of the creator is effective in you and that has an effect.

JJK: How can individuals now, very practically, find out whether they have received this initiation or whether it is yet to come?

Is there a method or does it show up clearly for each person in an individual way?

JESUS ​​CHRIST: The vast majority of people who have been and are being led to this message are receiving this gift of initiation. A small number of people who are interested but not yet ready are then prepared for it. Once this subtle intervention has taken place, nobody goes unnoticed. There are two phenomena:

1. An indescribable feeling of well-being in the heart area, which is perceived as expansion – noticeable in everyday life.

2. The changed perception and a significant increase in vitality – noticeable in everyday life.

If that is not enough for you, and for some it is not enough, then pay attention to your dreams and to the signs that life itself reveals to you. Everything is given to you – everything.

Through this initiation, a source of energy was established within you that never runs dry. You can now generate life force from within yourself and you no longer need a replacement. Persevering or giving a process the time it needs becomes easy now that you can no longer get discouraged or unsettled mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Blessed is…

Vacations and vacations, no matter how beautiful, retreats and seminars, no matter how valuable, or wise spiritual teachers and gurus could only bring you temporary relief, orientation and security. Once everyday life had you back, everyday life took you over and the matrix had you back! That is now over and a truly new era has dawned for you – the self-determined and self-confident giving away of unconditional love:

• Blessed is he who can expect this and make it happen.

• Blessed is he who gives all and suffers no lack.

• Blessed is he who knows GOD, because GOD is their greatest servant.

Loved people,

Take time for your inner processes, because you can only change the world from within.

Don’t get involved in a game that neither serves you nor interests you. When a fight is forced upon you, act according to your inner promptings. Never linger too long on the battlefield!

The only line you need to draw today is the line with old conditioning that keeps you in the old game.

Be aware now that with today’s initiation you have attained a new status:

• Your inner connection with GOD is resilient and remains stable.

• You can enjoy love and give it away.

• You take responsibility for your life and the life that is entrusted to you.

This is the result of constant awareness work: the heart is exposed and love can flow. It is your birth into Christ Consciousness.

It is revealed to you.

In I you are in me and I am in you.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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